Phelps County Burials
Green, Hazel R.w/o Elmer R.1913Rolla Cemetery
Green, Herman L.s/o M.2y 16ds22 Dec 1862Miller2, Dent Co.
Green, Hubert D.(NSP) 4 Oct 193528 Dec 1996Unknown
Green, inf sons of John L.Thomas
Green, Infants/o T.R.Miller2, Dent Co.
Green, Ira12 May 189713 May 1927Thomas
Green, Isaiahh/o Bettie8/29/18852/11/1952Rolla Cemetery
Green, J.D. (John)(FHR)82 yrs22 Nov 1914Beaver
Green, James C.(NSP) s/o Wm. & Mary (Scott)31 Mar 19246 Nov 2001 near Franklin, KY
Green, Jesse Williams/o Nick5 Aug 190418 Sep 1984St. James/Old Masonic
Green, Jewells/o W.B.24 Jan 192424 Jan 1924Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, Joellall Aug 189411 Sep 1980Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, John12/17/1931Rolla Cemetery
Green, John dataThomas
Green, John Henrys/o Daniel & Sarah29 Jun 187621 Oct 1906Thomas
Green, Laura Mildredw/o Jesse W., d/o Giddon & Estelle (Shoupe) Franklin31 Mar 190711 Oct 1995St. James/Old Masonic
Green, Lee S.on w/Bunda Bunston & Hamby's11/25/1926 3/7/1946Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Green, Lilliew/o Clarence R., nee Engle5/12/189011/29/1975Rolla Cemetery
Green, Lucille L.(NSP) d/o Edward & Ellen (Sutton) Decker17 Feb 191527 Jun 1999Crawford County, MO
Green, Mable M.nee Charles, w/o Clarence25 Oct 188929 Oct 1969Thomas
Green, Margaretd/o H.K. & Rebecca11 yrs 8m24d1877Beaver
Green, Marguerite(NSP) d/o Wm. & Mae Glass15 Sep 191810 Feb 1998Ozark Memorial Gardens
Green, Martha J.Dec 1860Nov 1869Miller2, Dent Co.
Green, Martha J.w/o Sherman5 Mar 18676 Aug 1954Thomas
Green, Mary4/5/18843/1/1962Rolla Cemetery
Green, Mary (Mann)w/o Thos.d/o Harrison Immons19 May 187527 Oct 1938Thomas
Green, Mary E.13 Mar 188616 Dec 1918Beaver
Green, Mary E.owner Mrs. M.E. Green18541936St. James/Old Masonic
Green, Mary J., 91;91 yrsbu 8/14/1985Ozark Memorial Gardens
Green, Mollyw/o Charley, no datesThomas
Green, no dataThomas
Green, no name (FHR)s/o James & Florence8 Dec 193111 Dec 1931Beaver
Green, Olgaca 1927St. James/Old Masonic
Green, Oliver P.s/o D.M. & Maryl Feb 188412 Apr 1888Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, Paul E.4/11/19446/29/1944Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Green, Polly Annw/o Daniel M.,nee Paulsell7 Jul 1857 18 Jan 1926Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, Prestonh/o Ethel E.1/7/188612/18/1953Rolla Cemetery
Green, Raymond R. Sr.(NSP) of Robertsville and formerly St. James, MO4 Mar 2003Unknown
Green, Robert E.(NSP) s/o Chester Sr. & Rosa (Benad)21 Jun 19293 May 2005Rolla Cemetery
Green, Rosa M.w/o Chester C.9 Mar 190925 Feb 1993Thomas
Green, Samuel D.19031967Rolla Cemetery
Green, Sarah Elmastone broken11/9/18842/15/1887Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Green, Sarah L.w/o Daniel11 Nov 184312 Jan 1912Thomas
Green, Sarah M.w/o Thomas R.22 Dec 182428 Nov 1863Miller2, Dent Co.
Green, Sharon Gwendolyn(NSP) Springfield/Rolla, MO3 Aug 194416 Oct 2001Unknown
Green, Shermans/o Daniel & Lucinda(Overbee)5 Feb 186719 Mar 1927Thomas
Green, Sidney Roys/o Joseph E. & Frances3/21/19335/21/1942Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Green, Thomass/o D.M. & Mary15 Jan 1895 24 Aug 1895Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, Thomas C.MO Pvt Coast Arty Corps63y 4ms 28d11 Feb 1936Thomas
Green, Thomas R..4 Apr 18175 Feb 1868Miller2, Dent Co.
Green, Walterburial record10/1/1976Rolla Cemetery
Green, Walter B.6/10/18896/6/1963Rolla Cemetery
Green, Wilburn, 69;bu 7/16/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Green, William AaronJul 18471908St. James/Old Masonic
Green, William B.25 Feb 18929 Jul 1960Edgar Springs Cem.
Green, William H.11/17/18677/7/1951Rolla Cemetery
Green, Wm S.Missouri Veterans Cem.
Greene, George W.(NSP) s/o Robert Lee & Amy Louise (Maddox)16 Jul 192012 Aug 2003Unknown
Greene, Mary Ann(NSP) Chesterfield/Rolla, MO25 Mar 1998Unknown
Greenhalgh, Gloria Joy(NSP) d/o Oliver & Winnie (Zoellner) Gulley27 Dec 195417 Jun 2000Pea Ridge/Roach
Greenhalgh, Lucille(NSP) d/o James & Lillie (Murdock) Langabeer10 Jul 19295 Nov 2003Lake Springs Cemetery
Greensweight, Marie1st w/o S. (Mann)1/11/18349/27/1887Rolla Cemetery
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