Phelps County Burials
Dotson, Mollie E.10 Apr 1873Pilot Knob
Dotson, Samuels/o T.W. & E. 9 Jun 1877 8 Sep 1878Smith
Dotson, Thomas W.h/o Ellender10 Jan 1838 3 Apr 1909Smith
Dotson, Williamh/o Agnes, b. IL10 Jan 181620 Mar 1896Smith
Doty, Susand/o James & Ida18911891Edgar Springs Cem.
Doub, Robert Pershing(NSP) h/o Berniece80y 6m 21d11 Dec 1998St. James/Old Masonic Cemetery
Doucette,stone no writingRolla Cemetery
Doucette, Gregory A.19501951Rolla Cemetery
Dougherty, Helen1/26/18907/12/1978Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dougherty, Inf. (NSP)Inf/o C.O. Dougherty28 Aug 1902Newburg Cemetery
Dougherty, Mary Lucille (NSP) nee Campbell5 Dec 19283 Dec 2001Unknown
Douglas, "Mother"owner Harold Douglas18451918St. James/Old Masonic
Douglas, Francisw/Lillian Odell,w/o George10/27/18721/18/1938Rolla Cemetery
Douthat, Leeland W.s/o Robert W. & Mary T.1y 5m 18d10/8/1873Rolla Cemetery
Dow, Mamied/o J. & M. Livingston6 Sep 186714 Oct 1899Elk Prairie Cemetery
Dowd, Francis E.(NSP)75 yrs5/6/1912Rolla Cemetery
Dowd, Ida Jane Beckowner C. Beck & B. Wood26 Aug 190415 May 1931St. James/Old Masonic
Dowd, JosephCharged to Frank Dowd Retired4/28/1903Rolla Cemetery
Dowdy, Joseph P.7/14/1903bu 7/14/1964Ozark Memorial Gardens
Dowdy, Leona L. b Forest City, MO,4/16/1908bu11/10/1954Ozark Memorial Gardens
Dowdy, Maurice H.5/1/1901bu 7/2/1971Ozark Memorial Gardens
Dowdy, Tammy(NSP) w/o Steve21 yrs23 Aug 1999Rolla Cemetery
Dowdy, Terrie Daun(NSP) d/o Ira Cade & Irene Agusta (Wyatt) Emory4 Aug 194715 Jul 2003Mt. Morris, MI
Dowdy, Vera B.85 yrsbu 3/21/1985Ozark Memorial Gardens
Dowell, Brown (col)burial record87y 1m 21d4/27/1944Rolla Cemetery
Dowell, Estherw/o Brown, d/o Alfred Stewart3/6/186712/12/1926Rolla Cemetery
Dowell, LoundonCharged to Brown Dowell100 yrs9/4/1904Rolla Cemetery
Dowell, Mrs. AnnieCharged to Brown Dowell82yrs5/2/1910Rolla Cemetery
Dowler, Glyn G.(NSP) s/o Homer O. & Laura (McClary)14 Aug 191511 Apr 2005St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Anniecemetery record(May 1941)Adams
Dowling, Catherinew/o Ed8 Sep 182917 Mar 1866Hawkins2
Dowling, Cornelia B.w/o Geo. B., nee Wynn18601931St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Earl Earnest18951966St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Ernest Rayh/o Helen, d. Texas71 yrs26 Feb 1991St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Florence E.owner Ernest Earl Dowling18951968St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, George B.h/o Cornelia B.18611925St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Helen E.(NSP) Carlsbad,NM/St. James, MO80 yrs29 Dec 2001Unknown
Dowling, James M. (Marion)h/o Louisa2/29/186411/19/1936Rolla Cemetery
Dowling, Louisamother18521928Rolla Cemetery
Dowling, Lucy C.d/o G.B. & C.B.11yr 9m 10d28 Oct 1899St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Mary P.d/o G.B. & C. B. 2y 7m 4d30 Jun 18861 Jul 1888St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Nancy O.c/o G.B. & C.B. 5 years8 May 18941899St. James/Old Masonic
Dowling, Thomas D.owner Ethel Dowling18 Nov 189922 Jun 1925St. James/Old Masonic
Downey, Joseph G.(NSP) s/o Joseph Daniel & Edna 16 Jan 192330 Dec 1996Skaggs Cemetery
Downey, Nadine E.(NSP) d/o Alfred Norman & Pearl (Cochran) Fanning 4 Aug 191412 Apr 2006Skaggs Cem., near Vichy, MO
Downing, Vivian Ruth(NSP) St. James, MO86 yrs21 Jun 2000Unknown
Doyel, Glen H.3/18/18887/9/1976Mt. Olive
Doyel, James Anthonys/o Thomas & Esmerelda (Stevens)15 Jul 19342 Oct 1999Unknown
Doyel, James "Sam"66 yrsbu 7/26/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
Doyel, Katie E.4/17/18937/17/1946Mt. Olive
Doyel, Evelyn Lea(NSP) Newburg, MO92 yrs21 Jun 2000Unknown
Doyel, stillborn (FHR)c/o Glen & Kati7/28/1923Mt. Olive
Doyel, William F. WWIIMo S/Sgt 383 Base Unit AAF1/27/191711/10/1964Rolla Cemetery
Doyle, Ethel(NSP) d/o George & Belle (Armer) Franklin24 May 190722 Aug 1998Vienna, MO
Doyle, Jeffrey S.b Rolla, MO; ord. Gary Doyleprematurebu 4/2/1967Ozark Memorial Gardens
Doyle, Joseph R.h/o Lena Mae19201983Newburg Cemetery
Doyle, Lena Maew/o Joseph R.1944Newburg Cemetery
Doyle, Marjorie M.(NSP) d/o Elmer & Aney (Johnson) Doyle9 Apr 191114 Apr 2005Jasonville, IN
Doyle, William John, Sr.(NSP) Waynesville, MO83 yrs21 Dec 1999Dixon, MO
Drake, Avery A. (Dr.)(NSP) h/o Genevieve Wilson & Mrs. Wm. Smith Hodge94 yrs29 Dec 1995Ozark Memorial Gardens
Drake, Genevieveord. Dr. A.A. Drakebu 10/10/1966Ozark Memorial Gardens
Drennen, Frances M.w/o Thomas L.16 Jan 19166 Oct 1996St. James/Old Masonic
Drennen, Lillie M.w/o Thomas R.28 Jun 188412 Jan 1965St. James/Old Masonic
Drennen, Thomas L.29 Nov 19086 Sep 1987St. James/Old Masonic
Drennen, Thomas R.7 Sep 18834 Dec 1967St. James/Old Masonic
Drenski, Hermanon stone w/Blank & Hance20 Sep 184710 Apr 1905Mill Creek
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