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Total Records: 169
1Aho, Carol D  __/__/1932__/__/2005Ely Echo
2Ahonen, Faye Marie  __/__/1920__/__/2004Ely Echo
3Asleson, Arlo Edgar  __/__/1931__/__/2004Ely Echo
4Ayres, Lyonel   __/__/1858__/__/1939Vincent E. Summers
5Barich, Gerald  __/__/1922__/__/2004Ely Echo
6Baxter, James G.  __/__/1933__/__/2006Ely Echo
7Berglund, Catherine M. (Kay) __/__/1912__/__/2004Ely Echo
8Bielawski, Leonard Charles (Len) __/__/1948__/__/2007Ely Echo
9Bird, Mary A  __/__/1922__/__/2005Ely Echo
10Blocker, Eugene Nelson  __/__/1920__/__/2004Ely Echo
11Blomster, Elaine Selma  __/__/1912__/__/2005Ely Echo
12Boitz, Mary Ann  __/__/1922__/__/2005Ely Echo
13Bowen, Donald B  __/__/1932__/__/2005Ely Echo
14Brooke, Thomas Goff  __/__/__12/24/1905Debra Crosby The Registry
15Brude, David Lloyd  __/__/1938__/__/2007Ely Echo
16Camaish, Richard J. (-  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
17Carlson, D. Michael (Whitey) __/__/1951__/__/2007Ely Echo
18Chalmers, George  __/__/__09/27/1891Debra Crosby The Registry
19Chelesnik, Laverne Katheryn  __/__/1920__/__/2004Ely Echo
20Cherne, Calvin W  __/__/1921__/__/2005Ely Echo
21Chesler, Andres  __/__/1906__/__/2004Ely Echo
22Conway, Hilma Eliisa Untinen  __/__/1910__/__/2004Ely Echo
23Cox, Dolores Emelia Ellefson  __/__/1922__/__/2004Ely Echo
24Crawford, Nick N.  __/__/1934__/__/2004Ely Echo
25Criswell, Joanne M.  __/__/1934__/__/2004Ely Echo
26Cyr, Philip  __/__/1929__/__/2004Ely Echo
27Danielson, Cleone N (-  __/__/____/__/2005Ely Echo
28Denzel, Barbara J.  __/__/1942__/__/2005Ely Echo
29Dewhurst, Marjorie A.  __/__/1912__/__/2004Ely Echo
30Dodge, Anna P.  __/__/1934__/__/2004Ely Echo
31Dubbin, Gary Richard  __/__/1958__/__/2004Ely Echo
32Dunn, Claude B (Cb) __/__/1904__/__/2004Ely Echo
33Dunstan, Arthur Ernest (Skipper) __/__/1947__/__/2004Ely Echo
34Ely, Franklin W.  __/__/____/__/1888Debra Crosby The Registry
35Erickson, Marvin  __/__/1922__/__/2004Ely Echo
36Esala, Ethel M  __/__/1913__/__/2004Ely Echo
37Evenocheck, Michael G (-  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
38Fenske, Owen  __/__/1918__/__/2006Ely Echo
39Flake, Mary Ann  __/__/1947__/__/2004Ely Echo
40Fleck, Theodore L (Ted) __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
41Folz, Alison Marie  __/__/1988__/__/2007Ely Echo
42Franson, Rodney A.  __/__/1950__/__/2007Ely Echo
43Glavan, Louis F. Sr.  __/__/1924__/__/__Ely Echo
44Glinsek, Julia Ann  __/__/1917__/__/2004Ely Echo
45Golobich, Laurence  __/__/1915__/__/2005Ely Echo
46Gornick, Margie  __/__/1904__/__/2004Ely Echo
47Grahek, Albert S  __/__/1919__/__/2005Ely Echo
48Hanka, Elizabeth A  __/__/1922__/__/2005Ely Echo
49Hanka, Henry H  __/__/1912__/__/2005Ely Echo
50Hanka, Paul M  __/__/1916__/__/2005Ely Echo
51High, Dolores Margaret Marolt   __/__/1933__/__/2004Ely Echo
52Hildebrandt, Kenneth D  __/__/1947__/__/2004Ely Echo
53Hoard, Betty Mae  __/__/1928__/__/2004Ely Echo
54Hoppa, Edward L.  __/__/1915__/__/2005Ely Echo
55Horoshak, Andrew (Nonny) __/__/1939__/__/2004Ely Echo
56Hougas, Sharon L (- (Sherry) __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
