Phelps County Burials
Sturgeon, Margaret Ann29 Aug 187022 Jul 1941Beulah
Sturgeon, Mary C.23 ?? 184910 Jul 1924Beulah
Sturgeon, Mary J.w/o James E.25 Jul 188818 Nov 1976Beulah
Sturgeon, Mary L.18651889Beulah
Sturgeon, Milborn C.16 Jul 188318 May 1888Beulah
Sturgeon, Missouri A.27 Aug 18547 Dec 1880Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Mrs. E.H.26 Feb 1856Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Nancy J.6 Jan 18423 Sep 1924Beulah
Sturgeon, Robert (Mrs.)b Licking, MO; Robert A.Sturgeonbu 3/14/1967Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sturgeon, Robert A.;bu 4/24/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sturgeon, Robertaw/o Jack19 Jun 191130 Aug 1981Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, S.A.18551876Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Sarah A. (R.)w/o Elmer V.18861965Beulah
Sturgeon, Stephen Brown25 Aug 194025 Aug 1940Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Stephen D.19001938Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Stephen Decature5 Mar 18597 Sep 1876Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, Taylor L.;bu 1/19/1978Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sturgeon, Thomas G.18531929Beulah
Sturgeon, Ursley J.w/o John, nee Howard30 Apr 182913 Jan 1897Lake Spring Cemetery
Sturgeon, W.M.Z.married to Elmer Sturgeon Jr.12 Sep 18516 Mar 1919Beulah
Sturgeon, Wilford18871914Beulah
Sturgeon, William L.18881889Beulah
Sturm, David Johnowners John T. & Frances Sturm6 May 196226 Sep 1966St. James/Old Masonic
Stutt?, Luma?(FHM)can't read very well19181971Flag
Suarez, Doris C.47 yrsbu 6/28/1971Ozark Memorial Gardens
Suarez, Leander A. "Lee"(NSP) h/o Doris "Dot"14 Sep 192019 Oct 2000Ozark Memorial Gardens
Such, Nellieinf d/o James A. & Damris1y 6m 17ds7/1/1874Rolla Cemetery
Sucic, Nicholas63 yrsbu 3/28/1976Ozark Memorial Gardens
Suda, Delphia Irene25 Dec 191124 Feb 1963Harrison
Sudheimer, Elmer O.(NSP) Rolla/Dixon, MO87 yrs5 Jan 2003Unknown
Suender, JacobCo E 15th Mo Inf17 Jun 1910Missouri Veterans Cem.
Suess, Addie B.24 Sep 185510 Aug 1934Missouri Veterans Cem.
Suetterlin, Lulah Mae(NSP) St. James, MO80 yrs10 Jan 2004Unknown
Suhre, Claudiebu 5/30/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
Suhre, Effie (Mrs)burial record5/31/1957Rolla Cemetery
Suhre, Maurice19041972Rolla Cemetery
Sulivan, stone with no writingRolla Cemetery
Sulivan, Agnesd/o J. & A.11y 21ds1/1/1883Rolla Cemetery
Sulivan, James66 yrs7/21/1882Rolla Cemetery
Sullins, James7/7/19366/8/1981Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, Amanda (Mrs)(FHR) Charged to Louis Bradford8/28/1907Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, ArthurCounty Record30 days9/28/1885Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, Ella (Watts)d/o James W. & Susan E.22 Apr 188722 Apr 1887Smith
Sullivan, EmelineRolla Cemetery
Sullivan, Floyd MO WW II 1308th,14 Apr 19021 Nov 1958Upper Morrison Cem.
Sullivan, GarfieldCounty Record19 days12/17/1885Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, HannahRolla Cemetery
Sullivan, Henry90 yrs21 Jan 1977Matlock
Sullivan, infantEdgar Springs Cem.
Sullivan, JamesRolla Cemetery
Sullivan, Jamesno dates, by Mother (NSP)(92 yrs)(1896)Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, James Carol(NSP)s/o Will & Carrie J.(Williams)22 Dec 191410 Oct 2002Eminence Cemetery
Sullivan, James T.3/15/18571/25/1906Rolla Cemetery
Sullivan, James Thomas(FHR)Charged to Mrs. M. Sullivan49y 10m 111/25/1906Rolla Cemetery
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