Phelps County Burials
McClure, Jessiew/o J.18621942Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Jewel Loughw/o Leo Wilson30 May 1906Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, John Sturgeonh/o Nora H.17 Aug 188324 Aug 1957Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Leo Wilsonh/o Jewel31 Dec 190327 Nov 1970Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Lewis H.h/o Sarah H.7 Jul 180523 Jan 1857Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Nora Hoonew/o John S.24 Apr 1881Jan 1977Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Samuel L.h/o M. Elizabeth18511931Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Sarah H.w/o Lewis H.1 Feb 181417 Dec 1880Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Sarah Janed/o S.L. & M.E.12 Jun 18978 Jul 1898Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Simon Brownh/o Virginia C.10 Jul 184324 Dec 1924Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Virginia C.w/o S. Brown16 Jan 18502 Jun 1928Lake Spring Cemetery
McClure, Wm. Andrew26 Jun 189020 Jun 1954Lake Spring Cemetery
McClurken, Robert J.9/7/19021/14/1969Rolla Cemetery
McCollum, Lucyw/o Herbert Ellis31 Aug 190129 Jan 1975Trout
McComb, Bess Louise Pintow/o William Elmer18951941St. James/Old Masonic
McComb, Bettie M.w/Joseph H. Smith18661932St. James/Old Masonic
McComb, Charles A.M.D.18611957St. James/Old Masonic
McComb, Florene Bettywid/o W.C. (NSP)87 years31 Dec 1987St. James/Old Masonic
McConaha, Minnie S.d/o L.J. & M.B. (Howard) Salts8/3/19071/25/1974Rolla Cemetery
McConnell, Gladys, 86;86 yrsbu 3/12/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
McConnell, Obediah, 70;b Detroit, MI; Gladys McConnell70 yrsbu 5/28/1970Ozark Memorial Gardens
McCorkle,two stones that are illegibleRolla Cemetery
McCorkle, Albert Charles2/13/190911/18/1951Rolla Cemetery
McCorkle, Anna E.(Emma)w/o John E.5 Apr 187125 Feb 1950Thomas
McCorkle, Helen B.7/6/1917Rolla Cemetery
McCorkle, Howard Alanburial record8/26/1948Rolla Cemetery
McCorkle, John19 yrs30 Nov 1918Edgar Springs Cem.
McCorkle, John E.5 Nov 18769 Jun 1921Thomas
McCorkle, John Patrickburial record4/17/1942Rolla Cemetery
McCorkle, Mrs. Alicew/o Robert J. nee Graham22 Feb 18513 Apr 1928Adams
McCorkle, Robert J.(NULL), h/o Anna E.19071955Thomas
McCorkle, Robert J.UNION ARMY 1861-186521 Feb 184323 Sep 1924Adams
McCormack, Eunamae(NSP) w/o Fred J.1 Dec 1917 19 Sep 2003Ozark Memorial Gardens
McCormack, Karen(NSP) St. James, MO48 years 15 Feb 2005Unknown
McCormic, Paulinenee Gardner, Lot 467 years 9/22/1899Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
McCormick, Cindy29 Dec 19567 May 1957St. James/Old Masonic
McCormick, Edwards/o James5y 3m9/27/1862Rolla Cemetery
McCormick, Harry LeeSgt US Army WW II11 Feb 191126 May 1979St. James/Old Masonic
McCormick, James(Kings co)parish of Lusman, Ireland41 yrs12/27/1861Rolla Cemetery
McCormick, Maxine2/11/1909Rolla Cemetery
McCormick, Maxine(NSP)d/o Edward C. & Cora (Teague) Leonard11 Feb 190926 Oct 1999Rolla Cemetery
McCormick, Mrs. BridgetCharged to Mrs. C.D. Jamison84y 10m 4d2/12/1903Rolla Cemetery
McCormick:see MacormicOzark Memorial Gardens
McCortney, Dorias Elizabethw/o J.W.,4 Mar 185825 Apr 1927Watts
McCourtney, Bessie Marilda d/o John M. & Belle (WATTS)21 May 189724 Apr 1908Watts
McCowan, Elih/o Nancy15 Apr 18194 Mar 1861Watts
McCowan, Everett L.19021941Harrison
McCowan, G.S.(George Sidney)h/o Violey, b. KY,13 Aug 185112 Mar 1892Watts
McCowan, Luthers/o G.S. and V.24 Feb 187926 Jul 1891Watts
McCowan, Matilda2 Dec 18798 Jan 1952Harrison
McCowan, Michael E.19041920Harrison
McCowan, Nancyw/o Eli14 Mar 182231 Jul 1885Watts
McCowan, Perry E.5 May 187510 May 1943Harrison
McCowan, Violey (Vitula)w/o G.S., nee Snell4 Jul 18579 May 1904Watts
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