Phelps County Burials
Plemmons, William L.owner Greta L. Plemmons18751965St. James/Old Masonic
Plemmons, William Nile1909St. James/Old Masonic
Ploen, Marcus10/30/18192/15/1897Asher
Plummer, Andrew (FHR)C/to Margaret Blackwell old age7/21/1905Rolla Cemetery
Plummer, Andrew (Mrs.)(FHR) Charged to Mrs. Allison4/8/1906Rolla Cemetery
Plummer, John37 yrs11/5/1912Rolla Cemetery
Poe,3 graves of the John Poeno markersTrout
Poe, Ada M.22 Aug 190830 Sep 1908Trout
Poe, Alpha27 Aug 190818 Sep 1909Trout
Poe, Alta M.27 Aug 190830 Sep 1908Trout
Poe, Arthur Jeramiah(FHR)brother of Wm.4 Mar 188113 Sep 1943Trout
Poe, Avaw/o Edw. E.9 Nov 188422 Jun 1911Trout
Poe, BabyMay 1924Jul 1924Trout
Poe, Delores C., 38;38 yrsbu 4/22/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
Poe, Edwardno markerTrout
Poe, Ella Frances(NSP) d/o Paul & Emma (Wilmann) Matlock18 May 19049 Aug 2004College Mound, MO
Poe, Elmer19081980Trout
Poe, George E.22 Aug 19149 Dec 1929Trout
Poe, Gertrude24 Sep 190118 Dec 1903Trout
Poe, Iva M.10 Jun l91817 Oct 1938Trout
Poe, Jerryno markerTrout
Poe, John J.3 Aug 18516 Oct 1929Trout
Poe, Josephined/o Bill Poe18 May 192124 Jul 1965Trout
Poe, Juanita Blessing(NSP)d/o Charles Thomas & Mary Samuel (Metcalf) Atkins13 Apr 19136 Aug 2002Ozark Memorial Gardens
Poe, Leavett Harley;bu 2/24/1984Ozark Memorial Gardens
Poe, Mary S.6 Mar 187711 Dec 1943Trout
Poe, Myrtle F.24 Nov 190915 Dec 1909Trout
Poe, Nancy E.28 Mar 185628 Mar 1939Trout
Poe, Nancy F.10 Jul 190316 Aug 1903Trout
Poe, Rosco16 Oct 189919 Jan 1919Trout
Poe, S.B.26 Nov 187410 Feb 1950Trout
Poe, Tim, 14;14 yrsbu 9/23/1982Ozark Memorial Gardens
Poe, Virgieno markerTrout
Pogue, Amos E.(NSP) Rolla/Salem, MO77 yrs25 Feb 1999Unknown
Pogue, Mary Ann(NSP) d/o Everett & Irene (Light) Treece10 Nov 194514 May 2004Salem, MO
Pogue, Tonda Sue4/8/19697/7/1971Rolla Cemetery
Pohl, Betty Lou19341952St. James/Old Masonic
Pohl, Laura J.w/o Fred23 Aug 187419 Mar 1904St. James/Old Masonic
Pohle, "Our Children"Betty & PeggeRolla Cemetery
Pohle, Adolph W.h/o Hazel L.10/29/189312/14/1956Rolla Cemetery
Pohle, Anna18721902Flat
Pohle, Carl Antone89 years18 Nov 1987Flat
Pohle, DaleInfant 8 Sep 1932Rhea Cemetery
Pohle, Emma18901901Flat
Pohle, Gladys 3 May 18988 May 1959Flat
Pohle, Hazel L.12/15/18952/23/1967Rolla Cemetery
Pohle, Henry19041905Flat
Pohle, Karl Henry28 Jul 185528 May 1935Wishon Cemetery
Pohle, Katherine18951896Flat
Pohle, Louisew/o Karl H.30 Jun 186615 Aug 1957Wishon Cemetery
Pohle, Mary A.17 Jun 190210 May 1944Flat
Pohle, Wilhelmina18311907Flat
Pointer, Dorothy Ellen(NSP) d/o Clifford & Anna (Ragan) Hance7 Mar 192530 Mar 2003Mt. Olive
Pointer, Opal May (Lottmann)(NSP) Jerome/Bland, MO84 yrs19 Oct 2004Unknown
Polette, Willis F.(NSP) s/o Joseph & Rosa Marie (MacAtee)9 Aug 190722 Sep 1995Unknown
Polkwitz, Ferdinand(POLKEITZ)18331896St. James/Old Masonic
Polkwitz, Mathilda(Polkeitz), w/o Fred18331870St. James/Old Masonic
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