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Burial Records

bu is burial date from Ozark Memorial Gardens, not deathdate.
(Mann) burials from Clair V. Mann listing 1940s no monument now.
(NSP) burials from newspapers
(FHR) burials from funeral home record no monument
(WATTS) burial info from Rev. John J. Watts, no monument.
(FHM) funeral home marker only, no monument

Burial Records

Filename Description
phelps_burials.htm "J.D." (Duncan?) - Adam, Ernst Wm.
phelps_burials_2.htm Adam, Everett Ernest - Adams, Bessie
phelps_burials_3.htm Adams,Bessie E. - Adams, Henry
phelps_burials_4.htm Adams, Henry - Adams, Mabel M.
phelps_burials_5.htm Adams, Madge E. - Adams, Thomas Buford
phelps_burials_6.htm Adams, Thomas M.- Ahland, Baby girl
phelps_burials_7.htm Ahland, Bill (NSP)- Alexander, John H.
phelps_burials_8.htm Alexander, John M.- Allen, William
phelps_burials_9.htm Alley, Raymond E.-Alverson, Ida
phelps_burials_10.htm Alverson, Marie -Anderson, J. L.
phelps_burials_11.htm Anderson, James -Annin, John A.
phelps_burials_12.htm Annin, Laura -Arthur, Charles
phelps_burials_13.htm Arthur, Charles E. -Arthur, Samuel M.
phelps_burials_14.htm Arthur, Sarah -Asher, Minnie L.
phelps_burials_15.htm Asher, Paul G. -Atkinson, Andrew Joseph
phelps_burials_16.htm Atkinson, Billie -Badger, Florence
phelps_burials_17.htm Badger, George N. -Bailey, James L.
phelps_burials_18.htm Bailey, James Leonard -Baker, Alice
phelps_burials_19.htm Baker, Anna Mary -Baker, Walter
phelps_burials_20.htm Baker, William E. -Banks, William L.
phelps_burials_21.htm Banse -Barner, Patti Jo
phelps_burials_22.htm Barnes, Hazel -Barnett, William
phelps_burials_23.htm Barnhart, John -Bartle, Otha E.
phelps_burials_24.htm Bartle, Phyllis A. -Bates, Annie M.
phelps_burials_25.htm Bates, Charlotte -Baumer, Louise
phelps_burials_26.htm Baumgardner, Arnetta Dell -Beard, Rosa
phelps_burials_27.htm Beard, Thomas -Beckman, Julie
phelps_burials_28.htm Beckman, Minnie A. -Beezley, Joel
phelps_burials_29.htm Beezley, Joel A. -Bell, Austin
phelps_burials_30.htm Bell, B. Arthur -Bell, James Emory, Jr.
phelps_burials_31.htm Bell, James R. -Benad, George H.
phelps_burials_32.htm Benad, Gottlieb C. -Benson, Mrs. Sarah
phelps_burials_33.htm Benson, Nellie -Berwick, Jessie N.
phelps_burials_34.htm Berwick, John D. -Birdsong, Frank B.
phelps_burials_35.htm Birdsong, Ina -Bixby, Blanche
phelps_burials_36.htm Bixby, Raymond -Black, Julia A.
phelps_burials_37.htm Black, Katie -Blackwell, Margaret
phelps_burials_38.htm Blackwell, Monroe -Bland, Mary Goodykoontz
phelps_burials_39.htm Bland, Mary Shaw -Boerlin, John
phelps_burials_40.htm Boerlin, John -Bonebrake, Matthew Scott
phelps_burials_41.htm Bonebrake, Raymond Henry -Bossert, Beatrice Hines
phelps_burials_42.htm Bossert, Eva Fern -Boulware, William
phelps_burials_43.htm Boulware, William R. -Bowen, Mary F.
phelps_burials_44.htm Bowen, Mary Jane -Bowman, Virgil R.
phelps_burials_45.htm Boxley, Adelia -Bradbury, Mary Jo
phelps_burials_46.htm Bradbury, Otto E. -Bradley, Shug(Wm.A.?)
phelps_burials_47.htm Bradley, Stanley B. -Brandon, Amy P.
phelps_burials_48.htm Brandon, Clarence A. -Branstetter, William H.
phelps_burials_49.htm Brant, Cecelia Mae -Bray, Thomas A.
phelps_burials_50.htm Bray, Tony -Breuer, Gartha F.
phelps_burials_51.htm Breuer, Helen Virginia -Brewster, George
phelps_burials_52.htm Brewster, J. Noel -Briot, Faustine
phelps_burials_53.htm Briot, Leon -Brockhorst, Mable Lorene
phelps_burials_54.htm Brockman, Bill -Brookshire, Elizabeth Alice
phelps_burials_55.htm Brookshire, Elmetta F. -Brookshire, Thom's baby
phelps_burials_56.htm Brookshire, Margaret Jeanette -Brown, Charles
phelps_burials_57.htm Brown, Charles A. -Brown, Emma F.
phelps_burials_58.htm Brown, Estelle E. -Brown, Jennie L.
phelps_burials_59.htm Brown, Jessie L. -Brown, Margaret Sue
phelps_burials_60.htm Brown, Marie M. -Brown, Rev. Joseph H.
phelps_burials_61.htm Brown, Richard E. -Brown, William
phelps_burials_62.htm Brown, William -Broyles, William W.
phelps_burials_63.htm Brubaker, Dell H. -Bryant, Sylvester J.
phelps_burials_64.htm Bryant, Willis L. -Bullock, Adaline A.