57Howard, John Dow  __/__/__09/26/1891Debra Crosby The Registry
58Hubert, Willard (Curly) __/__/1929__/__/2004Ely Echo
59Hyvonen, Joann (lindroos  __/__/1941__/__/2005Ely Echo
60Ingwald, Bernard (bing Franklin  __/__/1923__/__/2004Ely Echo
61Irwin, Robert  __/__/1930__/__/2006Ely Echo
62Isaacson, Lili Maria  __/__/1907__/__/2004Ely Echo
63Jacobs, (wallick  __/__/____/__/__Bill Boggess
64Jacobson, Marion  __/__/1903__/__/2005Ely Echo
65Johnson, Hannah Mosnik  __/__/1903__/__/2005Ely Echo
66Johnson, John F  __/__/1925__/__/2004Ely Echo
67Johnson, Leroy H.  __/__/1927__/__/2004Ely Echo
68Kangas, Jennifer L.  __/__/1984__/__/2004Ely Echo
69Kellen, Ted (-  __/__/____/__/1985Judy Clarke
70Kingsley, Thomas A.  __/__/1960__/__/__Ely Echo
71Kingston, John C  __/__/1949__/__/2004Ely Echo
72Kittelson, Evelyn Jeanette  __/__/1930__/__/2005Ely Echo
73Knuseth, Ole  __/__/__06/29/1901Pat Mcarthur The Registry
74Koehn, Norvel Dale  __/__/1942__/__/2004Ely Echo
75Kordich, John Joseph  __/__/1914__/__/2004Ely Echo
76Koski, Arvid J.  __/__/1914__/__/2005Ely Echo
77Kovach, Hilma O.  __/__/1915__/__/2007Ely Echo
78Kovall, Jennie U  __/__/1914__/__/2005Ely Echo
79Kuzma, Joan D.  __/__/1927__/__/2007Ely Echo
80Lahtonen, Eugene  __/__/1927__/__/2004Ely Echo
81Laine, Aune Miram  __/__/1922__/__/2004Ely Echo
82Lakanen, Dennis (Tiny) __/__/1943__/__/2007Ely Echo
83Lakanen, Dennis (Tiny)__/__/1943__/__/2007Ely Echo
84Lappi, Helen Saima  __/__/1916__/__/2007Ely Echo
85Lavigne, Cordell  __/__/1965__/__/2004Ely Echo
86Lax, Kenneth William  __/__/1937__/__/2007Ely Echo
87Lekatz, Angela Bernice  __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
88Lepisto, Helen  __/__/1920__/__/2004Ely Echo
89Letourneau, Lavonne B. (Bonnie) __/__/1940__/__/2005Ely Echo
90Levar, Stanley  __/__/1926__/__/2004Ely Echo
91Lloyd, Glenn Robert  __/__/1944__/__/2005Ely Echo
92Lobe, Jennie M.  __/__/1914__/__/2007Ely Echo
93Lott, Gordon  __/__/__04/27/1887Ken Wright
94Maack, Alma K  __/__/1923__/__/2005Ely Echo
95Maki, Eino O.  __/__/1926__/__/__Ely Echo
96Maki, William E. (Bill) __/__/1954__/__/2005Ely Echo
97Maksymchuk, Bill  __/__/1923__/__/2005Ely Echo
98Malisheske, Severin  __/__/1912__/__/2007Ely Echo
99Marholec, Nicholas F.  __/__/1911__/__/2004Ely Echo
100Mattila, Carolmae M.  __/__/1932__/__/2003Colleen Clements
101Mealey, Leora H. (ducharme  __/__/1939__/__/2004Ely Echo
102Meier, Brenda Lee  __/__/1954__/__/2005Ely Echo
103Mobilia, Angela  __/__/1917__/__/2005Ely Echo
104Moroni, Frances  __/__/1909__/__/2004Ely Echo
105Morrison, Mrs. James   __/__/1861__/__/1928Apr 2004
106Narum, Orland D. __/__/1933__/__/2005Ely Echo
107Narum, Orland D. __/__/1933__/__/2005Ely Echo
108Nelson, Esther Ellen  __/__/1916__/__/2007Ely Echo
109Nickolson, Inez (anderson  __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
110Nickolson, Roy (Buster) __/__/1919__/__/2005Ely Echo
111Niemi, Sharon Kay  __/__/1957__/__/2004Ely Echo
112Oelrich, Leigh M  __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
113Olson, Amy J. (-  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
114Olson, Michael J (-  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
