Phelps County Burials
House, Stantonh/o Ellen18701944St. James/Old Masonic
House, Thirseyowner Menzo House4 Aug 184222 Jun 1908St. James/Old Masonic
House, Walter R.s/o Menzo & H.H.1yr 8ms 25d28 Aug 1875St. James/Old Masonic
House, Wilberta I.owner Stanton House19101967St. James/Old Masonic
House, William G.M.s/o E.M. & M.E.3 mo 17ds9 Apr 1900Oak Grove
Housewright, Benjamin& Henry (twins)Pinson
Housewright, Johnnie,8 yrs, 20 dsPinson
Housewright, Lucinda R.,23 Nov 188119 July 1898Pinson
Housewright, Tolbert,12 Nov 183721 Jan 1893Pinson
Houshmand, ChristopherWoods Lot1/23/19633/9/1963Rolla Cemetery
Houston, Elizabethwife of James D.,15 Oct 181828 June 1902Pinson
Houston, Emma T.d/o P.H. & M.O.25 Jan 186427 Jun 1871Brinker
Houston, Horace B.h/o Nancy L.10/16/180212/16/1870Rolla Cemetery
Houston, infantof I.R. & E.H.14 Sep 190920 Sep 1909Pinson
Houston, Irvin G.Dr.12 Apr 188111 Sep 1950St. James/Old Masonic
Houston, Maura,23 Oct 19081 July 1909Pinson
Houston, Nancy L.w/o H.B.6/20/18122/6/1898Rolla Cemetery
Houston, Romayne Swiftb. Monmouth, IL6/8/19047/10/1973Rolla Cemetery
Houston/Edgar MonumentRolla Cemetery
Houtman, Micheal W.(NSP) s/o Wayne W. & Janet D. (Moore)16 May 19823 Oct 2001St. James/Old Masonic Cemetery
Howard, ??Cemetery record, no stonesRolla Cemetery
Howard, A. L.b Worthington, OH, Anna Howard5/6/1888bu 5/26/1966Ozark Memorial Gardens
Howard, AbijahCo D 5th TN, MTD Inf.(Dec. 1883)Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Howard, Aliceburial record, w/o George L.5/31/1973Rolla Cemetery
Howard, and babyCemetery Record, no stonesRolla Cemetery
Howard, Anna83 yrsbu 9/5/1981Ozark Memorial Gardens
Howard, Aolia (Lucinda)wid/o Thomas, d/o Jesse Shaner6/4/185612/10/1941Rolla Cemetery
Howard, David18801963Smith
Howard, Edna Virginia(NSP) St. James, MO79 yrs28 Dec 2002Unknown
Howard, Ethel McClanahan18881951Matlock
Howard, Florinew/o Ralph (FHR)7/3/190512/8/1939Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Frank A.21 Feb 188811 Feb 1922Matlock
Howard, Freida Lorene(NSP) Newburg, MO73 yrs3 Jul 1999Unknown
Howard, George Clifford Jr.(NSP) St. James, MO5 Dec 1996Unknown
Howard, George L.(FHM), h/o Sarah18781960Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Gladys I.w/o Layman C., nee Keesling10 Sep 191715 Apr 1987Miles
Howard, Henry(FHM) no datesRolla Cemetery
Howard, James H. h/o Mary E.9 Oct 185616 Nov 1925Upper Morrison Cem.
Howard, James L., 67;67 yrsbu 10/22/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Howard, James P.h/o Margaret A.1/8/186011/26/1945Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Layman C.h/o Gladys I.15 Jan 1918Miles
Howard, Luciled/o Mildred HowardMar 19277/5/1927Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Lucindaw/o Tom, no marker (FHR)6/4/185612/10/1941Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Margaret Annw/o James P.3/10/18595/19/1943Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Mary E. w/o James H.13 Jul 186217 May 1950Upper Morrison Cem.
Howard, Mary E. (NSP) St. James, MO59 yrs5 Jul 1996Unknown
Howard, Minnie (FHM)18881955Newburg Cemetery
Howard, Minnie lot ownerSec 2-20Newburg Cemetery
Howard, Myrtle C.26 Mar 188927 Mar 1970Matlock
Howard, Nancy J.18881961Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Howard, Richard(NSP) s/o Leona & Fred27 Oct 193611 Mar 2004Wishon Cemetery
Howard, Rose L.(FHM) no dates, w/o Geo. L.18811944Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Sarah I., w/o Geo. L.(FHM) no dates, nee Branson32y6/18/1914Rolla Cemetery
Howard, Vancy R.2 Apr 190318 Aug 1903Upper Morrison Cem.
Howard, Vernon Eugene (FHR) s/o Vernie & Effie (Brumley)2/12/19399/25/1941Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Howard, Victor R.2 Apr 190327 Dec 1933Upper Morrison Cem.
Howard, William Charles(FHR s/o Walter & Lida17 days 8 Apr 1924Newburg Cemetery
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