phelps_burials_65.htm Bullock, Agnes G. -Bunch, James F.
phelps_burials_66.htm Bunch, James F. -Burge, Lucy B.
phelps_burials_67.htm Burger, A. J. -Burlison, Andrew M.
phelps_burials_68.htm Burlison, Andrew W. C. -Burrus, Harold Eugene
phelps_burials_69.htm Burrus, James D. -Burwell, Grace March
phelps_burials_70.htm Busby, Adolph B. -Butley, Silas E.
phelps_burials_71.htm Butrey, Louisa Terrasa -Calhoun, William A.
phelps_burials_72.htm Calicotte, Evelyn -Campbell, Elizabeth Garvey
phelps_burials_73.htm Campbell, Elsie -Campbell, Mary Elizabeth
phelps_burials_74.htm Campbell, Mary V. -Capfer, Lewis C.
phelps_burials_75.htm Capfer, Lucy J. -Carmack, Sarah Jane
phelps_burials_76.htm Carmack, William Wayne -Carpenter, Robert F.
phelps_burials_77.htm Carr, W. A. -Carroll, John Jr.
phelps_burials_78.htm Carroll, John M. -Cartwright, Arthur (FHR)
phelps_burials_79.htm Cartwright, Leonard C. -Casselman, Howard C.
phelps_burials_80.htm Casselman, Marcia E. -Cckul?, Bridget
phelps_burials_81.htm Cebotarev, Valentina -Chambers, James Richard
phelps_burials_82.htm Chambers, Jess -Chaney, Sarah J.
phelps_burials_83.htm Chaney, Thomas J. -Chilton, Artie
phelps_burials_84.htm Chilton, Dalton J. -Claggett, Maude
phelps_burials_85.htm Claggett, Ollie Simpson -Clark, Kenneth
phelps_burials_86.htm Clark, LaDonna B. -Clay, David L.
phelps_burials_87.htm Clay, Gregory -Clements, Harold P.
phelps_burials_88.htm Clements, Irving -Cline, Rose M.
phelps_burials_89.htm Cline, Sarah Pope -Coffey,Meredith
phelps_burials_90.htm Coffey, Ellen -Cole, Jane Marian
phelps_burials_91.htm Cole, Jeffrey Allen -Collins, Ida May
phelps_burials_92.htm Collins, James Patrick -Comer, Alpha
phelps_burials_93.htm Comer, Carson W. -Conner, Lewis A.
phelps_burials_94.htm Connerley, Charley W. -Cook, Isabell E.
phelps_burials_95.htm Cook, Ivohn R. -Cooley, Thomas M.
phelps_burials_96.htm Coon, John Burrfellows -Copeland, Clyde S.
phelps_burials_97.htm Copeland, Cordelia -Copeland, Nancy A.
phelps_burials_98.htm Copeland, Nanna -Coppedge, Nancy H.
phelps_burials_99.htm Coppedge, Nettie -Costopolos, Winifred P.
phelps_burials_100.htm Cote, Frances A. -Cowan, Austin
phelps_burials_101.htm Cowan, Bill M. -Cox, Fanny A.
phelps_burials_102.htm Cox, Father -Cox, Sarah Chilton
phelps_burials_103.htm Cox, Sarah L. -Craig, W. M.
phelps_burials_104.htm Craig, Warren D. -Craven, Pearl (FHR)
phelps_burials_105.htm Craven, Ruby -Crollay, Charles A.
phelps_burials_106.htm Crolley, Desta May -Croxton, Kevin L.
phelps_burials_107.htm Crull, Leslie F. -Curnutte, Norman
phelps_burials_108.htm Curnutte, Russell B. -Dailey, Glennar
phelps_burials_109.htm Dailey, Gregory -Daugherty, Arthur Lee
phelps_burials_110.htm Daugherty, Charles Orrel -Davidson, Carey
phelps_burials_111.htm Davidson, Carey -Davis, Dural G.
phelps_burials_112.htm Davis, Dwight A. -Davis, Margie H.
phelps_burials_113.htm Davis, Mary -Dawson, Daniel O'Neal
phelps_burials_114.htm Dawson, David -Dean, Claude
phelps_burials_115.htm Dean, Clayton G. -Dean, Perry
phelps_burials_116.htm Dean, Perry -Decker, George W.
phelps_burials_117.htm Decker, Grace A. -Delaloye, Ernest F.
phelps_burials_118.htm Delaloye, F.F. -DeLong, Zeta Marguerite
phelps_burials_119.htm Delor, Michele Lynnette -DeNoon, John C.
phelps_burials_120.htm DeNoon, Mary L. -Deskin, Ethel F.
phelps_burials_121.htm Deskin, Henry A. -Dewing, Elizabeth
phelps_burials_122.htm Dewing, Ernest O. -Dickson, Mary A.
phelps_burials_123.htm Dickson, Paul E. -Dillon, Edith H.
phelps_burials_124.htm Dillon, Eliza Ann -Dippel, Myrtle
phelps_burials_125.htm Dipple, Ollie -Donahoe, Dan F.
phelps_burials_126.htm Donahoe, Daniel -Dotson, Minerva
phelps_burials_127.htm Dotson, Mollie E. -Drenski, Herman
phelps_burials_128.htm Dress, Henry -Dulyea, Harry B.
phelps_burials_129.htm Dunbar, Arthur -Duncan, Lula
phelps_burials_130.htm Duncan, Mae L. -Dunham, Emaneal R.
