Phelps County Burials
Rogers, no named/o Perry & Myrtlestill born10/19/1926Rolla Cemetery
Rogers, Omer B.Wagr US Army WW I9 May 189526 Aug 1972St. James/Old Masonic
Rogers, Orel B.w/o Horetio D., nee Dickinson18831958Rolla Cemetery
Rogers, Patricia Loud/o Onard & Mildred Ebling8 Jan 193328 Oct 2005Black Cemetery
Rogers, Richard Arnold(NSP) s/o Arnold & Aileen (Blackstun)16 Mar 194211 May 2001Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rogers, Sarah E.1/18/18822/6/1952Rolla Cemetery
Rogers, Sarah Edwardad/o J.D. & M.F. b. VA12/9/1862one dateRolla Cemetery
Rogers, Spencer Lee,stillborn; b Rolla MO;ord. Mr.Paulsbu 11/20/1959Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rogers, Susan E.(NSP) d/o Mike & Mary (Campbell) Woods28 Mar 195619 Dec 2002Rolla Cemetery
Rogers, Virginia E.(NSP) Lebanon, formerly of St. James, MO79 yrs13 Feb 2006Unknown
Rogers, Williams/o G.W.8 Sep 1878 29 Oct 1878Beulah
Rogers, Winifred C.?d/o J.L. & J.3 months 23d24 Aug 1871Meramec Springs Cem.
Rohay, Vincent S.(NSP)s/o Stephen & Theresa (Kelleman)19 Sep 192011 Sep 2003Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rohlfing, Alvin A.(NSP)s/o Christian & Carolyn (Schultz)9 Jun 19115 Apr 2002Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rohlfing, James Alvin(NSP) h/o Linda Irene53 yrs21 Jun 1998Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rohlfing, Linda E.b Osage Co., MO, Alvin Rohlfing3/28/1913bu 6/3/1968Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rohlfing, Viola M.(NSP) d/o Wm. & Mary (Fedder) Storr10 Oct 190810 Nov 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Roland, David Bruces/o Lloyd & Juanita (Warren)1/6/18405/27/1940Rolla Cemetery
Rolen, Arrie Windel(NSP)d. Chicago, h/o Rachel67 yrs8/26/1983Rolla Cemetery
Rolen, Arrie WindelCpl. USA WW II19151983Rolla Cemetery
Rolen, Bessie Bradfordd/o Lewis & Mary Bradford11/23/18792/12/1965Rolla Cemetery
Rollhaus, Albert K.(NSP) s/o Albert K. & Juliana (Scheller)26 Nov 190130 Nov 2000St. James/Old Masonic
Rollhaus, Julia A.(NSP) w/o Albert K., nee Scheller87 yrs14 Sep 1999St. James/Old Masonic
Rollin, Otto12/29/1888bu 2/7/1977Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rollings, Delilah30 yrsbu 2/5/1988Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rollins, R. Scottord. Ronald Rollins7 yrsbu 5/30/1975Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Clifford E.67 yrsbu 5/11/1976Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Donald48 yrsbu 11/13/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Gary Lee, dab;b Rolla, MO,1/-/1952bu 1/9/1952Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Grace E.b Arlington, MO, ord. Helen Rolufs5/21/1877bu 5/28/1966Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Helen I.(NSP) d/o Robert Walter & Mary Josephine (Knight) Robinson25 Jan 19132 Jun 1999Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Henry E.bu Herculanian Cem.;rem. 4/1/1954Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Justus E.b Clementine, MO,5/16/1885bu 1/15/1958Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Michael A.b Phelps Co., MO, Eugene Rolufs9/19/1956bu 3/14/1967Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Robert "Cotton"(NSP) s/o Clifford Eugene & Helen Irene (Robinson)26 Aug 193223 Jul 2000Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Rosa90 yrsbu 12/28/1982Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Rulof Theodoreb Island of Fahr, Germany,11/20/1873bu 3/14/1954Ozark Memorial Gardens
Rolufs, Shirley Jean(NSP) Rolla68 yrs5 Dec 2003Unknown
Romano, Clairew/o FrankRolla Cemetery
Romano, Claire J.wid/o Frank83 years7/11/1988Rolla Cemetery
Romano, Don C.(NSP) s/o Frank & Claire24 Feb 19264 Apr 1999Rolla Cemetery
Romano, Frankh/o Claire12/3/19015/19/1976Rolla Cemetery
Romano, Lee Roberson(NSP) d/o Samuel & Alice (Tackett) Roberson25 Oct 192230 Jan 1999Rolla Cemetery
Romanowski, Gregory, 1 mo.;bSt.Louis,Mrs.Joyce Romanowski1 monthbu 3/8/1965Ozark Memorial Gardens
Romberg, Mildred(FHM),d/o Geo & Sarah Howard(1906)(1937)Rolla Cemetery
Romboseck, Josephburial record11/5/1945Rolla Cemetery
Romine, Ada Mirtled/o Charles E. & Lou Elley2/11/188712/17/1897Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Arthur V.owner R.E. Romine13 Mar 192823 Sep 1950St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Bessie F.owner R.E. Romine18 Aug 18876 Jul 1968St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Charles E.h/o Luella Johnson12/6/18599/12/1942Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Edith D. (NSP)w/o John F., OES9/23/189710/28/1987Rolla Cemetery
Romine, Dorothy L.(NSP) St. James, MO76 yrs1 Jun 1999Unknown
Romine, Emily F.d/o B.T. & L. A.7 Aug 18547 Nov 1874St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Erma Etheld/o C.E. & L.E.1/12/190810/10/1910Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Eva Mayd/o C.E. & L.E.2/9/18892/6/1893Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Florence D.owner Geo. Romine29 Jul 189431 Jan 1973St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, George Walter(NSP) s/o Walter & Florence (Goodacre)6 Mar 191727 Feb 2006St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Idaw/o John C. nee Moreland2/9/18687/11/1948Rolla Cemetery
Romine, James B.s/o B.T. & L.A.14 Jan 18706 Dec 1871St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, John Clarkh/o Ida, s/o B.F. & Louisa3/21/18625/14/1928Rolla Cemetery
Romine, John F.4/3/18977/17/1962Rolla Cemetery
Romine, Julius18831969St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Julius B. Jr.(NSP) s/o Julius M. & Philomena (Brendewiedere)28 Jun 191321 Sep 2000St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Lena Graced/o C.E. & L.E.5/5/18912/2/1893Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Louisaw/o Berry T.2 Jul 183222 Aug 1881St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Louisa G.owner B.T. Romine20 Dec 18663 Feb 1872St. James/Old Masonic
Romine, Luellaw/o C.E., nee Johnson2/22/186611/16/1917Macedonia Cemetery
Romine, Melissa J.w/o Wm. T.1 Mar 18579 Jul 1930St. James/Old Masonic
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