Phelps County Burials
Hutckinson, Madelineby Robt L. Bailey11/25/19034/4/1978Macedonia Cemetery
Huther, George Pvt.Co B 1st Mo U.S.R.C.Missouri Veterans Cem.
Huthwelker, Danielb. Hesse Kassel, Germany31 Dec 182314 Jul 1888St. James/Old Masonic
Huthwelker, Marie L.5 Jul 182912 Nov 1908St. James/Old Masonic
Hutsell, Nancy M.St. Louis/Crocker, MO82 yrs19 Oct 2005Unknown
Hutson, Ester Chambersw/o George6/19/18667/20/1900Macedonia Cemetery
Huyette, U. L.Capt. Co B, 125th PA InfRolla Cemetery
Huzzy, Mary Ellen,nee Stroud(Forrester) w/o Bill78y 2m 29d12/3/1938Mt. Olive
Huzzy, Wm.(FHM) (Mann), b. Maries Co.18472/27/1938Mt. Olive
Hyatt, Ezra5 Jan 186527 Aug 1934Roseberry
Hyatt, James A.10 Aug 189222 Apr 1918Roseberry
Hyatt, James A.DAR War MemorialRolla Cemetery
Hyder, Benny Joe(NSP) s/o Paul & Christine (Blazer)7 Mar 193722 Feb 2005Ozark Memorial Gardens
Hyer, Aanahd/o J. & M.31 Oct 185131 Oct 1851Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Elizabethw/o Samuel Sr.12 May 1855Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Harold E.h/o Marguerite6 Jun 190822 Jul 1964Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Hattie Catherined/o Samuel & Naomi8 Jan 186214 May 1883Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, John (Doctor)h/o Mary A.27 May 18105 Dec 1890Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Letha A.w/o O. Eugene18831972Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Lewis Wilkins(Philantropist)18691957Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Lotus Marguerites/o Gurney Ralph & Layra Belle(Welch) Gaines (NSP)23 Feb 190918 Aug 1999Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Margueritew/o Harold E.23 Feb 1909Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Maryd/o James D. Watkins21 Sep 18259 May 1872Coppedge
Hyer, Mary A.w/o of Dr. John21 Sep 18218 Jan 1855Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Mary L.8 May 184816 Nov 1851Coppedge
Hyer, Nancy Janed/o S. & N.6 Jan 185427 Jun 1879Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Naomi Wilsonw/o Samuel Jr.6 Jul 18191 Jan 1873Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, O. Eugeneh/o Letha A.18801945Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Robert F.18751924Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Samuel Jr.h/o Naomi1 Dec 181710 May 1883Lake Spring Cemetery
Hyer, Samuel Sr.h/o Elizabeth19 Jul 177822 Nov 1862Lake Spring Cemetery
Ichord, Elvira Naomi(WATTS),w/o Wm. Alfred21 Apr 18476 Feb 1892Watts
Igram, Nellie G.w/o Samuel E.1899St. James/Old Masonic
Iler, Irmaw/o Max Dow d/o Wm Chambers10/5/19245/22/1971Macedonia Cemetery
Iler, Max Dowh/o Irma J.9/26/19194/6/1968Macedonia Cemetery
Ilgenfritz, Cecil(FHM)19031966Pilot Knob
Iliges, Herman J.(NSP) St. James, MO71 yrs16 Oct 2003Unknown
Illinski, Alexis Xavierw/Ary, s/o Francis &Virginia9/25/187810/22/1939Rolla Cemetery
Imhoff, Grover Henry18841963Oak Grove
Imhoff, Mary E.19101967Oak Grove
Ing, 6 child slabsno data (Mann)Macedonia Cemetery
Ing, Joseph18361920Macedonia Cemetery
Ing, Martha J.w/o Claiborn Dykes10/20/18351/28/1911Macedonia Cemetery
Ing, Martha JaneC/to Joseph Ing (FHR)75 yr 3m 7d1/28/1911Macedonia Cemetery
Ingersoll, Estelle W.d/o Josephine Westlake18921950Rolla Cemetery
Ingersoll, FredCPL Co B 3rd Mo Inf Sp Am War17 May 1927Missouri Veterans Cem.
Ingolls,(father of Bill Ingolls)Lake Spring Cemetery
Ingram, A.E.(Abraham Elbert)h/o Lucy Emma, s/o E.J.26 Oct 185820 Jul 1894Renaud
Ingram, Avad/o A.E. & L.E.21 Oct 189311 Jun 1895Renaud
Ingram, Bessie Viola(NSP) Rolla76 yrs27 Aug 1996St. James/Old Masonic Cemetery
Ingram, Cora A.w/o John B.12 Oct 189210 Jan 1920Adams
Ingram, Frances H.s/o A.E. & L.E.11 Oct 18878 Apr 1889Renaud
Ingram, Geo. W.s/o I.G. & E.J.1 Feb 185524 May 1883Edgar Springs Cem.
Ingram, George Ed.bu 4/25/1979Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ingram, John B.h/o Cora A.12 Jun 18859 Feb 1930Adams
Ingram, John M.owner John & Viola Ingram28 Oct 19368 Jun 1952St. James/Old Masonic
Ingram, Leland "Bill"(NSP) s/o Albert Rhoe & Elma (Billman)3 Aug 193030 Apr 2003Unknown
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