phelps_burials_131.htm Dunham, Evelyn R. -Dunivin, Walter E.
phelps_burials_132.htm Dunivin, Walter H. -Dyer, John A.
phelps_burials_133.htm Dyer, John Bradford -Earle, George
phelps_burials_134.htm Earls, Alfred -Earp, Lydia
phelps_burials_135.htm Earp, Mary F. -Eckman, William J.
phelps_burials_136.htm Eddenhammer, M.V. -Edgemond, Mabel Walls
phelps_burials_137.htm Edgemond, Thomas N. -Eiffert, Mary Edith
phelps_burials_138.htm Eikman, Albert -Elliott, Elbert
phelps_burials_139.htm Elliott, Elizabeth -Elliott, Walter C.
phelps_burials_140.htm Elliott, Walter E. -Elston, Warren
phelps_burials_141.htm Elwell, John D. -Engle, Charles W.
phelps_burials_142.htm Engle, David -Estes, Harry B.
phelps_burials_143.htm Estes, Isabelle E. -Evans, Julia
phelps_burials_144.htm Evans, Kate -Ezzell, Patricia Mary
phelps_burials_145.htm Fairburn, Clarence -Fannon, Ethel V.
phelps_burials_146.htm Fannon, George -Farrar, Sara Margaret
phelps_burials_147.htm Farrell, Christopher -Fawes/Hawes?, M.L.
phelps_burials_148.htm Fear, Lulu -Fergurson, Alfred
phelps_burials_149.htm Fergurson, Maggie E. -Finch, David M., Sr.
phelps_burials_150.htm Finch, Hazel -Finn, Catherine
phelps_burials_151.htm Finn, Charles E. -Fitzpatrick, Frederick
phelps_burials_152.htm Fitzpatrick, James -Fleming, Dollie
phelps_burials_153.htm Fleming, Earnie C. -Flora, Lute
phelps_burials_154.htm Flora, Samuel -Ford, Eliza C.
phelps_burials_155.htm Ford, Ellen B. -Fore, Henry Moses
phelps_burials_156.htm Fore, Henry W. -Forester, Catherine
phelps_burials_157.htm Forester, Charles C. -Foster, Edwin L.
phelps_burials_158.htm Foster, Fred R. -Fraizer, Morris
phelps_burials_159.htm Frazier, Morris F. -Franz, Otto
phelps_burials_160.htm Franz, Reinold -Freeman, Amanda E.
phelps_burials_161.htm Freeman, Annie -Freshour, Gary Edwin
phelps_burials_162.htm Freshour, John E. Jr. -Frost, W. S.
phelps_burials_163.htm Frost, Wm. Simeon -Fuller, Jennie A.
phelps_burials_164.htm Fuller, Leroy A. -Funke, Anna L.
phelps_burials_165.htm Funke, Charles -Gabel, George R.
phelps_burials_166.htm Gabel, Gladys J. -Gaddy, Annie M.
phelps_burials_167.htm Gaddy, B. Smith, Sr. -Gaddy, Martha
phelps_burials_168.htm Gaddy, Oma F. -Gahr, Willie
phelps_burials_169.htm Gahwiler, August -Gardner Lot
phelps_burials_170.htm Gardner, Elijah -Gay, Eugene L.
phelps_burials_171.htm Gay, G.M. -Gerbes, Washington T.J.
phelps_burials_172.htm Geren, Mary -Gibson, Eskie
phelps_burials_173.htm Gibson, Fannie I. -Giddens, Oscar E.
phelps_burials_174.htm Giddens, Ruth D. -Gill, Albin B.
phelps_burials_175.htm Gill, Ann Eliza -Glavinic, Edward Marko
phelps_burials_176.htm Glavinic, Sarah E. -Glenn, Ruby E.
phelps_burials_177.htm Glenn, Teddy O. -Goethe, Johanna M.
phelps_burials_178.htm Goethe, Katherine -Gollahon, George
phelps_burials_179.htm Gollahon, George -Goodman, Rinda Ray
phelps_burials_180.htm Goodman, Roy -Gorman, Kent
phelps_burials_181.htm Gorman, Laura E. -Gossen, Leo J.
phelps_burials_182.htm Gott, Jerry Donald -Grant, G.D's wife
phelps_burials_183.htm Grant, Gertrude C. -Gray, Sylvia
phelps_burials_184.htm Gray, Tifany J. -Grayson, Marvin
phelps_burials_185.htm Grayson, Marvin B. -Green, Hazel R.
phelps_burials_186.htm Green, Hazel R. -Greensweight, Marie
phelps_burials_187.htm Greensweight, Saraah -Gresham, Russell
phelps_burials_188.htm Gresham, Twins -Grisham, Hallie
phelps_burials_189.htm Grisham, Hallie -Groover, Jacob
phelps_burials_190.htm Groover, James J. -Grubb, Wilma L.
phelps_burials_191.htm Grubb, Wm. R. -Guffey, Oliver
phelps_burials_192.htm Guffey, Paul E. -Gustin, Frederick D.
phelps_burials_193.htm Gustin, Frederick K. -Haas, Mary M.
phelps_burials_194.htm Haas, Mary R. -Hale, d/o Albert
phelps_burials_195.htm Hale, Alva M. -Haley, James
phelps_burials_196.htm Haley, Johannah -Hall, Mildred
phelps_burials_197.htm Hall, Mildred O. -Hamilton, Van
phelps_burials_198.htm Hamilton, Virginia -Hance, Daniel E.
