Phelps County Burials
Flora, Samuels/o John & Amanda (Hyer)18 Sep 186710 Feb 1939Lake Spring Cemetery
Flora, Willies/o J.R. & A.E.4 Aug 18634 Aug 1863Lake Spring Cemetery
Flowers, Mary L.(NSP) d/o Robert & Susie (Maxey) Houston12 Feb 191212 Jun 2003Ozark Memorial Gardens
Flowers, Ted F.69 yrsbu 8/31/1988Ozark Memorial Gardens
Floyd, Charles Lees/o Darrell & Alice L. (Jones) (NSP)10 Sep 194413 Jul 2000Rolla Cemetery
Floyd, Darrellh/o Alice (Jones) (NSP)16 Oct 19145 Nov 2005Rolla Cemetery
Floyd, James ArthurPopular Bluff, MO (NSP)79 yrs21 Aug 2005Unknown
Fluent, Floyd E.s/o George & Mary (Cook) (NSP)24 Mar 190631 Dec 1999Maskell, Neb.
Fluent, Norma Jeand/o Arvy (Sewell) Scheel & Mont Williams (NSP)15 Oct 19233 Dec 2003Red Bird, MO
Flynn, Ernest J.s/o M & S.A.8/3/188511/29/1902Brown
Flynn, GeraldineC/to Fred Grant9/23/192412/18/1938Rolla Cemetery
Flynn, Harvey F.(NSP) h/o Helen81 yrs7 Feb 2006Hannibal, MO
Flynn, James J.h/o Gertrude8/19/18901/22/1926Rolla Cemetery
Flynn, John B.s/o James & Annie1/11/18818/1/1930Rolla Cemetery
Flynn, Peteburial record4/17/1943Rolla Cemetery
Flynn, Sarah A.8/24/18484/30/1917Brown
Flynn, WilliamCo E 83rd Ill Inf9 Jan 1925Missouri Veterans Cem.
Flynt, Frank Leroyh/o Julia Elizabeth18851947Rolla Cemetery
Flynt, Julia Elizabethw/o Frank Leroy18811951Rolla Cemetery
Foard, Mary Casander w/o Wilson, (WATTS)24 Dec 186328 Dec 1881Upper Mill Creek
Fobes, Margarette Huffmanone date10/17/1941Rolla Cemetery
Fogelman, Stephen Edward(NSP) s/o Dennis & Theresa (Fitzgerald)18 Feb 199718 Jun 1999Bellevue, MO
Fogg, Madeline W.(NSP) w/o Marvin25 Oct 1997Unknown
Foley, Andrewbrother of Julia Kingno dates(5/4/1898)Rolla Cemetery
Foley, Auntiesis/o Julia Kingno datesRolla Cemetery
Foley, Maryw/o William6/29/18903/27/1973Rolla Cemetery
Foley, W.Co L 7th Iowa Cav30 Mar 1910Missouri Veterans Cem.
Foley, WilliamWW I PFC 334 Inf. Indiana11/15/18886/1/1960Rolla Cemetery
Followell, Jane (NSP)w/o Robert, d/o Wm. Wynn@35yrs18 Mar 1897Wynn-R
Followill, Carolyn Sueinfant d/o R.J. & Maurine12/16/194412/26/1944Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Dexter Bemess/o Riley & Rosa18821944Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Huber Iras/o Riley & Rosa18861943Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Ida M.#1 w/o R.M.12 Apr 18608 May 1893Dyer/Carney Cemetery
Followill, Katherine Smithw/o Dexter Bemes18846/2/1973Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Mary Janew/o R.M., nee Wynn1/31/18623/16/1897Mt. Olive
Followill, Mrs. Bruce Ellisw/o Robert4/15/18771/17/1941Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Nira Ellisw/Rosa E. & T. Riley19001940Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Robert M.h/o Mollie Ellis1/13/185811/5/1905Rolla Cemetery
Followill, Rosa Ellenw/o T. Riley18631946Rolla Cemetery
Followill, T. Rileys/o Milton & Cynthia18601920Rolla Cemetery
Folsom, BabyFHM at foot of Clarence Mooreno datesWishon Cemetery
Foltyn, Elizabeth M.(NSP) w/o Steve, d/o Margaret Miller11 Nov 195423 Nov 2004Unknown
Fone, Clarence C.owner Lois & Michael Fone15 Jun 19144 Jan 1968St. James/Old Masonic
Fone, Lois R.w/o Clarence C.25 Nov 1914St. James/Old Masonic
Fontaine, JamesSgt. Co K 6th Mo Cav16 May 1923Missouri Veterans Cem.
Fontaine, Mariah J.14 Mar 1923Missouri Veterans Cem.
Foote, Charles S.s/o Alfred, b. KY18601923Wishon Cemetery
Foote, James Alva(NSP)St. James, MO83 yr 4m 23ds13 Apr 2002Adams
Foote, Rose Ellen(NSP)d/o Thomas Henry & Laura (Eickhorst) Ray21 May 191814 Jul 2001Adams
Foraker, Edith(NSP) d/o Frank & Harriet (Swalley) Reeves23 Apr 191016 Oct 1997Springfield, Ill.
Foraker, Larue T.(NSP) s/o Wm. Thomas & Edythe (Sommers)6 Oct 19099 May 1998Springfield, Ill.
Forbes, Ancel R.9/27/19059/8/1959Rolla Cemetery
Forbes, Edward C.s/o Geo. & Minnie19111926St. James/Old Masonic
Forbes, Eliza Ellaw/o F.M.16 Jun 185821 Jan 1930St. James/Old Masonic
Forbes, Francis Marion1st TN L.A., h/o Eliza E.10 Jun 184928 Feb 1929St. James/Old Masonic
Forbes, George F.h/o Minnie W.18751943St. James/Old Masonic
Forbes, Harriet Coleman11/18/18707/13/1953Rolla Cemetery
Forbes, Minnie W.w/o George F.18771944St. James/Old Masonic
Forbes, Opal Joyd/o Ella & Wm. Knight9/5/19063/18/1995Rolla Cemetery
Ford, Christopher Wilson(NSP) s/o Farris & Winnie (Hodak)5 Feb 191720 Dec 1996Alton, MO
Ford, Clyde D.(NSP) St. James, MO67 yrs25 May 2002Unknown
Ford, Cora M.w/Maxine Hawthorne6/20/19457/19/1981Rolla Cemetery
Ford, Cora M.(NSP)d. Syracuse, NY, auto Acc.36 yrs7/19/1981Rolla Cemetery
Ford, Diana Mae30 Jul 196624 Dec 1978Newburg Cemetery
Ford, Eliza C.d/o Rufus & Sophie Hood9 May 184721 Nov 1910Ford
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