Phelps County Burials
Pankey, Dale ThomasRolla, MO56 yrs10 Sep 2002Unknown
Pankey, Douglas Matthew19 Mar 198322 Mar 1983St. James/Old Masonic
Pankey, Dusty R.28 Mar 196429 Mar 1964St. James/Old Masonic
Pankey, John Trevor(NSP) St James, MO13 yrs31 May 1999Unknown
Pankey, Joshua(NSP) St James, MO13 yrs3 Aug 1997Unknown
Pankey, Junior(NSP) St James, MO68 yrs14 Oct 1998Unknown
Pankey, Madeline Jane E.owner Geo Decker21 Jun 1981St. James/Old Masonic
Papesh, Taylor(NSP) s/o Bernard & Janice5 yrs8 Oct 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Papin, Lily A.(NSP) d/o Gerald B. & Ethel (Edgar) Allen21 Nov 190518 Oct 2001Unknown
Pappas, Anna M.(NSP) d/o John & Alma (Frey) Williams14 May 192623 Feb 2003St. James/Old Masonic Cemetery
Pappas, James B.h/o Anna67 yrs4/1/1991Rolla Cemetery
Parcell, Maryw/o William Beddoe3/15/18273/14/1897Rolla Cemetery
Pardee, John Stepheninfant7/14/1948Rolla Cemetery
Park, Alice70 yrsbu 8/26/1956Ozark Memorial Gardens
Park, George(Parks)no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Park, James M.Co I 26 MO Inf, owner W.F. Park no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Parkas, Walter M.St. James, MO90 yrs24 Sep 2002Unknown
Parker Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
Parker, (FHR)d/o D.T. ParkerStillborn11/16/1905Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Adele L.burial record5/2/1963Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Agnes M.w/o Oswald C.1899St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Bowe Alberts/o L.F. & S.B.2m 9d8/19/1882Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Charlesh/o Martha2/7/18773/30/1960Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Craig Alan(NSP)s/o Richard & Edna (Wilson)6 Mar 195322 Sep 2002Unknown
Parker, David Lee(NSP) Salem, MO41 yrs28 May 2002Unknown
Parker, Donald Lee7 Nov 193812 Jan 1939Rhea Cemetery
Parker, Dugal G.Co B 16th Mo Cav4 Aug 1913Missouri Veterans Cem.
Parker, Elizabeth Deanw/B. Dean, nee Whitaker10/8/18393/24/1872Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Erma Leone(NSP) d/o Archie L. & Carrie Parkinson12 Jun 19184 Apr 2000Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Eugene P.h/o Margaret L.8/13/19115/14/1967Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Floyd Edwardh/o Mildred H., s/o Charles & Martha (Roberson)7 Apr 19098 Aug 1996Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Frank7/9/19063/30/1947Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Fred R.burial record4/10/1943Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Harry L.ord. Mrs. H. L. Parker76 yrsbu 7/28/1974Ozark Memorial Gardens
Parker, J.F. "Fritz"w/Schremp9/18/19018/30/1960Rolla Cemetery
Parker, James Lloydburial record2/28/1948Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Jasper Earlh/o Sabra E.3/6/18912/17/1983Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Jesse (col)(FHM)18891952Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Joel A.18611940Rolla Cemetery
Parker, John Henry (FHR)Charged to Frank Parker59y 5m 22d5/l4/1905Rolla Cemetery
Parker, John W.3/10/18734/9/1949Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Luman F.h/o Sarah B.9/26/184712/16/1907Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Margaret L.w/o Eugene P., d/o Charles & Annie (Diesel) Gelven5/17/191529 Nov 1995Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Marthaowner T.M. Parker2 Sep 18466 Mar 1927St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Marthaw/o Charles12/5/187811/5/1973Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Mary Eno dates.St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Mary E.d/o R.T. & E.V.14 Jul 188328 Sep 1890St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Mary Etta (col)Charged to Fred Parker31y 7m 24d3/31/1913Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Mary Opalb. Jasper Co., MO, w/o Joel1/19/19058/3/1993Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Mildred H.w/o Floyd E.6/21/191410/30/1986Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Mildred Lucilled/o George Henry & Ica Lennis (Harris) Moore5 Nov 191816 May 2004New Madrid, MO
Parker, Orvil Edward "Sarge"(NSP) s/o David & Eva (Armstrong)20 Jan 193018 Jun 2000Ozark Memorial Gardens
Parker, Oswald C.owner Agnes Parker18951963St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Ray M.(NSP) s/o John F. & Edna C. Miller11 Oct 191324 Jan 2003Kenner Cem., Dixon, MO
Parker, Rex Williams/o L.F. & S.B.4y 2m 25d8/24/1880Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Richard E.s/o Joel F. & Mary O.(Randall)23 May 192514 Jul 2005Unknown
Parker, Robert Thomas, Esqb. Limeric6 Apr 18221 Oct 1916St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Roy Wm.owner T.M. Parker29 Feb 189617 May 1954St. James/Old Masonic
Parker, Sabra E.w/o Jasper E.1/17/189710/20/1976Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Sarah (Mrs)burial record7/11/1951Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Sarah B.w/o Luman F., nee Maupin3/1/185210/28/1897Rolla Cemetery
Parker, Sarah E.(NSP) d/o Charles & Manuleta (Kirkpatrick) Frantz17 Jun 192322 Apr 2006Unknown
Parker, Susan Alice18661947Rolla Cemetery
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