phelps_burials_199.htm Hance, Debby -Hancock, Lillie
phelps_burials_200.htm Hancock, Ruby U. -Hans, George B.
phelps_burials_201.htm Hans, Josephine -Hard, Mary
phelps_burials_202.htm Hardebeck, Edward C. -Hargis, Mae M.
phelps_burials_203.htm Hargis, Margaret -Harper, Hal T.
phelps_burials_204.htm Harper, William H. -Harris, Dorris R.
phelps_burials_205.htm Harris, Dorris R. -Harris, Jane
phelps_burials_206.htm Harris, Jeannie E. -Harris, Polly
phelps_burials_207.htm Harris, R.C.'s baby -Harrison, D.H.
phelps_burials_208.htm Harrison, Francis M. -Hart, John
phelps_burials_209.htm Hart, John Porter -Hasler, Eli Edward
phelps_burials_210.htm Hasler, Leo C. -Haughey, Bert S.
phelps_burials_211.htm Haus, Arvilla Parker -Hawkins, Infant
phelps_burials_212.htm Hawkins, Infant -Hawkins, Robert P.
phelps_burials_213.htm Hawkins, Roenna M. -Hayes, Herman Randolph
phelps_burials_214.htm Hayes, Herman Robert -Hazard, Martha A.
phelps_burials_215.htm Hazard, Sarah Jane -Heard, Mary
phelps_burials_216.htm Heard, Wm. H. -Heavin, William
phelps_burials_217.htm Hebberger, Mabel A. -Heilman, John J.
phelps_burials_218.htm Heilman, Margaret E. -Hellar, Lydia
phelps_burials_219.htm Heller, Emma -Henninger, Charles A.
phelps_burials_220.htm Henninger, Mary A. -Henson, Harold Garland
phelps_burials_221.htm Henson, Ida K. -Herberger, Henry
phelps_burials_222.htm Herberger, Joseph -Hess, Raymond C.
phelps_burials_223.htm Hess, Rebecca -Higgins, Christopher W.
phelps_burials_224.htm Higgins, Edith Watts -Hillver, Jessica Ann
phelps_burials_225.htm Hinch, Rainey L. -Hoak, Bessie
phelps_burials_226.htm Hoak, Jack D. -Hodge, Roy Lee
phelps_burials_227.htm Hodge, Russell Sterling -Hoffman, Jesse C.
phelps_burials_228.htm Hoffman, Jessie C. -Hoggett, William L.
phelps_burials_229.htm Hoggett, Zella May -Hollopeter, Sarah E.
phelps_burials_230.htm Hollopeter, William A. -Holt, William
phelps_burials_231.htm Holtkamp, Michael -Hooper, W.M.
phelps_burials_232.htm Hooper, Wm. -Horn, Walter
phelps_burials_233.htm Horn, William -House, Soney
phelps_burials_234.htm House, Stanton -Howard, William C.
phelps_burials_235.htm Howard, William E. -Huber, Fred
phelps_burials_236.htm Huber, James -Hudgens, Joseph B.
phelps_burials_237.htm Hudgens, Kimberly Sue -Huffman, Addison
phelps_burials_238.htm Huffman, Alfred -Hughes, Edwin D.
phelps_burials_239.htm Hughes, Emma D. -Hume, Virginia
phelps_burials_240.htm Hume, Wm. Estes -Hunt, Mandy
phelps_burials_241.htm Hunt, Marvin Dean-Huskey, Cynthia F.
phelps_burials_242.htm Huskey, Cynthia T. -Huskey, Ruth M.
phelps_burials_243.htm Huskey, Sarah -Hutchison, Steven Lee
phelps_burials_244.htm Hutckinson, Madeline -Ingram, Leland "Bill"
phelps_burials_245.htm Ingram, Lucy Emma -Jackson, Halen J.
phelps_burials_246.htm Jackson, Harriet -James, Dianne Elizabeth
phelps_burials_247.htm James, Edwin -Jenkerson, William M.
phelps_burials_248.htm Jenkins, Albert -Jett, T. A.
phelps_burials_249.htm Jett, Wm. -Johnson, Ethel M.
phelps_burials_250.htm Johnson, Eugene Lee -Johnson, Robert A.
phelps_burials_251.htm Johnson, Robert L. -Jones, Arundle F.
phelps_burials_252.htm Jones, Arundle F. -Jones, Esco A.
phelps_burials_253.htm Jones, Essie Myrtle -Jones, Katherine Ann
phelps_burials_254.htm Jones, Lacy -Jones, Pearilee
phelps_burials_255.htm Jones, Quiller F. -Jordon, Junior Lee
phelps_burials_256.htm Jordon, Robert L. -Jurgensmeyer, Ola Mae
phelps_burials_257.htm Jurgensmeyer, Otto -Karr, Ola
phelps_burials_258.htm Karr, Otis Lee -Keaton, Earl M.
phelps_burials_259.htm Keaton, Edward D. -Keepes, Janice D.
phelps_burials_260.htm Kehr, Frank B. -Kelly, Frank R.
phelps_burials_261.htm Kelly, Frieda R. -Kennedy, Mary C.
phelps_burials_262.htm Kennedy, Olive Shannahan -Kester, Mary M.
phelps_burials_263.htm Kester, Mattison S. -Kilgore, Benjamin H.
phelps_burials_264.htm Kilgore, David -King, Bertha J.
phelps_burials_265.htm King, Cathy E. -King, Mildred L.
