Phelps County Burials
Lesueur, J.A.10 Aug 183920 Oct 1897Smith
Lesueur, M.P.h/o Margaret28 Apr 1837 1 Jul 1876Smith
Lesueur, Margaret L.w/o Martell P.23 May 1846 4 May 1922Smith
Lesueur, Paulin J.w/o William M.19 Oct 183217 Oct 1921Smith
Lesueur, S.A.h/o Emma M. Mar 1847 Mar 1888Smith
Lesueur, William Mosbth/o Paulin, s/o G.B.,b.VA 4 Sep 183230 May 1899Smith
Lesyna, Betty Ann(NSP) St. James, MO 73 yrs6 Nov 1995Unknown
Lett, Etta J.d/o G.A. & R.M.18771878St. James/Old Masonic
Lett, George A.h/o Rhoda M.18231896St. James/Old Masonic
Lett, Rhoda M.w/o George, nee Hawkins1837St. James/Old Masonic
Letterman, Jacob N.Charged to Selina (FHR)8/6/18699/29/1910Rolla Cemetery
Levenson, Leonard (Dr.)(NSP) h/o Maryse18 Sep 19285 Mar 1998Colorado Springs, CO
Levin, Florence Westlakeowner L.C. Levin19071948St. James/Old Masonic
Lewis, (FHR)C/to Thomas4 months 7ds22 Sep 1906Smith
Lewis, 1 (FHM)(Mann)Mt. Olive
Lewis, Aaronh/o Mary C.19 Dec 18322 Oct 1914Beaver
Lewis, Aaron A.s/o A.A. & Mary C. Lewis18751916Beaver
Lewis, Aaron Perrys/o J.F. & L.M.15 Jan 188619 May 1909Beaver
Lewis, Aaron Pete, 73;73 yrsbu 10/1/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, AbrahamCorp. Co. E., 27th MO Inf.Smith
Lewis, Addie L.(NSP) d/o Samuel & Vanita (Glascock) Mathis15 Jun 191718 Nov 1998Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Agnes74 yrsbu 12/31/1980Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Alfred H.WW II9 Jul 188824 Jun 1974Beaver
Lewis, Almira Lewis Randallw/o R. Elis Lewis18691945Beaver
Lewis, Anna Mae 6 Apr 1896Smith
Lewis, Anniew/o Nathan18671935Rolla Cemetery
Lewis, AugustusCo B 27th KY Inf6 Sep 1912Missouri Veterans Cem.
Lewis, Azro E.h/o Permalie18501932Miles
Lewis, Bellew/o James H. 18641953Smith
Lewis, Belle Aker10/15/18628/26/1953Rolla Cemetery
Lewis, Ben O.(NSP) Moberly/St. James, MO79 yrs26 Mar 2003Unknown
Lewis, Berthaw/o Walter J.18841966Newburg Cemetery
Lewis, Berthaw/o Walter, nee CraddockNewburg Cemetery
Lewis, Bessiew/o A.A.18791960Beaver
Lewis, Bettie I.d/o John & Mandy (Emily) Eckhoff16 Sep 193625 Oct 2005Rolla Cemetery
Lewis, Betty Ann(NSP) nee Jensen70 yrs7 Apr 1998Unknown
Lewis, Burnadine (FHR)d/o Charles & Ada Lewis8/11/193011/20/1933Mt. Olive
Lewis, Carrie Beddoe(NSP) d/o Wm. W. & Hannah (Wiley) Beddoe9 Oct 190827 Mar 1999Rolla Cemetery
Lewis, Charles C., 58;b St. Louis, MO; ord. Launs Lewis58 yrsbu 2/18/1969Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Charles F.(FHM)18951979Newburg Cemetery
Lewis, Charles Franklin,b Centralia, IL,8/29/1935bu 1/3/1952,Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Charles S.(NSP) s/o Charles C. & Launa (Sanderson)30 Sep 19292 Jan 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Charles Thomas15 Jun 189425 Mar 1978Smith
Lewis, Charles W.,son of J.W. & M.J.,19 Jan 18754 Jan 1888Pinson
Lewis, Charles Woodrow;bu 7/28/1980Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Charles, 46;46 yrsbu 12/23/1975Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Chas. lot ownerSec 5-63Newburg Cemetery
Lewis, Claude (NSP)h/o Ruth25 Jan 190825 Jun 1988Beaver
Lewis, David Gene, 33;33 yrsbu 12/17/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Deanna Dee, 5 ds;b Columbia, MO;5 daysbu 4/12/1972Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Delbert D.h/o Martha E.13 Apr 1877 1 Aug 1963Smith
Lewis, Deliah Marie (NSP)d/o J.E. Lewis2ms 7ds19 Dec 1914Relfe
Lewis, Dolly louowner Raymond Lewis30 Nov 1961St. James/Old Masonic
Lewis, Donald Sidney(NSP) St. James, MO66 yrs25 May 1999Unknown
Lewis, Donna(NSP) d/o Wm. H. & Edith (Miller) VanKirk2 Jan 195611 Jun 1997Mt. Zion
Lewis, Earl E.(NSP) s/o John & Cora28 Dec 192815 Nov 2002Ozark Memorial Gardens
Lewis, Edith Augusta(FHM)18901973Newburg Cemetery
Lewis, Edith B.w/o Lester L.1898 19__Rolla Cemetery
Lewis, Ed(NSP) s/o Elmer & Opal Mae (O'Haver)12 Jun 192614 Mar 1998Pea Ridge/Roach Cemetery
Lewis, Edward18811960St. James/Old Masonic
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