Phelps County Burials
Ford, Ellen B.(stone broken) b. Co. Tipperary, Ireland11/3/1863Rolla Cemetery
Ford, Emma M.1/7/18842/20/1948Rolla Cemetery
Ford, Frank Benjaminh/o Nellie Mae9/10/18776/26/1965Rolla Cemetery
Ford, George A.(NSP) h/o Georgia85 yrs22 Apr 1990Wishon Cemetery
Ford, George Thomass/o Geo. & Ellen B.1y 6m7/15/1863Rolla Cemetery
Ford, James Edward(NSP) s/o Theodore & Nellie (Miller)57 yrs12 Feb 2000Newburg Cemetery
Ford, John Edwards/o Martin Van & Eliza31 Mar 188812 Jan 1973Ford
Ford, Martin Vanh/o Eliza1 Jan 185113 Mar 1932Ford
Ford, Mr. & Mrs. James E.owners, Sec 3-55Newburg Cemetery
Ford, Muriel M.(NSP) St. Louis/St. James, MO82 yrs2 Dec 2000Unknown
Ford, Nellie Maew/o Frank B.4/15/18949/7/1970Rolla Cemetery
Ford, R.E.,28 Sep 1874Boulware
Ford, Victor(NSP) Hit by a train & killed48 yrs22 Apr 1997Unknown
Ford, Victoria Marieowner Clifford Frey11 May 197714 May 1977St. James/Old Masonic
Ford, Walter M. s/o Lola Ford 14 Jan 191729 Feb 1917Upper Morrison Cem.
Ford, Willis s/o Lola Ford 1 Aug 19149 Aug 1914Upper Morrison Cem.
Fordyce, Helen Maryw/o Samuel, nee Louther13 Apr 1861 6 Jun 1933Newburg Cemetery
Fordyce, O.C. lot ownerSec 5-25, 25 Jan 1936Newburg Cemetery
Fordyce, Orel C.TEXAS Cpl. 57 Inf. 15 Div 9 Mar 1887 8 Sep 1945Newburg Cemetery
Fordyce, Samuel A.s/o John & Miss Davis19 Dec 185911 Jan 1933Newburg Cemetery
Fore sister of PhoebeFore
Fore,Infant son of A. & M.Mar 1883Jun 1883Knotwell
Fore, A.B.(Asa Burtes)s/o Phillip, b. IN 7 Mar 185210 Apr 1936Rhea Cemetery
Fore, Adelew/o Wm.9/2/18547/23/1946Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Alfordcemetery record, burial date14 Sep 1905Rhea Cemetery
Fore, Alice J.2 Jun 1897Pilot Knob
Fore, Andy lot ownerSec 3-11, 20 Oct 1898Newburg Cemetery
Fore, Anna w/o Ed, nee Stogsdill4 Feb 18831 Sep 1944Pilot Knob
Fore, Aunt LydiaLida20 Oct 1895Rhea Cemetery
Fore, Barney E.h/o Ethel M.10 Sep 189723 Nov 1970Pilot Knob
Fore, Bellew/o Eli18741963Pilot Knob
Fore, Benjamin S.h/o Sabie68y 4m 19d6 May 1893Jackson
Fore, Bessie Mae(NSP)d/o Cleve & Edith Williams16 Apr 191115 Jul 2002Pilot Knob
Fore, Caroline Maed/o A.B. & Sarah6 May 18918 Mar 1939Pilot Knob
Fore, Catherine25 Mar 191616 Jul 1916Cedar Hill
Fore, Charles L.h/o Ella M.6/15/18888/25/1973Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Christophers/o W.M. & Mary30 Jun 18679 Jul 1905Cedar Hill
Fore, Clara Jane(NSP) d/o Wm. & Rose (Stogsdill) Harris1 May 191127 Aug 1999Unknown
Fore, Cora Rebeniad/o Robert W.25 Jul 193318 Jan 1938Pilot Knob
Fore, Danny (FHM)h/o Betty, s/o Sylvia4 May 195225 Jul 1990Pilot Knob
Fore, Edith18931966Pilot Knob
Fore, EdwardMO Sgt 62 Co Art.SP AM WAR27 Oct 187525 Sep 1954Pilot Knob
Fore, Eli18751951Pilot Knob
Fore, Ella L., nee Miller,w/o James Easter & Sam Fore18821947Pilot Knob
Fore, Ella M.w/o Charles L.2/16/18879/23/1950Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Emma Jane(NSP) St. James, MO78 yrs14 Jan 1998Unknown
Fore, Ernest L.(NSP) h/o Bessie (Williams)12 Aug 190712 Apr 1999Pilot Knob Cemetery
Fore, Ethel M.w/o Barney E.11 Jun 190428 May 1982Pilot Knob
Fore, Etta B.nee Donahue, w/o A.S.8/10/18909/15/1966Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Flora18791948Pilot Knob
Fore, Florence L.18951965Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Frank J.h/o Alice J.13 Jun 189119 Jun 1963Pilot Knob
Fore, George A.h/o Flora187419-Pilot Knob
Fore, Glenna Mayd/o A.S. & Etta (Donahue)7/19/19155/13/1916Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Harrison A.w/John W. Baker10/9/189711/19/1977Rolla Cemetery
Fore, Henry Mosess/o Moses & Minnie (FHR)12/19/19055/28/1941Rolla Cemetery
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