phelps_burials_266.htm King, Minnie Sands -Kinkeade, Valentine
phelps_burials_267.htm Kinkeade, William H. -Kitchen, James D.
phelps_burials_268.htm Kitchen, James E. -Kline, Charles J.
phelps_burials_269.htm Kline, Charles Wallace -Knight, Helen Alice
phelps_burials_270.htm Knight, Leroy -Koe-Nschiele, Charlotte
phelps_burials_271.htm Koepke, Joshua R. -Kossuth, Sarah
phelps_burials_272.htm Kottwitz, Ellen-Krewson, Minnie
phelps_burials_273.htm Krewson, Myrtle I. -Kympton, Ella Mae
phelps_burials_274.htm Labanp, -Lamb, Albert J.
phelps_burials_275.htm Lamb, Amanda -Lambiel, Oliver T.
phelps_burials_276.htm Lammlein, Shirley -Lane, Sidney Paul
phelps_burials_277.htm Lane, Susie -Lanning, Isaac E.
phelps_burials_278.htm Lanning, James -Laughlin, Emma D.
phelps_burials_279.htm Laughlin, Ralph -Lawson, Manuel
phelps_burials_280.htm Lawson, Margaret E.M. -Leavitt, George
phelps_burials_281.htm Leavitt, Joseph Edwin -Lee, Mathias
phelps_burials_282.htm Lee, Michael J. -Leistikow, Charles
phelps_burials_283.htm Leitner, Rudy M. -Lenox, H. T.
phelps_burials_284.htm Lenox, Hamilton W. -Lenox, Sarah
phelps_burials_285.htm Lenox, Sarah -Leonard, Henry
phelps_burials_286.htm Leonard, Herbert E. -Lesueur, G. B.
phelps_burials_287.htm Lesueur, J. A. -Lewis, Edward
phelps_burials_288.htm Lewis, Edward R. -Lewis, Marie M.
phelps_burials_289.htm Lewis, Mark E. -Lichius, Martin M.
phelps_burials_290.htm Lichius, Mary -Light, Harvey
phelps_burials_291.htm Light, Howard -Light, Rosetta
phelps_burials_292.htm Light, Ruby A. -Line, Carl Maggi
phelps_burials_293.htm Line, Celestine Mae -Lira, Enrica
phelps_burials_294.htm Lira, Jack -Livingston, Joseph H.
phelps_burials_295.htm Livingston, Josephine Bell -Long, Lois S.
phelps_burials_296.htm Long, Minnie -Lorts, Thomas W.
phelps_burials_297.htm Lorts, William S. -Love, Amanda M.
phelps_burials_298.htm Love, Ann -Love, Martha E.
phelps_burials_299.htm Love, Mary D. -Lowe, William G.
phelps_burials_300.htm Lowe, Alma -Lupberger, Frieda Julia
phelps_burials_301.htm Lupberger, Harold G. -Lyle, Joyce Alene
phelps_burials_302.htm Lyle, Marcus L. -Mace, Harvey C.
phelps_burials_303.htm Mace, Hazel B. -Macormic, Frank Herman
phelps_burials_304.htm Macormic, Fred W. -Maggi, Emeline
phelps_burials_305.htm Maggi, Emma -Majors, Curtis
phelps_burials_306.htm Majors, Mrs. Charles V. -Malone, H. W.
phelps_burials_307.htm Malone, Henry L. -Malone, William E.
phelps_burials_308.htm Malone, William Ira -Mannion, Anne
phelps_burials_309.htm Mansbridge, Amelia -Maricle, Carl Anthony
phelps_burials_310.htm Maricle, Marcia G. -Marnell, John R.
phelps_burials_311.htm Marpul, Warren T.? -Martin, Burt W.
phelps_burials_312.htm Martin, Catherine S. -Martin, Olen
phelps_burials_313.htm Martin, Paul -Masterson, Joseph
phelps_burials_314.htm Masucci, Donald -Mathis, Mary Ella
phelps_burials_315.htm Mathis, Maryann -Matlock, Inf.
phelps_burials_316.htm Matlock, Inf. -Matney, Dolores M.
phelps_burials_317.htm Matney, Ray F. -Maxwell, Joyce
phelps_burials_318.htm Maxwell, Larry Eugene -McAlester, Joseph F.
phelps_burials_319.htm McAlester, Little Charley -McClure, James
phelps_burials_320.htm McClure, Jessie -McCowan, Violey
phelps_burials_321.htm McCown, Effie -McDermott, Florence M.
phelps_burials_322.htm McDermott, Joseph B. -McDowell, Infant son
phelps_burials_323.htm McDowell, Alice E. -McFarland, A. Sidney
phelps_burials_324.htm McFarland, Anna M. -McIntosh, Barbara C.
phelps_burials_325.htm McIntosh, Betty M. -McLafferty, Family
phelps_burials_326.htm Mclain, Catherine -McNerney, Catherine
phelps_burials_327.htm McNerney, Mike -Medley, John Payne
phelps_burials_328.htm Medlock, Elizabeth Hartman -Melton, James E.
phelps_burials_329.htm Melton, Joel M. - Mercer, Amos
phelps_burials_330.htm Mercer, Bessie E. - Merrell, Thomas
phelps_burials_331.htm Merrell, Virginia Sarah - Meyer, Othello
phelps_burials_332.htm Meyers, Betty - Miles, Wm.
phelps_burials_333.htm Miley, Pearl May - Miller, Dora
phelps_burials_334.htm Miller, Earl Lee - Miller, John Sherman
phelps_burials_335.htm Miller, John Sherman - Miller, Rosa M.
