Phelps County Burials
Will, Jackson h/o Elizabeth 186119__Upper Morrison Cem.
Will, Maryw/o Robert8 Apr 184027 Mar 1919Pine Hill
Will, Robertm. 3 Dec 1865, Phelps Co.5 May 184526 Jul 1915Pine Hill
Willard, Darlene (Fierce)(NSP) formerly of St. James, MO51 yrs23 Aug 1996Unknown
Willard, Eva AmberMO Army Nurse Corps WW I1/19/18861/15/1950Rolla Cemetery
Willard, Henry W.Cpl. US Army, h/o Eva Amber5/10/18931/26/1960Rolla Cemetery
Willard, John Davidw/Eva & Henry6/6/19288/31/1974Rolla Cemetery
Willbanks, Henry T.12 Feb 189825 Sep 1972Beulah
Willbanks, Katherined/o Jerry & Audry25 May 196529 May 1965Beulah
Willeford, James M.s/o W.L. & A.J.9 Aug 186618 Jan 1894Adams
Willeford, John W.s/o W.L. & A.J.28 Jul 186418 Aug 1865Meramec Springs Cem.
Willet, Collia A.;bu 5/9/1958Ozark Memorial Gardens
Willett, Audrey Nicholed/o Robert & Teresa Willet6 days18 Jun 2002Ark.
Willia, James L.s/o Wm. & Easter(Thompson)15 Aug 19344 Sep 2002Corinth Cemetery
Willhite, Pearl(NSP) d/o Robert Lee & Jennie Stitezs16 Dec 191219 Oct 1999Fredericktown, MO
Williamscannot readWishon Cemetery
Williams Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
Williams LotPartial stone says2yr 1m 14dRolla Cemetery
Williams,Missouri Veterans Cem.
Williams,2 adult f.s. + 1 baby f.s. (Mann)Rhea Cemetery
Williams,lot owner Sec 6-12Newburg Cemetery
Williams, AbnerCo F 45th Mo Inf1 Feb 1916Missouri Veterans Cem.
Williams, Absolm P.same monument as Maria1 Apr 186727 Aug 1872Wishon Cemetery
Williams, Ada3 Sep 189923 Dec 1957Oak Grove
Williams, Albert 3 Oct 190013 May 1954Newburg Cemetery
Williams, Albertlot owner Sec 5-23Newburg Cemetery
Williams, Albert S.2 stones, w/King6/16/18896/27/1951Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Albert S.h/o Charlotte Wagenseller5 Oct 184126 Dec 1896Wishon Cemetery
Williams, Alfred E.Lake Spring Cemetery
Williams, Alfred Earl(NSP) St. James, MO28 Mar 190416 Jan 1999St. James/Old Masonic
Williams, Allen Lewis(NSP) Salem, MO39 yrs2 Dec 1999Unknown
Williams, Alpha M.w/o Guy, nee Hance3/6/19086/23/1968Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Althea L.w/o Elbert D., Tomb12/3/18872/19/1954Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Andrewh/o Sarah J.15 Apr 183329 Jun 1913Watts
Williams, Andrew Jacksons/o Albert h/o Lillie M.11/3/18847/4/1924Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Williams, Archie E.h/o Millie A.3/6/19102/4/1983Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Arthurburial record2/4/1954Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Arthurburial record8/10/1951Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Arthur Thomas20 Apr 19129 Jan 1987Smith
Williams, Avey C.w/o James C.29 Oct 185313 Nov 1933Rhea Cemetery
Williams, Avey C.,w/o J.C.,29 Oct 18583 Nov 1938Willia
Williams, B. Alieneowner George Williams25 Jun 1919St. James/Old Masonic
Williams, Barbara Annd/o R. & M.17 Jan 1953Rhea Cemetery
Williams, Barbara Janew/o W.R., d/o Jos.G. Riley24 Oct 1846 9 Jan 1906Rhea Cemetery
Williams, Bellnee Deskin, w/o James David(1861)27 Jun 1897Rhea Cemetery
Williams, Bertgr. grandson of John R. Troutno datesTrout
Williams, Bertha Mayd/o Hugh19151943Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Williams, Beulahb Pulaski Co.,MO, Lester Williams11/7/1908bu 3/30/1973Ozark Memorial Gardens
Williams, Biddie E.owner John A. Williams7 Oct 188617 Aug 1957St. James/Old Masonic
Williams, Billy Edward Sr.(NSP) s/o Erwin & Flossie73 yrs12 May 2000Unknown
Williams, Birdiew/o Hugh, nee Prewett 3/13/1896Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Williams, Blanche (Sherfy)(NSP) Cuba/St. James, MO 88 yrs4 Oct 1997Unknown
Williams, Bryan M.(NSP)s/o Bryan & Willa (Gale)13 Aug 19249 Sep 2001Ozark Memorial Gardens
Williams, Carelinew/o Johnson18571930Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Charless/o John & Maggie1/26/19203/25/1938Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Williams, Charles E.h/o Florence H, m.Jun 18,19372/18/190612/14/1962Rolla Cemetery
Williams, Charles E.h/o Minnie1 Apr 186831 May 1924Lake Spring Cemetery
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