Phelps County Burials
Ryno, Josephine, 66;66 yrsbu 4/6/1953Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ryno, SamuelPvt 10 Fld Arty., 3 Div27 Feb 18919 Oct 1938Watts
Ryno, Wendell Lees/o W. and K.l Aug 19633 Aug 1963Watts
Ryno, William ClaudeMO PFC US Army WW I25 Feb 189430 Oct 1973Watts
Ryther, Emma L.(NSP) d/o Fred & Elbie (Haas) Kamp7 Jul 191518 Jul 2003Dixon, MO
Ryther, Marlene B. Wall(NSP) d/o Ronald & Emma Ryther, w/o Jim Wall30 Jun 1936Nov 1996near Carbon, MO
Ryther, Ronald E.(NSP) h/o Emma91 yrs7 Mar 1998Dixon, MO
S, T.M.(Mann)1877Wishon Cemetery
Sabet, Infants/o Murray, pottersfield4/25/19414/25/1941Rolla Cemetery
Sacco, Colleen E.6 Oct 1921Beaver
Sacco, Frank A.20 Jan 19116 Sep 1982Beaver
Sachs, Edwinh/o Irma28 Feb 192027 Feb 1986Peace Lutheran Cem.
Sachs, Eugene William(NSP) s/o Frederick William & Helen Marie (Haas)17 Jun 192530 May 2000Rolla Cemetery
Sachs, Fred W.h/o Helen M.11 Jan 189211 Apr 1966Peace Lutheran Cem.
Sachs, Helen M.w/o Fred W.2 Mar 189523 Dec 1968Peace Lutheran Cem.
Sadler, Isaac(FHM)19051972Beaver
Sadler, Lee Roy(NSP) s/o Arthur B. & Bessie (Parker)15 Jun 192724 Oct 1996Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sadler, Mabel E.73 yrs21 Aug 1979Beaver
Sagehorn, Adah Jane (Andy) Andrews(NSP) d/o Walter & Margaret Andrews13 Oct 193011 Jun 1999Unknown
Saladin, Archie Clyde(NSP) s/o Doesey Monroe & Carrie (Copeland)8 Jun 192616 Oct 1996Miles
Saladin, Carrie E.w/o Dorsey M.29 Jun 1903Miles
Saladin, Charles L.h/o Nancy C.18651930Miles
Saladin, Charles M.11 Apr 191411 Nov 1981Miles
Saladin, Dorsey M.h/o Carrie E.23 Apr 189417 Nov 1968Miles
Saladin, Doss LeeMO PFC 7 Inf 3 Div Korea8 Dec 19293 Oct 1951Miles
Saladin, Florence Artie(NSP)St. James, MO90 yrs16 Oct 2002Unknown
Saladin, HazelMiles
Saladin, Nancy C.18671957Miles
Saladin, Virginia M.(NSP) d/o Henry & Elizabeth (Headrick) Schmedeke16 Aug 19244 May 2001Anutt Cemetery
Salley, Carl Levibu 4/19/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Salley, Carl W.(NSP) s/o Carl & Helen10 Jan 193619 Dec 2005Ozark Memorial Gardens
Salley, Helen V.(NSP) w/o Carl28 Sep 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sally, Ally w/o George W. 1 Sep 17984 Oct 1855.Old Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Charles F.s/o John & Laura19081920Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Doc's parentsOld Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Doc'sgrand parentsOld Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, George W. (NSP) March 1888.Old Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, George W.lst/Sgt US Army WW II28 Apr 189429 Jul 1973Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Guy E.MO Pvt 34 SVC Co Sigc WW I2/22/188712/22/1971Rolla Cemetery
Sally, J.A.h/o Margaret F7/14/183310/17/1895Rolla Cemetery
Sally, James B.s/o John A. & Margaret5/27/18574/14/1930Rolla Cemetery
Sally, James BuchananPFC US Army WW II18985/22/1982Rolla Cemetery
Sally, John A(Judge),about 62 years.16 Oct 1895Old Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, John A.h/o Laura B.18621947Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Laura B.w/o John A., nee Freeman18651927Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Margaret9/11/19016/19/1985Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Margaret F.w/o J.A., nee Coppedge 9/8/18335/12/1917Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Mary B.15 Aug 189117 Dec 1980Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Max C.7/14/18893/12/1969Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Mrs. John (FHR)Margaret, nee Coppedge widow May 1917Old Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Ruby wife of DocOld Edgar Springs Cem.
Sally, Ruby Lanningd/o Joseph Daniel & Dora (Green) Lanning, w/o William Dotts8 Feb 191224 Mar 1997Rolla Cemetery
Sally, Sarah Bowmanw/o James B.12/7/186310/22/1957Rolla Cemetery
Sally, William Dottsh/o Ruby Lanning12/25/19004/28/1971Rolla Cemetery
Salmons, Mark(NSP) s/o Walter William Sr. & Leilani K. (Lewis) Sterling31 Mar 197924 May 2005Unknown
Salsman,(small stone J.H.S.)Renaud
Salsman, Albert Jacksonb Edgar Springs, MO,12/9/1882bu 9/22/1960Ozark Memorial Gardens
Salsman, John W.(FHR) (Father)8 Apr 185118 Sep 1934Renaud
Salsman, Marthanee Jackson(Mother)19 May 18516 May 1946Renaud
Salsman, Mildred90 yrsbu 2/12/1981Ozark Memorial Gardens
Salter, Charles L.(NSP) St. James, MO66 yrs1 Nov 2004Unknown
Salter, Lillie E.(NSP) St. James, MO88 yrs21 Apr 1997Unknown
Salts Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
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