Phelps County Burials
Horn, William, 78;b SD, ord. Catherine Horn5/1/1889bu 5/25/1967Ozark Memorial Gardens
Horner, George K.h/o Minnie C.18571932Rolla Cemetery
Horner, Minnie C.w/o George K.18681948Rolla Cemetery
Horney, ReesCo C. 94 Reg Ill Vol12/2/183010/10/1862Rolla Cemetery
Hornkohl, Doris, 73;b MI,5/25/1903bu 4/21/1977Ozark Memorial Gardens
Hornkohl, Leon Walters, 82;82 yrsbu 11/15/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Horrom, Argo K.MO Y2 US Navy WW II12/27/19063/24/1974Rolla Cemetery
Horrom, D.G.burial record7/10/1943Rolla Cemetery
Horrom, Dalton D.h/o Lena M.6/1/189811/2/1967Rolla Cemetery
Horrom, George W.h/o Zorada J.18701943Rolla Cemetery
Horrom, Lena M.OES w/o Dalton D.9/12/19057/14/1982Rolla Cemetery
Horrom, Zorada J.w/o George W., nee Sprinkle18731936Rolla Cemetery
Horton, Opal Mayw/o S.P. "Jack"2/19/1905Rolla Cemetery
Horton, S.P. (Jack)h/o Opal May2/15/18974/13/1967Rolla Cemetery
Horton, Shirley P.Mass Pvt Co I, l0l Inf WW I2/15/18974/13/1967Rolla Cemetery
Hoss, Baileycirca 1933Yowell
Hoss, Bettie Louise(FHR)d/o Earl & Lizzie17 May 192918 Apr 1933Hoss
Hoss, Bobbys/o Earl & Lizzieage 2 yrs.Hoss
Hoss, Bobby D.s/o Earl & Elizabeth31 Jul 193125 Oct 1931Beaver
Hoss, C.D. lot ownerSec 5-51Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Carolinew/o M.B.40 years21 Feb 1888Hoss
Hoss, Charles "Dean" Jr.s/o Charles & Joyce43 years13 Aug 1999Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Earl O.h/o Lizzie E. 2/24/18991/18/1975Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Hoss, J.A. lot ownerSec 4-57, 16 Jan 1950Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Jackie Dales/o Wm. & Lillie24 Jul 194326 Sep 1949Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, John A.h/o Mary18731957Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Leroy & Pauline Hossowners, Sec 5-62Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Lillie M.w/o William H.,nee Wilson19 Jul 1906 3 Oct 1973Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Lizzie E.w/o Earl O.3/22/1909Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Hoss, Lucinda (Mrs) (FHR)C/to Chas E. Ray 84y 6m 7ds16 Nov 1905Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Maryw/o John A.18811950Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Mary (FHR)w/o John,d/o Wm. & M. Ray 3 Feb 188116 Jul 1950Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Tammy Denise12 Jan 196912 Jan 1969Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, William lot ownerSec 5-65Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, William M.h/o Lillie M. 5 Oct 190026 Jan 1966Newburg Cemetery
Hoss, Zackery T.(NSP)14 Dec 184930 Nov 1932Newburg Cemetery
Houchin, Emmerson H.h/o Nettie18 Dec 188411 Jan 1961St. James/Old Masonic
Houchin, Nettie B.21 Sep 188327 Apr 1961St. James/Old Masonic
Hough, William W.Pvt. Co G 125th NY Inf24 Apr 1902Missouri Veterans Cem.
Houk, Elsie Brayowner Ed Bray7 Jul 18925 Jan 1968St. James/Old Masonic
Houk, Mrs. W.F. (FHR)nee Weckerly39y 4ms lld31 Jul 1925Newburg Cemetery
Houk, William Franklinowner Ed Bray3 Apr 188228 Nov 1959St. James/Old Masonic
Houlahan, Robert H.h/o Mildred Asher6/26/18781/21/1941Rolla Cemetery
Houlahan, Robert H.USN Ret7/30/19196/14/1974Rolla Cemetery
House, Ava(NSP) sister of Roger Williams of Rolla95 yrs25 Jun 1996Raymond, MO
House, Charles E.PFC US Army WWI18961979St. James/Old Masonic
House, Charmyan Dawn "Charlie"(NSP) Newburg, MO55 yrs26 Sep 1998Unknown
House, Comelyd/o Menzo29 Dec 18683 Aug 1869St. James/Old Masonic
House, Ellenowner Stanton House18701941St. James/Old Masonic
House, Ewart H.s/o Ellen & Stanton18981918St. James/Old Masonic
House, Harriet H.w/o Menzo5 Apr 183615 Feb 1890St. James/Old Masonic
House, Little Boyowner Menzo House,no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
House, MenzoCo K 107 NY Inf3 Mar 1834St. James/Old Masonic
House, Nora E.owner Stanton House18931974St. James/Old Masonic
House, Soneys/o H.H.8m 5 days3 Aug 1869St. James/Old Masonic
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