Phelps County Burials
Mathis, Maryannd/o E.S. & Charlotte11 Sep 186128 Oct 1877Smith
Mathis, Mary Elizabeth(NSP) d/o Robert & Martha (Pruett) Williams3 May 191430 Sep 1998Smith
Mathis, Maudie Reaganw/o Frederick David24 Jan 1904Smith
Mathis, Nancyw/o James J., nee Feltz, b.NC12 May 1830 8 Nov 1897Smith
Mathis, Nellie Orpha(NSP) d/o Frank & Pearl (Mobley) Walker14 Apr 19238 Apr 2002Smith
Mathis, Ralph C. Jr.(NSP) s/o Ralph C. & Madge (Jenkins)10 Sep 192830 Jan 2005Unknown
Mathis, Ray Leon(PH KIA)SFC 14th Inf, 25 Inf. Div, Korea30 Jan 192921 May 1952Smith
Mathis, Rosannad/o J.J & N. 5y 2m 11ds21 Jan 1871Smith
Mathis, Rosannahd/o Thos. & Annah Mathis70y 1m 17ds23 Sep 1900Smith
Mathis, Roseannad/o E.S. & Charlotte16 Feb 1872 9 Sep 1886Smith
Mathis, Rossilyn Nasya(NSP) Inf. d/o Kevin & Avery (Seltzer) Mathis20 Oct 200321 Oct 2003Cedar Hill
Mathis, Samuel F. 6 Nov 188315 Jan 1962Smith
Mathis, Samuel F. Jr. 3 Feb 191516 Feb 1974Smith
Mathis, SarahSmith
Mathis, Sarahw/o Gilbright30 Jul 1841Smith
Mathis, Scott12 Feb 19712 Jun 1992Smith
Mathis, Silvia Mayd. St. Louis, d/o E.S. & Maggie30 Jul 1903 8 Aug 1904Smith
Mathis, Thomas (Watts)s/o Alexander D. & Margaret20 Jan 1847 2 May 1895Smith
Mathis, Vanita T. 9 Jul 189030 May 1979Smith
Mathis, Virda Mayd/o F.D. & E.M.14 May 188317 Aug 1884Smith
Mathis, William R.h/o Mary Ella1/29/19007/29/1965Rolla Cemetery
Matlock, 4 rocksby Matlockno names/datesWash
Matlock, A. W.FootstoneSt. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Alvas/o C.D. & J.C.Matlock
Matlock, Amanda Janew/o Thos. B., nee Cain15 May 186314 Oct 1929Matlock
Matlock, Anna E.w/o Charles R.26 Oct 188118 Apr 1964Matlock
Matlock, Barbara(FHM), no datesWash
Matlock, Bessienee Laura Bell Dean16 Apr 188229 Jul 1929St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Bessie Mayw/o Ola M. nee Martin18921957Matlock
Matlock, Betty Ann(NSP) d/o George & Bernice (Planer) Young31 Mar 193914 Sep 2004St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Carolinew/o William18451933Oak Grove
Matlock, Charles D.h/o Josphine C.18811935Matlock
Matlock, Charles R.24 Jun 193517 May 1968Matlock
Matlock, Charles R.h/o Anna E.28 Mar 18714 Jan 1949Matlock
Matlock, Clarence1/6/18792/13/1911Rolla Cemetery
Matlock, Clara Louise(NSP) d/o Nealie & Elizabeth Anderson21 Aug 192310 Jun 2005Rolla Cemetery
Matlock, Clarence Lorenzo(col)charge to Julia Hancock1/6/18792/19/1911Rolla Cemetery
Matlock, Clyde19101922Matlock
Matlock, Dee EdwardMo ME3 US Navy Korea7/19/19294/3/1956Rolla Cemetery
Matlock, E.M.same stone as Susan18631937Oak Grove
Matlock, Edward Monroe30 Apr 1947 8 May 1947Rhea Cemetery
Matlock, EllenMatlock
Matlock, EllisMatlock
Matlock, Emmaw/o John B.18801949Matlock
Matlock, Etta J.nee Hughes, w/o Geo. W.18611942St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Everett E.h/o Nellie D.16 Sep 18832 Mar 1953Matlock
Matlock, F.18931910Matlock
Matlock, GeorgeMatlock
Matlock, George W.owner Le Ora Wright18531936St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Gratie M.owner R.Z. Matlock13 Jan 188220 Dec 1977St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Guy Rosierh/o Bessie23 Aug 188216 Nov 1950St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Hannah(FHR)30 Apr 191022 Mar 1912Oak Grove
Matlock, Hannahowner R.Z. Matlock20 Mar 185813 Sep 1938St. James/Old Masonic
Matlock, Henry B.s/o H.B. & L.8y 4ms 3ds28 Sep 1876Matlock/Morris Cemetery
Matlock, Henry C.18591927Matlock
Matlock, Hiramh/o Bettie18681918Oak Grove
Matlock, Infchild of J.R. & H.2 Apr 1889Oak Grove
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