phelps_burials_336.htm Miller, Rosa - Mings, Mervin L.
phelps_burials_337.htm Minick, Edna I. - Mitchell, Cora Elizabeth
phelps_burials_338.htm Mitchell, Daniel B. - Mitchell, John R.
phelps_burials_339.htm Mitchell, Johnny L. - Mitchell, Sherrill Louis Jr.
phelps_burials_340.htm Mitchell, Susan E. - Moeller, Jessie N.
phelps_burials_341.htm Moeller, Jessie - Montgomery, Minnie Jennie
phelps_burials_342.htm Montgomery, N.H. - Moore, Claude D.
phelps_burials_343.htm Moore, Cleve - Moore, Nancy I.
phelps_burials_344.htm Moore, Nancy J. - Moreland, Howard
phelps_burials_345.htm Moreland, Irene J. - Moritz, Leonard H.
phelps_burials_346.htm Moritz, Louie R. - Morrison, Andrew J.
phelps_burials_347.htm Morrison, Arlena P. - Mort,
phelps_burials_348.htm Mort, Walter W. - Mueller, Inf.
phelps_burials_349.htm Mueller, Josephine - Munzert, Elizabeth
phelps_burials_350.htm Munzert, John T. - Murry, Irene
phelps_burials_351.htm Murry, Nancy J. - Nanney, Arthur E.
phelps_burials_352.htm Nanney, Mildred E. - Neidert, Elizabeth E.
phelps_burials_353.htm Neighbors, C.H. - Neuman, Agusta C.
phelps_burials_354.htm Neuman, Albert J. - Nichols, Mary N.
phelps_burials_355.htm Nichols, Mary Sally - Nix, Jacob
phelps_burials_356.htm Nix, Jacob - Norder, Donald J.
phelps_burials_357.htm Norder, Donna Lu - Oatley, John Arthur
phelps_burials_358.htm Oatley, William Johnson - Ogle, Wm.
phelps_burials_359.htm Ogle, Wm. E. - O'Malley, Bridget
phelps_burials_360.htm O'Malley - Osborne, Carl "Joe", Jr.
phelps_burials_361.htm O'Shanssay, Jerry - Ousley, James S.
phelps_burials_362.htm Ousley, Janet - Overshon, Mary Lee
phelps_burials_363.htm Overshon, Pete - Pace, William
phelps_burials_364.htm Pace, William Jeffery - Pankey, Cubb
phelps_burials_365.htm Pankey, Dale Thomas - Parker, Susan Alice
phelps_burials_366.htm Parker, Thomas J. - Parsons, Charles E.
phelps_burials_367.htm Parsons, Cora P. - Paul, Joe J.
phelps_burials_368.htm Paul, Loretta Jane - Pavese, Norma Jean
phelps_burials_369.htm Pavese, Vincent - Pelfrey, Fannie Marie
phelps_burials_370.htm Pelican, Edna M. - Perego, Lewis M.
phelps_burials_371.htm Perkins, Albert - Perry, Effie L.
phelps_burials_372.htm Perry, Elijah - Peterman, Mary A.
phelps_burials_373.htm Peterman, Osie L. - Peterson, Susan
phelps_burials_374.htm Petraglio, Arvena - Phelps, Ada L.
phelps_burials_375.htm Phelps, Alex C. - Phillips, Helen
phelps_burials_376.htm Phillips, Henry S. - Pidcock, Mary H.
phelps_burials_377.htm Pieper, Lena M. - Pilger, W. B.
phelps_burials_378.htm Pilger, Walter - Plake, Fred Raymond
phelps_burials_379.htm Plake, Lewis R. - Plemmons, Nile
phelps_burials_380.htm Plemmons, William L. - Polkwitz, Mathilda
phelps_burials_381.htm Pollard, David Michael - Potter, Mary E.
phelps_burials_382.htm Potter, Pansy E. - Powelson, Wm. R.H.
phelps_burials_383.htm Powers, Alma - Prewett, John
phelps_burials_384.htm Prewett, John M. - Prigmore, Joseph M.
phelps_burials_385.htm Prigmore, Leander - Pruett, Solly Randolph
phelps_burials_386.htm Pruitt, Agnes L. - Puschman, Gusta F.
phelps_burials_387.htm Puschman, Pauline L. - Ragan, Bonnie M.
phelps_burials_388.htm Ragan, Charles - Ragan, Tilman G.
phelps_burials_389.htm Ragan, Vienna Jane - Ramsey, Woodrow Wilson
phelps_burials_390.htm Randall, Almire L. - Rawson, Marie
phelps_burials_391.htm Ray, A - Ray, Everett
phelps_burials_392.htm Ray, Everett - Ray, Louellen
phelps_burials_393.htm Ray, Louie - Ray, Wm.
phelps_burials_394.htm Ray, Wm. Ervin - Reed, Geo. B.
phelps_burials_395.htm Reed, George E. - Reese, Mae
phelps_burials_396.htm Reese, Naomi M. - Reitz, Ella M.
phelps_burials_397.htm Reitz, Marie - Reynolds, Reka
phelps_burials_398.htm Reynolds, Robert - Rhodes, Linnaeus R.
phelps_burials_399.htm Rhodes, Louisa A. - Richardson, John W.
