Phelps County Burials
Capfer, Lucy J.w/o Lewis C.,d/o John Perry18821940Rolla Cemetery
Capper, Betty Jean(NSP)d/o Coy & Alice Marlow, Atascadero, CA21 Sep 192730 Apr 2002Unknown
Capps, Allison Temple(NSP) St. James, MO56 yrs3 Jan 1997Unknown
Capps, Alpha30 Jan 188325 Jun 1976Beulah
Capps, Arthur L.h/o Laura L.18881967St. James/Old Masonic
Capps, Charles A.27 Oct 186731 Jan 1952Beulah
Capps, Deborah Lynn(NSP) d/o Bonita Stevens42 yrs10 Jun 1999Rolla Cemetery
Capps, E.A. Louisa15 Oct 185215 Sep 1860Lake Spring Cemetery
Capps, F.R.(NSP)19 Feb 1897Lake Spring Cemetery
Capps, George C.60 yrsbu 7/9/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
Capps, George T.78 yrsbu 5/29/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Capps, Harold 0.;bu 12/7//1979Ozark Memorial Gardens
Capps, Henry A.1/14/18878/16/1957Rolla Cemetery
Capps, Horace Fredericks/o C.A. & Alpha19101910Beulah
Capps, InfInf children of B. & E.Lake Spring Cemetery
Capps, John B.w/Rosa Lee, w/Maggi12/20/19026/14/1960Rolla Cemetery
Capps, John R. Newton27 Jan 185511 Feb 1867Lake Spring Cemetery
Capps, Laura L.(MANN)18911988St. James/Old Masonic
Capps, Lena B.11/23/1890Rolla Cemetery
Capps, Lois C.(NSP) d/o Wm. & Laura (Melton) Schmideke23 Nov 19092 Jan 1997Anutt Cemetery
Capps, M.E. Francis25 Feb 186127 Oct 1884Lake Spring Cemetery
Capps, Maude Elizabeth83 yrsbu 1/19/1984Ozark Memorial Gardens
Capps, one graveno markerTrout
Capps, Rosa Lee (Mrs)1/12/18812/16/1956Rolla Cemetery
Capps, Thomas Charles19121912Beulah
Capps, Violano markerTrout
Capraro, James A.(NSP) St. James, MO55 yrs19 Aep 1996Unknown
Carder, Thusa Deisherw/Peter F. Deisher7/27/18825/15/1958Asher
Cardetti, Bertha May(NSP) d/o Patrick & Ella (Hartman) O'Rourke28 Dec 191610 Sep 1997Rosati
Cardetti, Maria Secondaw/o Riccardo Mario10 Jul 188731 Oct 1954Rosati
Cardetti, Riccardo Marioh/o Maria9 Aug 188017 Oct 1950Rosati
Cardetti, Richard J.(NSP) s/o Richard M. & Mary S.5 Apr 191611 Feb 2004Unknown
Cardot, Jannettm/o Joseph b. Gier, France27 Oct 182030 Dec 1912Wishon Cemetery
Cardot, Josephh/o Lina b. Lyon, France15 Aug 183922 Dec 1912Wishon Cemetery
Cardot, Linaw/o Joseph10 Aug 184219 Feb 1903Wishon Cemetery
Carey, Charles C. 18691953Harrison
Carey, Clyde B.d. St. Louis44 yrs1935Pea Ridge/Roach
Carey, Florence w/o Charles C. 18791962Harrison
Carey, GoldieMother of Robert Miller8 Jul 18942 Mar 1945Jackson
Carey, John P.(NSP) Rolla/Salem, MO54 yrs6 Mar 1997Unknown
Carico, Hazel Elizabeth(NSP) d/o Victoria Fonville & Arch Soutee11 Mar 191728 Apr 2004Lower Davis Cemetery
Carico, Victor E.s/o Randolph & Lela (Street)20 Mar 191327 Sep 2005Lower Davis Cemetery
Carl, CharlieViburnum, MO61 yrs30 Sep 2002Salem, MO
Carleton, Roy D., 25;ord. Donna Carlton25 yrsbu 2/1/1970Ozark Memorial Gardens
Carlin, Manuelb. St. Louis7/22/193212/2/1982Rolla Cemetery
Carlock, Floyd M.s/o Francis & Laura (Peeler)1/24/19056/24/1993Rolla Cemetery
Carlock, Hazel Belle HoltMother10/30/19137/14/1973Rolla Cemetery
Carlton, Elmo C.(NSP) s/o Charles H. & Emaline (Myers) 18 Apr 192630 Mar 1998Edgar Springs Cemetery
Carlton, Ernest W.h/o Myrtle M.5/6/189712/7/1966Rolla Cemetery
Carlton, Lillie I.(NSP) d/o Charles & Cora Opal (Caldwell) Faught9 Jan 192821 Jun 2005Edgar Springs Cemetery
Carlton, Mamie E.(NSP) d/o James Elmer & Melissa (Childress) Thomasson6 Feb 19164 Dec 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
Carlton, Myrtle M.w/o Ernest W.11/17/19027/9/1985Rolla Cemetery
Carmack, Infants Lloyd & ElbertRhea Cemetery
Carmack, Ed's babycemetery record, burial date28 Aug 1910Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, ElbertRhea Cemetery
Carmack, Francis A.DAR War MemorialRolla Cemetery
Carmack, Frederick E. "Jake" s/o Joe & Lucy27 Aug 191316 Feb 1985Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, J. Edwardh/o Sarah Jane, bro/o Joe18841966Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, J.Edwardh/o Sarah Jane Ragan1884Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, Joeh/o Lucy 1 Oct 187429 Mar 1967Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, Lloyds/o Sarah & EdRhea Cemetery
Carmack, Lucyw/o Joe, nee Bates17 Mar 188921 Oct 1958Rhea Cemetery
Carmack, Sarah Janew/o J.E., nee Ragan188618 Nov 1947Rhea Cemetery
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