Phelps County Burials
Delor, Michele Lynnette(NSP) d/o Rebecca Richards25 yrs29 Jun 1998Unknown
Delorenzo, Ivy Lucillew/Woods19271955Rolla Cemetery
DeLuca, David L., Sr.h/o Jean65 yrs16 Aug 1995St. James/Old Masonic
DeLuca, Julius20 Oct 19096 Mar 1930Rosati
DeMers, Terry A.Dixon, Mo (NSP) 57 yrs19 Jul 2005Unknown
Deming, Gertrude Louised/o Benjamin F. & Luella (Schaub) Rehfeld (NSP) 9 Jul 191528 Apr 1997Cremated
Demos, Alice Mayowner Clifford Frey19206 Jun 1983St. James/Old Masonic
Demos, Frank18 Apr 188531 Dec 1965St. James/Old Masonic
Demos, Gladys L.w/o Wm. H.27 Mar 190530 Nov 1980St. James/Old Masonic
Demos, William H.Bill6 Jan 18957 Jun 1981St. James/Old Masonic
Demotte, Julia (FHR)d.Springfield,IL, b. France83 yrsMay 1932Wishon Cemetery
Demotte, Martha(Mann), d/o V. & J.1 Feb 18805 Mar 1886Wishon Cemetery
Demotte, Victor(Mann)14 Dec 184614 Mar 1924Wishon Cemetery
Dempsey, WilliamLake Spring Cemetery
Denison, Alex,45 yrs, 10 ms, 16 ds22 Aug 18259 Jul 1870Reed
Denison, C. L. "Willie"(NSP) of St. Charles, MO61 yrs28 Aug 2000Unknown
Denison, Claire E.1/4/18946/29/1981Rolla Cemetery
Denison, Cynthia A.w/o William C., nee Craddock18821959Black
Denison, Dorothy Francis(NSP) d/o Pat & Hattie (Northcutt) Merritt1 Oct 19197 Jun 2004St. James/Old Masonic
Denison, Edwardh/o Eva Y.1/16/18755/1/1945Rolla Cemetery
Denison, Harrytaken to Beulah, Denison graveyard7yrsAugust 1913Reed
Denison, Infantd/o W.C. & C.A.24 Jul 190224 Jul 1902Black
Denison, James R.(FHR) s/o W.R. & Lucy (Lanning)18801939Beulah
Denison, Jessie L.18901928Rolla Cemetery
Denison, Josephine F.w/o W.T., d/o John R.Freeman18701929Rolla Cemetery
Denison, Mary E.,w/o Alex56ys 3ms 10ds21 Mar 1881Reed
Denison, Mildred F.d/o W.C. & C.A.2 Mar 191617 Mar 1918Black
Denison, Miss Minnie AnvilC/to Wm R. (FHR)27 yr10/4/1905Rolla Cemetery
Denison, O.C.Pvt US Army WWII3 Jul 191023 Dec 1976St. James/Old Masonic
Denison, W.T.2/16/18723/15/1957Rolla Cemetery
Denison, William C.h/o Cynthia A.18771922Black
Denison, William RayMO USN WW II9/28/19007/17/1972Rolla Cemetery
Denn, Clare E.(FH only by Joseph Mihlfeld)18801955Mt. Olive
Dennie, Deborah A.w/Edith & Frank9/19/19509/19/1950Rolla Cemetery
Dennie, Edith P.w/o Frank E.2/26/18891/7/1970Rolla Cemetery
Dennie, Frank E.h/o Edith P.3/30/18851/13/1952Rolla Cemetery
Dennie, Frank E. Jr.8/25/19142/22/1973Rolla Cemetery
Dennison, Annad/o W.R. & Lucy M.25 Jan 1878 4 Dec 1905Beulah
Dennison, Eva Y.w/o Edward9/26/187911/8/1957Rolla Cemetery
Dennison, James G.s/o T. & P.A.14 Aug 18554 Oct 1878Beulah
Dennison, James R.(FHR)s/o W.R. & Lucy (Lanning)18801939Beulah
Dennison, John18531924Beulah
Dennison, Julian18681919Beulah
Dennison, Lucy M.w/o W.R.5 Aug 18481 Aug 1894Beulah
Dennison, Permelia A. w/o Thomas, nee Edgar6 Jun 18267 Jun 1887Beulah
Dennison, Thomasb. KY31 May 182219 Jul 1894Beulah
Dennison, Thomas F. s/o T. & P.A.15 Jul 186425 Dec 1885Beulah
Denny, Clare E.18801959Mt. Olive
Denoon, Alonzo J.18711947Adams
DeNoon, Bernevaw/o Ira T., m. Jul 19, 19414/8/1925Asher
DeNoon, Elias F.b. PA1/13/18423/26/1905Asher
Denoon, Florence L.w/o Alonzo J.,d/o A.C. Bell187419__Adams
DeNoon, Francesw/o Elias F., b. TN10/27/184510/19/1933Asher
DeNoon, Jessie J.s/o W.J. & M.E.2/13/190110/22/1908Asher
DeNoon, John C.s/o W.J. & M.E.8/27/190612/17/1908Asher
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