Phelps County Burials
Anderson, James(NSP)7 Feb 1894St. James Catholic Cem.
Anderson, James (Dr.)(NSP)s/o James Arthur & Senora (Morch)9 Sep 190514 Aug 1997St. James/Old Masonic Cem.
Anderson, James Arthur16 May 1883 2 Jan 1971St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, James E.80 yrs1/15/1992Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, James Morck9 Sep 1905St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, James R.Co A, 91st IND Inf 1861-186518 Oct 184419 Feb 1909St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Jenniew/o James R.24 Oct 186815 Mar 1928St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Jincyowner R.M. Anderson21 Aug 18211 Oct 1890St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, John A.17 Jun 1937Edgar Springs Cemetery
Anderson, Lark Bowmanowner John C. Reisaus5 Mar 188810 Dec 1970St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Lark Reissausowner John C. Reisaus17 Jan 191622 Aug 1934St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, LaVerta(NSP) Jerome, MO89 yrs4 Sep 1998Unknown
Anderson, Lavonia Naomi30 Apr 186611 May 1910St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Lee Nelsh/o Ruth F.12/14/19169/6/1987Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Leonard M.(NSP) h/o Lois Jean73 yrs16 Jun 2005National Cemetery, Biloxi, MS
Anderson, Lewisno dates (NSP-date-soldier)29 Apr 1897St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Lilburn Basden7 Jan 186413 Oct 1918St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Lillian Urie(NSP) d/o Kenneth & Margaret (Mackelprang) Urie28 Jun 19095 May 1999Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Lois B.nee Chambers, w/o Teba25 Sep 19133 Aug 1995Smith
Anderson, Loris B.d/o Emory A. & Maggie Chambers25 Sep 19133 Aug 1995Smith
Anderson, Louisad/o James & Artha12 Apr 18552 Dec 1859Coppedge
Anderson, Luella F.nee Havin1 Feb 191012 May 1957Edgar Springs Cem.
Anderson, Mary Barnitz29 May 1904Lake Spring Cemetery
Anderson, Mary McCraew/o H.G.S.,d. Port Lavaca,TX12/11/188810/18/1981Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Melissa C.w/o W.T.1 Apr 184027 Sep 1877Wishon Cemetery
Anderson, Merle B.w/o James E.19061987Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Mildredd/o A.L. & Myrtle Harden190612/1/1982Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Norma M.(NSP) d/o Alden & Lena (Peters) Schofield9 Dec 19353 Apr 2006Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Pearly A.d/o B.M. & L.G. (Rane) 1 Feb 189023 Aug 1890Rhea Cemetery
Anderson, Richard Alan(NSP) s/o Einar & Hulda 9 Aug 193030 Apr 2005Grand Rapids, IA
Anderson, Ruby Mayw/o William Earl Sr.7/13/1919Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Ruth F.w/o Lee Nels7/13/1919Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Senora C.K.12 Jan 188715 Feb 1963St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Susan30 May 183027 Mar 1897Lake Spring Cemetery
Anderson, Tebah/o Louella7 Nov 190831 Oct 1976Edgar Springs Cem.
Anderson, Virginia G.d/o James & Artha11 Aug 186027 Mar 1860Coppedge
Anderson, William B.s/o James & Artha16 Oct 185317 Jan 1875Coppedge
Anderson, William Earl Sr.h/o Ruby May10/2/1916Rolla Cemetery
Andoe Billy Bernard(NSP) St. James, MO77 yrs23 May 1999Unknown
Andreassen, Dimil F. (Dr.)(NSP) d. in Anchorage, AlaskaMay 2000Unknown
Andreassen, Edna Laura(NSP) of Arlington, TX formerly of Rolla21 Apr 2003Unknown
Andres, Etlie 0.Mother18751968Edgar Springs Cem.
Andres, Perry W.Father18641956Edgar Springs Cem.
Andrews, Erbie H.(NSP) St. James, MO81 yrs24 Mar 2005Unknown
Andrews, Janew/o Wm. L.71 yrs18 Apr 1876Grubb2
Andrews, Lela B. (NSP)w/o Erbie64 yrs12 Aug 1988St. James/Old Masonic
Andrews, Margaret K.w/o Walter L.9/14/1910Rolla Cemetery
Andrews, Walter L.h/o Margaret K.4/19/19058/23/1983Rolla Cemetery
Andrews, William F., 66;66 yrs10/13/1978Ozark Memorial Gardens
Angel, Charley18781933Davis2
Angel, Donald R.12 Dec 193530 Oct 1974Beulah
Angel, Pauline19191922Davis2
Angel, Robert19061971Beulah
Angel, Sarah A.18801957Beulah
Angel, T.E./J.E.?4 Aug 1910Davis2
Angel, William T.18801920Davis2
Angell, Jesse C.owner Clarence F. Angell18801959St. James/Old Masonic
Angell, Lee Roy18801959St. James/Old Masonic
Angus, Ethyle F.(NSP) d/o Joel & Susan Alice (Nunneley) Parker22 Jul 190415 Jan 1998Troy, MO
Animalburial recordAug 1984Rolla Cemetery
Annin, Elizabeth D.w/o John A.7/7/18209/30/1909Rolla Cemetery
Annin, John A.Rev., h/o Elizabeth D.9/29/18246/4/1903Rolla Cemetery
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