115Palcher, Frank  __/__/1907__/__/2004Ely Echo
116Pederson, Raymond C (Ray) __/__/1918__/__/2004Ely Echo
117Pertulla, Erick  __/__/1915__/__/2006Ely Echo
118Pete, James W (Jimmy) __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
119Peterson, Marilyn  __/__/1929__/__/2007Ely Echo
120Peterson, Raymond M.  __/__/1920__/__/2005Ely Echo
121Petrell, Philip H  __/__/1928__/__/2004Ely Echo
122Povhe, Peggy Ann  __/__/1954__/__/2004Ely Echo
123Powell, Robert E.  __/__/1928__/__/2004Ely Echo
124Powers, Edward Alvin (-  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
125Pratt, Eslie John Sr.  __/__/1920__/__/2005Ely Echo
126Pucel, Julia A  __/__/1921__/__/2004Ely Echo
127Pylka, Melvyn T.  __/__/1938__/__/2005Ely Echo
128Ray, James D.  __/__/__04/27/1894Debra Crosby The Registry
129Rayman, Dr. Frederick L. -  __/__/____/__/2004Ely Echo
130Reinhardt, Laurette  __/__/1924__/__/2007Ely Echo
131Richardson, Julia M.  __/__/__09/27/1891Debra Crosby The Registry
132Robich, Ann M.  __/__/1924__/__/2004Ely Echo
133Saarela, Roy H  __/__/1929__/__/2004Ely Echo
134Salo, Paul V  __/__/1919__/__/2004Ely Echo
135Seme, Frank L Sr  __/__/1919__/__/2004Ely Echo
136Sershen, Mary G  __/__/1911__/__/2004Ely Echo
137Shober, Albert Frank  __/__/1934__/__/2004Ely Echo
138Skube, Frank A  __/__/1940__/__/2004Ely Echo
139Slade, Jane M (-  __/__/____/__/2005Ely Echo
140Smith, Mary Louise (deneve  __/__/1912__/__/2004Ely Echo
141Spreitzer, Mollie  __/__/1913__/__/2004Ely Echo
142Starkman, Vivian M  __/__/1910__/__/2004Ely Echo
143Steklasa, Edward F.  __/__/1913__/__/2004Ely Echo
144Streit, Franklin (Sonny) __/__/1918__/__/2005Ely Echo
145Thiel, Ardith Mayme  __/__/1928__/__/__Ely Echo
146Tindal, James F.  __/__/1902__/__/1962Shelly Tindal Alexander
147Tindal, Loretta E.  __/__/1904__/__/1970Shelly Tindal Alexander
148Tjaden, Delmar Carl (Del) __/__/1919__/__/2004Ely Echo
149Tome, Florence M.1922  __/__/____/__/2006Ely Echo
150Tomsich, Christine (chepelnik (Tini) __/__/1919__/__/2004Ely Echo
151Trader, Violet (taylor (2000 (Vi) __/__/____/__/__Marlene Trader Molisee
152Velcheff, Mollie A.  __/__/1921__/__/2005Ely Echo
153Verbick, Stanley Matt  __/__/1916__/__/2004Ely Echo
154Vesel, Angela Rose  __/__/1917__/__/2004Ely Echo
155Vos, Elizabeth A  __/__/1910__/__/2005Ely Echo
156Vosburgh, Michael Eugene  __/__/1947__/__/2004Ely Echo
157Voss, Charles G. Jr.  __/__/__03/5/1896Debra Crosby The Registry
158Voss, Frederick James  __/__/__07/3/1961Debra Crosby The Registry
159Voss, George Leslie Of William (Lesley) __/__/__10/29/1896Debra Crosby The Registry
160Voss, Marshall John  __/__/__05/6/1920Debra Crosby The Registry
161Wahlberg, Rachel Aune  __/__/1916__/__/2004Ely Echo
162Walls, Ronald W.  __/__/1939__/__/2004Ely Echo
163Waxlax, Eva M.  __/__/1930__/__/2004Ely Echo
164Williams, Ronald J. (Ron) __/__/1936__/__/2007Ely Echo
165Woolson, Albert  __/__/____/__/1956Guy Potts The Registry
166Yadlosky, William (Bill) __/__/1930__/__/2004Ely Echo
167Zupancich, Lorraine  __/__/1928__/__/2007Ely Echo
168Zupanich, Molly  __/__/1913__/__/__Ely Echo
169Zupec, Elizabeth A. (Betty) __/__/1931__/__/2007Ely Echo

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