Phelps County Burials
Reitz, Marieyoungest of triplets of VW&M3 Apr 190221 Apr 1903St. James Catholic Cem.
Reitz, Victor Wm., Jr.18821905St. James/Old Masonic
Reitz,George WilliamMathias no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Remer, LaRoy(NSP) s/o Roy & Adeline (Jensen)1 Feb 194218 Dec 1998Rolla Cemetery
Remington, Charles R. Sr.11/15/18957/30/1960Rolla Cemetery
Remington, Glenn Brian(NSP) s/o C.R.11 Oct 19419 Sep 1995Rolla Cemetery
Remm, Bertha Matildaw/o William80 yrs5 Nov 1978Missouri Veterans Cem.
Remmer Darlene Sue, 10 hrs.(premature);b RollaMO,John Rees 8/8/1962bu 8/8/1962Ozark Memorial Gardens
Remmers, Miriam(NSP)d/o Nelson & Josephine (Rounsevel) Coffin, w/o Walter 27 Feb 190931 Jan 2006Body donated to Science
Remmers, Walter Edward(NSP)s/o Edward Grant & Gertrude Johanna (Telle) 13 May 190316 Mar 1996Unknown
Remmert, Sophie Meskod. St. Louis89 yrs4/16/1995Rolla Cemetery
Remy, Lydia M.184426 Mar 1913Missouri Veterans Cem.
Renaud, Adolphineb. Switzerland23 Oct 180913 Jan 1875Renaud
Renaud, Fannyd/o Louis & Adolphine25 Feb 18431 Jul 1864Renaud
Renaud, Henry W.s/o Louis & Adolphine2 Feb 184528 Apr 1864Renaud
Renaud, John L.s/o Louis & Adolphine19 Mar 183912 Oct 1863Renaud
Renaud, Louish/o Adolphine11 Feb 181213 Dec 1885Renaud
Renaud, Lucy R.d/o Louis & Adolphine1 Mar 184112 May 1861Renaud
Renaud, Maried/o Louis & Adolphine30 Apr 183724 Sep 1878Renaud
Rench, Larry dateMar 3, 1942Rolla Cemetery
Renick, C. Earls/o George & Hester18911964Newburg Cemetery
Renick, Elsienee Burns, w/o James Dunn18871917Newburg Cemetery
Renick, Georgelot owner Sec 4-9, 22 Jan 1894Newburg Cemetery
Renick, George W.h/o Hester J., b. IN184021 Jan 1894Newburg Cemetery
Renick, Hester Janew/o George W., nee Todd18481936Newburg Cemetery
Renick, James Dunns/o George & Hester18771917Newburg Cemetery
Renick, Murry, 66;66 yrsbu 11/26/1980Ozark Memorial Gardens
Renick, Virginia L.(NSP) d/o Frank H. & Gussie (Bryant) Blue16 Mar 191620 Nov 2005Ozark Memorial Gardens
Renner, Herbert M.Pvt Ind USA7 Jul l8789 Sep 1961Missouri Veterans Cem.
Rennick, males/o P., owner W.B. Rennickno datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Rennick, dates, owner W.B. RennickSt. James/Old Masonic
Renshaw, Nellie21 Jan 189025 Oct 1898Morrison-Lower
Reno, Genevieve R.(NSP) adopted by Joel & Mary Davis9 Jan 193012 Sep 1999Rolla Cemetery
Reno, Stanley D.(NSP) s/o Roy & Lucille (Williams)26 Oct 193414 Apr 2004Alton, IL
Repert, Leona J.w/o Phillip10 Dec 1907St. James/Old Masonic
Repert, Philip2 Dec 190517 Apr 1986St. James/Old Masonic
Reppond, Everett, 50;50 yrsbu 7/30/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Reuter, Helen E.(NSP) d/o Ruth Eicher62 yrs7 Jul 1999Springfield, MO
Revis, Florence M.92 yrs3/16/1993Rolla Cemetery
Reynolds, Bertha (FHR)Charged to G.H. Reynolds4/11/18701/3/1913Rolla Cemetery
Reynolds, Burton, 61;b Toledo, OH,11/22/1898bu 2/11/1960Ozark Memorial Gardens
Reynolds, G. Frankw/Cansler9/3/189512/15/1954Rolla Cemetery
Reynolds, Harvey,h/o Minnie (NSP) 83 yrs1 May 1993Ozark Memorial Gardens
Reynolds, Ida Jane9 Jun 18709 Jun 1953Missouri Veterans Cem.
Reynolds, Isaac Alh/o Lillie Mae7/31/19043/15/1975Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Reynolds, James18811956Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Reynolds, Janew/o Wm. J., nee Ballance59 yrs29 Mar 1912Balance
Reynolds, Josie A.w/o S.W. Samuel18801954Macedonia Cemetery
Reynolds, Laurence E.h/o Reba5/5/19037/31/1979Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Reynolds, Lillie Maew/o Isaac Al 2/5/19082/15/1985Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Reynolds, Mabel M.3 Mar 190010 Oct 1954Missouri Veterans Cem.
Reynolds, Margaret E.w/o Robert H.8/28/18806/27/1966Rolla Cemetery
Reynolds, Marvin R.MO DM3 US Navy Korea2/8/19322/9/1973Rolla Cemetery
Reynolds, Mercedesw/o Oscar S.19001960Macedonia Cemetery
Reynolds, Minnie F.,nee Wiese, w/o Harvey (NSP)84 yrs2 Oct 1993Ozark Memorial Gardens
Reynolds, Nora Isabelle11/8/190110/23/1958Macedonia Cemetery
Reynolds, Oscar Samuelh/o Mercedes, s/o W.S.&Josie18991958Macedonia Cemetery
Reynolds, Ray Wm. Jr.Sgt. US Army-Vietnam1/16/19488/13/1983Asher
Reynolds, Rekaw/o Robert1/24/19087 Jan 2004Unknown
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