Phelps County Burials
Alverson, Marieno marker21 Jan 1950St. James/Old Masonic
Alverson, T.C.owner H.W. Alverson18421918St. James/Old Masonic
Alverson, Thomas C.owner H.W. Alverson18961958St. James/Old Masonic
Alvey, Amanda M.24 Feb 1895 27 Jun 1928Beulah
Alvey, Anna Jane10 Aug 188327 Nov 1932Beulah
Alvey, Benidick14 Dec 185528 Apr 1942Beulah
Alvey, Charles W.11 Jun 188515 Nov 1971Beulah
Alvey, Georgie E.5 Oct 192315 Oct 1923Beulah
Alvey, James Eugeneh/o Ruth,T5, USA, WWII6/12/19216/12/1979Asher
Alvey, Lavon May27 Nov 19182 May 1976Beulah
Alvey, Ralph Eugene12 Apr 191325 May 1976Beulah
Alvey, Sarah3 Mar 186315 Apr 1942Beulah
Amadoe, Eugene B.s/o Frank (NSP)64 yrs22 Mar 1993Miles
Amador, Edward Wayne16 May 19288 Sep 1972Flag
Amador, Sarahw/o Frank, Sr.85 yrs1 Feb 1989Miles
Aman, Johnburial record3/19/1946Rolla Cemetery
Amann, Jeanette N.(NSP) nee Risch, d. St. Louis18 Nov 2000Resurrection Cem.,St. Louis, MO
Amann, John P.(NSP) h/o Jeanette79 yrs22 Aug 1999St. Louis, MO
Ambert, Grasad/o L.M. & S.J.lyr 3m 26ds26 Sep 1883Brookshire Cemetery
Ambrose, Emma E.19031952St. James/Old Masonic
Ambrose, Harrison W.24 Oct 188230 Apr 1969Edgar Springs Cem.
Ambrose, Joseph18861952St. James/Old Masonic
Ambrose, Joseph L.1 May 19459 Oct 1985St. James/Old Masonic
Ambrose, Louise S.1 Jun 1925Edgar Springs Cem.
Ames, Charles F.h/o Lucinda, b. NY185113 Jul 1919Camp Creek Cemetery
Ames, child of Charles(NSP)newspaper date 19 Jul 1883Ames
Ames, George W.farmer70 yr 1 mo5 Jul 1883Ames
Ames, Georgie,s/o Eliza and WillMaxwell
Ames, Lucindaw/o Charles,d/oThomas Ray18471919Camp Creek Cemetery
Ames, Mrs. Lucy B.(NSP)newspaper date14 Feb 1901Ames
Ames, Sarah Louisanee Maxwell, m. 22 Sep 188427 Feb 186514 Dec 1937Maxwell
Ames, William Stanley3 Jun 186427 Apr 1947Maxwell
Ammerman, Nancy M.w/o Wm H.18249 Sep 1914Missouri Veterans Cem.
Ammerman, William H.Co I 21th MO Inf19 Mar 1918Missouri Veterans Cem.
Amos, Alice A.(NSP) d/o Herman F. & Edna (Sams) Henning11 Apr 189910 Aug 1998Council Grove, Kansas
Amspaugh, LorettaMother18991933Rolla Cemetery
Andereck, Donald J.(NSP) s/o Fred & Dorothy26 Nov 19254 Nov 2002Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Albert12 Jan 186724 Mar 1924Rhea Cemetery
Anderson, Armildaw/o Eason, owner Anna Peters15 Mar 184318 Apr 1918St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Artha P.w/o James, nee Watkins182531 Dec 1868Coppedge
Anderson, Bessie N.(NSP) d/o Wm. Arthur & Martha (Davis) Weaver, w/o Charles F.16 Aug 190128 Jan 2000Macedonia Cemetery
Anderson, Betty Ruth28 Apr 1921St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Charles F.h/o Bessie N.10/3/18892/4/1956Macedonia Cemetery
Anderson, Charlotte A.owner John C. Reisaus20 Mar 18913 May 1973St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Clem(FHM)no datesBell
Anderson, Cynthia A.d/o James & Artha13 Apr 185522 Sep 1877Coppedge
Anderson, Earls/o Charles & Elva (Tankersley)10/2/19162/12/1993Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, EasonNo dates, Co. F, 7th TN Inf.St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Eddie B.h/o Lillian6/29/19022/15/1983Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Elva V. "Sid"11/7/18972/17/1973Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Francis Paul(NSP) s/o Alfred & Elizabeth (Robinson)7 Mar 191020 Mar 2003White Hall, Ill.
Anderson, Georgia Mae28 Dec 190723 May 1985St. James/Old Masonic
Anderson, Gertrude Arranee Allison, m. Mar 30, 18959 Sep 187330 Sep 1930Rhea Cemetery
Anderson, H. George S.b. Kearney, NB, d. TX1/5/18843/30/1978Rolla Cemetery
Anderson, Irenenee Schmideke80 yrs28 Jan 1992Anutt
Anderson, J.L.lot owner 4-47, 10 Apr 1937Newburg Cemetery
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