Phelps County Burials
Pavese, VincentLake Spring Cemetery
Pax, Babyno markerTrout
Pax, Dick4 May 18603 Feb 1939Trout
Paxston, Larry K.(NSP) s/o Kenneth & Donna (Miller) 7 Mar 193810 Jul 1999Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Payne,w/o Rev Payneno markerTrout
Payne, Albertno dataUpper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Baby;ord. Mr. & Mrs. Paynebu 1/13/1975Ozark Memorial Gardens
Payne, Bertha A. sister of Geraldine 2 Aug 191427 Dec 1984Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Celoew/o Cornelius6 Oct 182729 Mar 1889Coppedge
Payne, Charles E.5/20/188310/29/1900Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Claude A.body from US Hosp. China10/1921Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Claude A.w/Ruth E. & Joseph B.4/27/18947/29/1919Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Cornelius W.27 Sep 182711 Jul 1914Coppedge
Payne, Eva K.16 Sep 188816 May 1925Trout
Payne, Geraldine B. sister of Bertha A. 3 Aug 192921 Jun 1930Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Hallie19281948Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Hermanburial record1/29/1941Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Joseph B.h/o Ruth E.9/17/18614/16/1947Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Leonard h/o Pearl 25 Apr 189415 Jun 1978Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Oren BenjaminMo Sgt 21 Marines 3 Div WW II11/29/19217/26/1944Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Pearl w/o Leonard b. 4 Dec 1912Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Robert L. h/o Sarah E. 27 Mar 18667 Dec 1938Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, Ruth E.nee Cox, w/o Joseph B.6/11/18594/3/1915Rolla Cemetery
Payne, Sarah E. nee Casebolt, w/o Robert L. 12 May 18716 Feb 1957Upper Morrison Cem.
Payne, William ArthurMo CP US Navy2/25/18858/20/1966Rolla Cemetery
Pearce,s/o James, no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Pearce, Jerry C.(NSP) St. James formerly Ozark, MO65 yrs11 Nov 2003Unknown
Pearce, Joseph Edward (Dr.)(NSP) s/o Edward & Ella (Arends)10 Nov 19203 Mar 2006Missouri Veterans Home Cem.
Pearsall, Harold E.4/10/18991/1/1958Rolla Cemetery
Pearsall, Hazel Viaw/o Harold & Wilford Via1/20/18958/9/1989Rolla Cemetery
Pearson, Roy D. (NSP)h/o Vera86 yrs6 Nov 1990Jackson
Peavy, Maudenee Peck16 Dec 19024 Jun 1920Peck
Peck, Anniew/o John S.18501927Peck
Peck, Austin Leroy (Roy)s/o Ezra & Elsie24 Mar 19104 Aug 2000Rolla Cemetery
Peck, Carl E.h/o Virginia, s/o Ezra19131942Rolla Cemetery
Peck, Carrie E.nee Edgar2 May 189316 Apr 1933Roseberry
Peck, Della Ione(NSP) d/o Thomas & Della Mae (Plank) Peck9 Sep 19288 Mar 2005rural Salem, MO
Peck, Elsanee Rook18911969Rolla Cemetery
Peck, Ezra Isaacb. Idaho, h/o Elsa18911964Rolla Cemetery
Peck, George C.b. KY27 Aug 18716 Feb1949Peck
Peck, George T.29 Nov 190021 Jan 1933Peck
Peck, John J. 6/5/19186/5/1918Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Peck, John S.h/o Annie18451931Peck
Peck, Mandia S.d/o G.C. & E.(Morris) Peck16 Nov 19024 Jun 1920Peck
Peck, Mark K.19 Aug 188531 Dec 1957Peck
Peddicord, Alfred69 yrsbu 9/6/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Pederson, Constance(NSP) St. James, MO11 Feb 1999Unknown
Pederson, Marvin1 Oct 190912 Jul 1973Beaver
Peebels, A.J.h/o S., (Mann) + 6 f.s.46y 8ms l8d4 Dec 1869Rhea Cemetery
Peek, Pauline S.(NSP) nee Roseberry, w/o Glen W.4 Jul 192015 Jun 2003Cherryville, MO
Peeler, Allie2/5/1896bu 1/7/1976Ozark Memorial Gardens
Peeler, Herbert M.89 yrsbu 2/16/1988Ozark Memorial Gardens
Peerenboom, Charlotte A.(NSP) Mother of Sue Dearth of Rolla1 Aug 19169 Jan 2005Unknown
Peerenboom, Donald(NSP) bro/o Susan (David) Dearth55 yrs17 Apr 2006Unknown
Peety,(FHR)7 yrs1/?/1905Rolla Cemetery
Peffer, Mariew/Adolph Funke2y 3m 6d1/26/1905Rolla Cemetery
Peiler, Augustaw/o Emil18521939St. James/Old Masonic
Peiler, Emilh/o Augusta18581932St. James/Old Masonic
Peitzsch Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
Peldzus, George W.owner Mrs. Chas. Schmidt1 Jun 190914 Nov 1963St. James/Old Masonic
Pelfrey, Fannie Marie(NSP) d/o Caldwell & Mary Sue (Andrews) McClure22 Feb 195816 Jul 2000Unknown
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