phelps_burials_400.htm Richardson, Johnny - Riden, Baby
phelps_burials_401.htm Riden, Betty Ann - Riesche, Earnest
phelps_burials_402.htm Riesche, Herman F. - Rinck, James Francis
phelps_burials_403.htm Rinck, Lelia M. - Risclon, Jernia Sue
phelps_burials_404.htm Risz, Frances L. - Roach, Helen D.
phelps_burials_405.htm Roach, Hugh Anderson - Roark, Vernon Ray
phelps_burials_406.htm Roark, Wanda Marie - Roberts, James W.
phelps_burials_407.htm Roberts, Jean - Robinson, Evelyn M.
phelps_burials_408.htm Robinson, Frances Ann - Rodgers, Jenetta G.
phelps_burials_409.htm Rodgers, John - Rogers, Myrtle
phelps_burials_410.htm Rogers, Omer B. - Romine, Melissa J.
phelps_burials_411.htm Romine, Philomena - Rosenburg, Ruth Walls
phelps_burials_412.htm Rosener, Lelia M. - Roster, Walter
phelps_burials_413.htm Roster, William H. - Rucker, Anna A.
phelps_burials_414.htm Rucker, August - Rush, Henry S.
phelps_burials_415.htm Rush, Leona G. - Ryno, Jane
phelps_burials_416.htm Ryno, Josephine - Salts,
phelps_burials_417.htm Salts, Billy D. - Sanders, Robert M.
phelps_burials_418.htm Sanders, Trace - Sanford, Joanna
phelps_burials_419.htm Sanford, Lyman - Schick, Joseph Neal
phelps_burials_420.htm Schlichter, Orville L. - Schonde,
phelps_burials_421.htm Schooler, Durward - Schultz, Rosanahr
phelps_burials_422.htm Schultz, William - Schwartz, William F.
phelps_burials_423.htm Schwegler, Margaret Frances - Scott, Mary Elizabeth
phelps_burials_424.htm Scott, Mary Elizabeth - Seaton, Francis M.
phelps_burials_425.htm Seaton, Herbert D. - Seidel, George D.
phelps_burials_426.htm Seidel, Gustavus - Severtson, Vernon S.
phelps_burials_427.htm Sevier, Estella - Seymour, E. J.
phelps_burials_428.htm Seymour, Gladys I. - Shattuck, S.M.
phelps_burials_429.htm Shattuck, Verena L. - Shelton, Ina N.
phelps_burials_430.htm Shelton, Irvin H. - Shinneman, Albert
phelps_burials_431.htm Shinneman, Robert E. - Shook, John
phelps_burials_432.htm Shook, Martha E. - Siegler, Eliz
phelps_burials_433.htm Siek, Theodor - Simms, James E.
phelps_burials_434.htm Simms, James H. - Sisco, Julia Ann
phelps_burials_435.htm Sisco, Lewis E. - Skyles, Maria E.
phelps_burials_436.htm Skyles, Marie - Sliger, Dora O.
phelps_burials_437.htm Slingerland, George O. - Smart, Elbert G.
phelps_burials_438.htm Smart, Ella Lee - Smith, Angeline
phelps_burials_439.htm Smith, Ann Clark - Smith, Cora
phelps_burials_440.htm Smith, Curtis W. Sr. - Smith, Florence Marie
phelps_burials_441.htm Smith, Floyd - Smith, James V.
phelps_burials_442.htm Smith, Jacob - Smith, Landon C.
phelps_burials_443.htm Smith, Landon C. - Smith, May O.
phelps_burials_444.htm Smith, Melba Marie - Smith, Sarah
phelps_burials_445.htm Smith, Sarah A. - Smither, Iria J.
phelps_burials_446.htm Smither, Margaret - Snelson, John R.
phelps_burials_447.htm Snelson, Joseph A. - Snook, Ben R.
phelps_burials_448.htm Snook, Bertha - Sorrell, Emma
phelps_burials_449.htm Sorrell, Henrietta - Spading, Christina M.
phelps_burials_450.htm Spain, Frieda - Spencer, Laura E.
phelps_burials_451.htm Spencer, Leroy James - Sprading, Chester S.
phelps_burials_452.htm Spradling, Bessie M. - Spurgin, Edmond H.
phelps_burials_453.htm Spurgin, James H. - Stanfield, Baby
phelps_burials_454.htm Stanfield, C. P. - Stedman, James E.
phelps_burials_455.htm Stedman, L. Arthur - Steppat,
phelps_burials_456.htm Steppat, August W. - Stevenson, Connie Lea
phelps_burials_457.htm Stevenson, Cora - Stiff, Frank L.
phelps_burials_458.htm Stiff, Lelia B. - Stockton, Joseph M. Jr.
phelps_burials_459.htm Stockton, Sarah Rachel - Stogsdill, John
phelps_burials_460.htm Stogsdill, John J. - Stoll, K. G.
phelps_burials_461.htm Stoll, Mary A. - Story, Benjamin F.
phelps_burials_462.htm Story, Della Urina - Stovall, Henry
phelps_burials_463.htm Stover, Buford W. - Strawhun, Ida Emily
phelps_burials_464.htm Strawhun, Isaac R. - Strobach, Charles T.
phelps_burials_465.htm Strobach, Chas. - Stuart, Mary
phelps_burials_466.htm Stuaart, Mother - Sturgeon, Mabel
phelps_burials_467.htm Sturgeon, Margaret Ann - Sullivan, James Thomas
phelps_burials_468.htm Sullivan, James Wm. - Sutton, Minerva A.
phelps_burials_469.htm Sutton, Phillip H. - Swyers, Eldon
phelps_burials_470.htm Swyers, Elizabeth Ann - Taggart, James M.
