Phelps County Burials
Smith, Floyd E.h/o Ruth9/26/19002/27/1951Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, Frances M.w/o John Cyrus (nee Groover)11/3/1904 1/10/1978Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, Francis M. Jr.30 Dec 191221 Jul 1922Smith
Smith, Francis M. Sr.18 Mar 1878 22 Jun 1963Smith
Smith, Frank85y 10m 14d20 Oct 1962Adams
Smith, Franks/o James & Viola1/7/18784/1/1932Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Frank L.h/o Mina,s/o J.& A,twin of Allan J.1/17/18845/16/1962Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Frank W.15 Jan 187310 Jul 1949Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Frank'sbaby27 Jul 1901Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Frank's babycemetery record, burial date10 Mar 1902Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Fredburial record5/19/1952Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Frederic Whitley2h/o Louise,b.Norwich,England18691941Smith/Laney Cem.
Smith, G. W.w/Lizzie K.7/20/185011/23/1908Rolla Cemetery
Smith, G.B. lotowner Sec 1-31, 17 Aug 1918Newburg Cemetery
Smith, G.W.4 Jul 18542 Nov 1895Goodall
Smith, Garney C.h/o Doxie, s/o James N. 5/9/19075/6/1977Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, Gerald Truman(NSP) Newburg, MO 64 yrs12 Jun 1998Unknown
Smith, Gene Allen(NSP) h/o Carolyn49 yrs10 May 1996Bland, MO
Smith, Geneva E.d/o Norman & Della8/15/19093/4/1970Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, Geo W.Co A 18th US Inf1 Nov 1923Missouri Veterans Cem.
Smith, Georgeh/o Martha E., s/o John8 Dec 184926 Jul 1939Smith
Smith, George B.owner Maude Smith18631935St. James/Old Masonic
Smith, George Davidh/o Susie M. s/o Frank& Ella5/30/19103/5/1978Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, George E.m. Jan 18, 1922,f/o 7children18911967St. James/Old Masonic
Smith, George W.18931918Adams
Smith, George W.b. GY, d. ARK,, h/o Carrie M.3/15/18296/20/1913Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Georgia W.cremated, owner C.A. McComb24 Mar 189118 Feb 1975St. James/Old Masonic
Smith, Gilbert L., 78;78 yrsbu 11/27/1982Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Gladys E. (NSP)sister of Frank Bean66 yrs29 Dec 1990Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Gladys M.w/o Otis C.9/27/1914Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Grace Emmab. E. St. Louis, IL, nee Tourville23 Feb 188613 Mar 1966Goodall
Smith, Grace M.w/o Finis E.1/19/19005/23/1959Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Grace R.(NSP) d/o Walter & Rose (Treat) Dean10 Sep 190917 May 1999Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Groverno marker, s/o Benabout 12 ysabout 1927Newburg Cemetery
Smith, H.P. (Harvey)on walk, no stones,s/o Geo & L.(1877)(1938)Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Hallie M.d/o Charles Bland & M. Ethel6/19/19148/13/1984Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Harold Wilbur(NSP)s/o Joseph & Bertha (Aaron)4 Aug 191912 Oct 2002Pea Ridge/Roach
Smith, Harry Ansels/o Dexter & Margaret 1 Apr 18733 May 1873Smith-D
Smith, Harry E.MO SE USNR WW II16 Jul 190724 Apr 1964Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Harvey Taylor(NSP) s/o Wm. & Anna (Sneed)9 Apr 191419 Oct 1995Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Hazel(NSP) d/o Henry Wakefield & Rena (Hall) Freeman1 Mar 19236 Jan 1999Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Helen Berniece(NSP) d/o Glendon & Clema (Hall) Brockman79 yrs31 Mar 2006Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Helen Louise(NSP) d/o Jim & Ollie (Hargis) Powers28 Aug 19345 Jan 2003Hazel Green near Richland, MO
Smith, Helen M.(NSP) d/o Fred & Irene Weiker25 Dec 193113 Aug 1998Columbia, MO
Smith, Henry C.h/o Gracie E.22 May 18821 Jan 1913Goodall
Smith, Henry E.h/o Beulah G.23 Jun 1897Adams
Smith, Henry L.h/o Mary 6 Dec 184826 Jul 1938Rhea Cemetery
Smith, Henry L., 69;69 yrsbu 10/12/1980Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Homer M.s/o W.M. & L.M.5 Sep 18687 May 1876Dyer/Carney Cemetery
Smith, Homer, 76;b Eureka, KS, ord. Mrs.Smith2/17/1884bu 4/8/1960Ozark Memorial Gardens
Smith, Hugh lotowner Sec 1-25, 24 Mar 1924Newburg Cemetery
Smith, Hugh lotowner Sec 1-35, 26 Jul 1910Newburg Cemetery
Smith, Hugh Roachs/o Dexter h/o Ethel J. 1/19/1884 8/27/1966Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Smith, Ikebro/o Pettis, (Newburg NSP)71 yr1918Goodall
Smith, Ireneb. Terra Haute,IN 18861944Goodall
Smith, Irwinburial record7/19/1943Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Isabell Mayw/o Joseph S., nee Hatch9/20/18782/20/1929Rolla Cemetery
Smith, Ivy B. 18891956Goodall
Smith, J.J.Co C, 1st & 2nd MO Vol.10 Mar 181416 Jun 1885Kaintuck
Smith, Jack Henry(NSP) s/o George Watson & Blanche (Webber)18 Dec 192923 Jan 1996Unknown
Smith, Jacky Lee(NSP) s/o William Charles, Jr. & Shirley June (Hoffman)20 Nov 195822 Jan 2004Warrenton, MO
Smith, Jackson Kennedy(NSP) s/o John & Darlene20 Dec 196219 Mar 1996Bland, MO
Smith, James Joseph(NSP) s/o Finis Esco & Grace Mary (Harman)68 yrs25 May 2006Rolla Cemetery
Smith, James L.(NSP) St. James, MO63 yrs4 May 1998Unknown
Smith, James Virgil(NSP) s/o James Henry & Rachael Minerva (Shockley)27 Sep 191120 Jul 2003Maries Co., MO
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