Phelps County Burials
Beckman, Minnie A.w/o W.D.10 May 18799 Jan 1910Ramsey
Beckman, Nettie M.3 Apr 188222 May 1959Ramsey
Beckman, Wilhelm30 Nov 187017 Mar 1930Ramsey
Beckwith, Aldaw/o Henry18671944Elk Prairie Cemetery
Beckwith, H.T.(Mann)66y 10ms 2630 Apr 1938Elk Prairie Cemetery
Beckwith, Henryh/o Alda18641931Elk Prairie Cemetery
Becraft, Fenton E.Co I, 30th Iowa16 Oct 1909Missouri Veterans Cem.
Beddoe, Benjamin D.s/o Wm. & Mary Beddoe3/6/18637/19/1863Rolla Cemetery
Beddoe, Hannah E.w/o Wm. W.2/29/18858/14/1960Rolla Cemetery
Beddoe, Mary Percellw/o Wm., b. Wales3/15/18273/14/1897Rolla Cemetery
Beddoe, Sylvia P.Inf d/o Wm W & H.E.10/10/190412/10/1904Rolla Cemetery
Beddoe, Williamh/o Mary, b. Wales2/8/18211/4/1908Rolla Cemetery
Beddoe, Wm. W. Jr.h/o Hannah, 1900 Rolla Twp#883/30/188211/3/1961Rolla Cemetery
Bedwell, Willard "Bill" E.Salem, MO76 yrs24 Sep 2002N/A
Beeler, Alfreds/o J.O. & L.J.14 Jul 1868Beeler
Beeler, Everett E.s/o Green L. & Nancy E.6 mo 6 days19 Dec 1873Beeler
Beeler, Green L.?22 Mar 185110 Jul 1930Wishon Cemetery
Beeler, J.O.(per Usry) stone broken63y 1m 10d21 May?1880Beeler
Beeler, L. J.w/o J.O., In the 72 yr of age1826Apr 1898?Beeler
Beeler, Margaretd/o J.O. & L.J.15yr 7m 14d11?Jul 1862Beeler
Beeman, Alfredh/o Olive22 May 18304 Oct 1911Miles
Beeman, James (NSP) St. James, MO74 yrs11 Feb 1997Unknown
Beeman, Minnie M.w/o Roy A.12 Dec 18901 Nov 1982Miles
Beeman, datesMiles
Beeman, Olivew/o Alfred62y 11m 8ds7 Nov 1903Miles
Beeman, Roy A.h/o Minnie M.24 Apr 18806 Jan 1962Miles
Beemer,lot owner Sec 3-24sNewburg Cemetery
Beemer, 4 spacesSec 5-38Newburg Cemetery
Beemer, F.F. & M.A.lot owner Sec 5-50 & 4-23Newburg Cemetery
Beemer, Francis Eugene "Gene"s/o Frank B. & Lula (Strum)22 Aug 191815 Nov 1999Newburg Cemetery
Beemer, Mary Alice "Sister"Sealed: Aug 12, 19761911 7 Mar 1994Newburg Cemetery
Beeney, Mildred B.nee Vetters , w/o Thos. W.1910St. James/Old Masonic
Beeney, Owen L.h/o Rose M.18721932St. James/Old Masonic
Beeney, Rose M.w/o Owen L.18771939St. James/Old Masonic
Beeney, Thomas W.19061979St. James/Old Masonic
Beeres, Lena E. one date9 Mar 1888St. James Catholic Cem.
Beermann, G.F.?18741937St. James Catholic Cem.
Beets, Johnh/o SarahApril 1837Feb. 1910Edgar Springs Cem.
Beets, Mart. M.d/o J. & S.A.21 Mar 187530 May 1880Edgar Springs Cem.
Beets, Sarahw/o John, nee White, b. TNFeb. 183318 Dec 1917Edgar Springs Cem.
Beeuer, Louis H.burial record8/31/1964Rolla Cemetery
Beezley Ewell E. s/o Joel & M.A.,18 Jun 187520 Aug 1876Morrison-Lower
Beezley, Arlie A.6 Feb 190625 Apr 1973St. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, Bessie E.owner Floy Beezley18971953St. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, Clara B.w/o W.C. Beezley 12 Jun 186718 Apr 1907Morrison-Lower
Beezley, Claude F.3/22/18931/14/1915Macedonia Cemetery
Beezley, Effie O.w/o William C.2 Jan 188025 Dec 1939St. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, EmmitSt. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, Floy E."Bud"18941959St. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, George T. 4 Jul 188217 Jun 1911Morrison-Lower
Beezley, Grace Birdowner Floy Beezley19141959St. James/Old Masonic
Beezley, Joel26 Aug 183228 May 1904Morrison-Lower
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