Phelps County Burials
Minick, Edna I.m. Feb 24, 1955, w/o James W10/22/191411/19/1982Rolla Cemetery
Minick, James W. Jr.h/o Edna I.,M.Feb 24, 19558/17/19262/23/1984Rolla Cemetery
Ministers, girlno datesWatts
Minium, Cora7/18/18542/11/1892Rolla Cemetery
Minium, Franks/o John & Harriet, b. PA55yrs8/16/1922Rolla Cemetery
Minium, G. Garnettby Linda E. Harrison7/3/18613/1/1917Rolla Cemetery
Minium, Harriettnee Liephart9/10/18251/18/1911Rolla Cemetery
Minium, Johnh/o Harriett2/28/18231/23/1873Rolla Cemetery
Minkler, Baby girl19621962Newburg Cemetery
Minkler, Etta Mae (Smith)w/o Henry W., m. Dec 25, 1922 9 Aug 190518 Jan 1997Newburg Cemetery
Minkler, Henry Wardh/o Etta Mae27 Dec 189512 Jul 1986Newburg Cemetery
Minkler, Lauren Kay(NSP) d/o Henry & Etta Minkler4 May 19464 Jul 2003Newburg Cemetery
Minkler, lot ownerSec 2-17Newburg Cemetery
Minkler, Mrs. Wardowner, Sec 5-37Newburg Cemetery
Minks, Francis M.6th Prov En Mo Mil Co I26 Feb 1917Missouri Veterans Cem.
Minor, George L. Jr. (NSP)St. James, MO 70 years 12 Feb 1996Unknown
Minor, Lucille (NSP)d/o Henry & Matilda (Sisco) Macormic 19 Mar 1920 3 Feb 1996Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Minor, Paul Ernest Sr.(NSP)h/o Lucille 73 years 2/11/1988Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Minter, Joseph E.18751971Rolla Cemetery
Mintner, Charless/o late Chris Mintner(NSP)@ 28 yrs2/13/1899Rolla Cemetery
Minzer, Charles A.WW I bugler 1 Mg Co I Inf2 Nov 189113 Feb 1958Missouri Veterans Cem.
Misner, Lloyd Thomas Jr.(NSP)s/o Lloyd Thomas Sr & Faye (Holbert) 6 May 193224 Dec 2000Springfield National Cemetery
Misplay, J.D.lot owner Sec 2-27, 31 Aug 1920Newburg Cemetery
Misplay, Linel M. (FHR)s/o James10 months30 Aug 1920Newburg Cemetery
Mitcheel, Annaw/o J.C.11 Oct 191019 Jul 1927Beulah
Mitcheel, Jake"Father" could be a titleBeulah
Mitchel-Germer, MichaelWishon Cemetery
Mitchel-Germer, RosaMother, beside Virgil Asher28 Nov 188328 Jan 1931Wishon Cemetery
Mitchell, infantBlack
Mitchell,(Bill's baby)O'Malley
Mitchell, (Amelia)(Mrs. G.E.)Mother, nee Dickerson18611928Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, 20' X 20'iron fence end, fieldstones (Mann)Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Mitchell, Alfred Lee25 Apr 18838 May 1911Mitchell
Mitchell, Amanda Corinne w/o Ewing, nee Medley8/22/18438/7/1920Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Amanda Corinned/o Ewing & Amanda Corinne6/2/18858/30/1885Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Andrew18721944Roseberry
Mitchell, Angus L.19 Nov 191120 Apr 1967Roseberry
Mitchell, Ann C.w/o John H.9/11/18251/16/1895Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Anna(Mann), Inf d/o G.W. & D.16 Sep 191123 Sep 1911Wishon Cemetery
Mitchell, Arnold Lees/o Ralph & Irmgard (Jertz)15 Apr 1945Dec 1999Ozark Memorial Gardens
Mitchell, Arthurll Oct 189623 May 1921Watts
Mitchell, Arthur F.24 Mar 18764 Feb 1957St. James/Old Masonic
Mitchell, Arthur L.MO Pvt US Army WW II9 Sep 190911 Sep 1965St. James/Old Masonic
Mitchell, babybaby of William14 Sep 1900Rhea Cemetery
Mitchell, Bert H.h/o Osie L.11/3/18875/13/1972Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Betty date6/12/1934Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Bob(NSP) Rolla/Licking, MO52 yrs2 Aug 1996Unknown
Mitchell, Carolyn Suew/Gainel Mitchellno datesRolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Carroll Alfreds/o J.D. & Mabel (Carroll)7/11/19168/4/1916Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Charles H.h/o Sarah M.3/19/18581/31/1943Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Charles S.s/o Charles & Mason (Hall)12/9/18831948Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Charlie Averys/o John & Ruth30 Dec 193812 Jan 1939Newburg Cemetery
Mitchell, Charlotted/o N.M. & M.29 Sep 188117 Feb 1887Adams
Mitchell, Charlotte A.19071978St. James/Old Masonic
Mitchell, Clarence M.s/o G.E. & Miss Dickerson18 yrs11/6/1918Rolla Cemetery
Mitchell, Cora Elizabethnee Shockley81 years1/5/1988Rolla Cemetery
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