phelps_burials_471.htm Taggart, Richard E. - Tankersley, Sadie J.
phelps_burials_472.htm Tankersley, Samuel G. - Taylor, Herbert A.
phelps_burials_473.htm Taylor, Hershel A. - Teasdale, Mary Jane
phelps_burials_474.htm Teasdale, Mary W. - Tex, George N.
phelps_burials_475.htm Tex, Peggy H. - Thomas, Juanita
phelps_burials_476.htm Thomas, Katherine E. - Thompson, Dudley
phelps_burials_477.htm Thompson, Edward S. - Thornberry, Elizabeth
phelps_burials_478.htm Thornberry, Martin H. - Tierney, Patrick W.
phelps_burials_479.htm Tillott, Archie A. - Todd, Isaac J.
phelps_burials_480.htm Todd, J. C. - Towell, Grace M.
phelps_burials_481.htm Towell, Hardy - Treece, Ida Pearl
phelps_burials_482.htm Tremain, Iown - Troxell, Jesse
phelps_burials_483.htm Troxwell, Lee E. - Tucker, Martha L.
phelps_burials_484.htm Tucker, Mary Blanche - Tune, Maude O.
phelps_burials_485.htm Tune, Oscar J. - Turner, Isaac D.
phelps_burials_486.htm Turner, James M. - Turner, Walter W.
phelps_burials_487.htm Turner, Wayne - Ufel, Gustav
phelps_burials_488.htm Ullrich, John - Unnerstall, Cybil E.
phelps_burials_489.htm Unnerstall, James M. - Vance, William J.
phelps_burials_490.htm Vance, William James - VanOrman, L. Allene
phelps_burials_491.htm Vanostran, George - Veach, Lena
phelps_burials_492.htm Veach, Nellie - Vipani, Devyani Kirit
phelps_burials_493.htm Villinger, Wilbert - Voss, Grace L.
phelps_burials_494.htm Voss, Hannah - Wagoner, Amanda J.
phelps_burials_495.htm Wagoner, Andrew C. - Walker, Blanche
phelps_burials_496.htm Walker, Blanche R. - Walker, William R.
phelps_burials_497.htm Walker, William T. - Walls, Elsie
phelps_burials_498.htm Walls, Emma B. - Wann, Ray William D.
phelps_burials_499.htm Ward, Agnes M. - Warren, John D.
phelps_burials_500.htm Warren, Lee William - Watkins, Sarah E.
phelps_burials_501.htm Watkins, Sherri Lee - Watson, Russell C.
phelps_burials_502.htm Watson, Shanda Ann - Weathers, Patricia R.
phelps_burials_503.htm Weaver, Dora Kay - Webber, Louis Gilmore
phelps_burials_504.htm Webber, Lucinda Frances - Weddel, Wes W.
phelps_burials_505.htm Wedding, Robert Leroy - Welker, Charles F.
phelps_burials_506.htm Welker, Dollie - West, Pauline
phelps_burials_507.htm West, Sally - Whitaker, Lura Mae
phelps_burials_508.htm Whitaker, Margaret E. - White, J. A.
phelps_burials_509.htm White, James A. - Whites, William V.
phelps_burials_510.htm Whitesell, Mark C. - Widener, Robert Kirb
phelps_burials_511.htm Widener, Sherman - Wiese, Rachel N.
phelps_burials_512.htm Wiese, Ruth C. - Will, J. S.
phelps_burials_513.htm Will, Jackson - Williams, Charles E.
phelps_burials_514.htm Williams, Charles H. - Williams, Henry
phelps_burials_515.htm Williams, Herbert - Williams, Lucy Pearl
phelps_burials_516.htm Williams, Mabel B. - Williams, Sarah F.
phelps_burials_517.htm Williams, Sarah J. - Willis, Morris B.
phelps_burials_518.htm Willis, N. R. - Wilson, Charlotte B.
phelps_burials_519.htm Wilson, Claborn E. - Wilson, George R.
phelps_burials_520.htm Wilson, George W. - Wilson, Julia Lee
phelps_burials_521.htm Wilson, Kate - Wilson, Patricia A.
phelps_burials_522.htm Wilson, Paul - Winfrey, Baby
phelps_burials_523.htm Winfrey, Evelyn - Wishman, Ellender
phelps_burials_524.htm Wishon, A. J's Baby - Wofford, David Dale
phelps_burials_525.htm Wofford, Elmer "Jack" - Wood, Helen Olga
phelps_burials_526.htm Wood, Henry - Woods, Arthur Raymond
phelps_burials_527.htm Woods, Charles Lewis - Woodward, Hershel
phelps_burials_528.htm Woodworth, George T. - Woolsey, Matilda
phelps_burials_529.htm Woolsey, Nancy E. - Wright,
phelps_burials_530.htm Wright, Alice M. - Wrinkle, Myrtle
phelps_burials_531.htm Wuest, LeRoy H. - Wylie, Max A.
phelps_burials_532.htm Wylie, Samuel J. - Yarbrough, Lula N.
phelps_burials_533.htm Yarbrough, Lytle - Yelton, Robert S.
phelps_burials_534.htm Yelton, Sherman - Young, Oliver H.
phelps_burials_535.htm Young, Pearl Mary - Yowell, Nancy E.
phelps_burials_536.htm Yowell, Napoleon - Zimmerman, John S.
phelps_burials_537.htm Zimmerman, Margaret - Zwicky, Mary

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