Phelps County Burials
Curnutte, Russell B.11/13/19498/29/1969Rolla Cemetery
Curnutte/McDaniel MonumentRolla Cemetery
Curran, Ardelia Pearl20 Aug 190524 May 1980Watts
Curran, Charles E.18991983Watts
Curran, Virgil E.MO PFC 143 Inf WW II,s/o Chas.10 Jun 192429 Aug 1944Watts
Currington, Fredad/o J.H. & M.2 monthsRolla Cemetery
Currington, Myrtled/o J.H. & M.9 daysRolla Cemetery
Curtin, Juanita E.(NSP) d/o Clemens & Florence (Hayes) Marchland11 Aug 1927 1 Sep 1998Ozark Memorial Gardens
Curtis, Catherine R.nee Herbert14 May 1826 12 Aug 1907Edgar Springs Cem.
Curtis, Charles Fred 4 Dec 1914 6 Mar 1963Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Charles H.h/o Mahala E. Grant18481930Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Charles M.(NSP) s/o Albert & Lucy (Tackett)3 Oct 191421 Mar 1999Ozark Memorial Gardens
Curtis, CiceroCo A 34th MO Inf10/1829buriedRolla Cemetery
Curtis, Darrel Gene(NSP) s/o Charles & Ila (Lewis)29 May 19437 Nov 1997Richmond, VA
Curtis, E.R. (Errington)h/o Ruby E.12/30/19115/19/1981Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Earl Edison(NSP) s/o Oliver & Minnie (Perry), h/o Helen E.4 Feb19161 Jul 1997Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Eljory C.25 Oct 18229 Oct 1903Edgar Springs Cem.
Curtis, Elven E. (Rev.)(NSP) s/o Tom & Cora10 Oct 192325 Oct 2004Anutt Cem., Dent Co., MO
Curtis, Etta W.w/James C. Williams19221939Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Eurekam/o Ewell, Edna & Norma85 yrs4 Dec 1991Anutt Cemetery
Curtis, Evaline (Mann)1st w/o Wm. F., nee Black 6 Mar 1889 2 Feb 1909Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Floyd (child)Lake Spring Cemetery
Curtis, George W.18661922Lake Spring Cemetery
Curtis, Helen E.w/o Earl E., nee Munzert10/6/19157/23/1990Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, James Elmerw/Williams194112 Apr 1942Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, John W.29 May 186719 Dec 1924Watts
Curtis, Larry Earlw/Earl E. & Helen E. Curtis2/11/19571/7/1959Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Maggienee Miller, w/o #2 Wm. Curtis30 May 1889 5 Feb 1962Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Mahala E.w/o Charles H.18571944Rhea Cemetery
Curtis, Martha K.(NSP) Rolla/St. James, MO68 yrs14 Jun 1998Unknown
Curtis, Minnie Alicew/o Oliver E.4/14/18867/30/1966Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Nellie E.w/o William W., nee Vaughan80 yrs2 Dec 1989Watts
Curtis, Oliver E.h/o Minnie Alice5/18/18801/7/1957Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Reba(NSP) w/o Virgil, nee Ichord79 yrs28 Dec 1996Ozark Memorial Gardens
Curtis, Ruby E.w/o E.R.11/3/19175/10/1976Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Sarah Meredithw/o Tom Meredith12/30/19074/13/1968Rolla Cemetery
Curtis, Vernonh/o Edna10 Apr 191917 Feb 1994Anutt
Curtis, Virgil Eugene(NSP) s/o Oliver & Minnie Alice (Perry)13 Jul 191830 Jun 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
Curtis, William F.h/o Evaline, s/o Chas. H.26 Jan 1878 8 May 1948Rhea Cemetery
Curtman, Carolyn L.&Marlyn Stwin d/o of F.F. & L.J.12 Jun 194412 Jun 1944Ramsey
Cussins, Williamh/o Mary51 yrs28 Nov 1989Rolla Cemetery
Custer, DorothySt. Louis formerly of St. James, MO94 yrs4 Aug 2005Unknown
Cutter, Mary Louise(NSP) w/o Scott Clay Cutter6 Aug 190417 Apr 1996Marshall, Ill.
Cysewski, Brian(NSP) s/o Gerald & Doris26 Jul 19507 Apr 2002Pea Ridge/Roach Cemetery
Cysewski, Doris(NSP) w/o Gerald, Sr.83 yrs27 Sep 2004Pea Ridge/Roach Cemetery
Dablemont, Betty L.w/o Perry Edward7/5/1933Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, Charles G.(NSP) s/o George A. & Zella (Webber) 7 Jan 193112 Jan 2004Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, David A.MO ME 3 US Navy, s/o G.A. 8/27/19338/11/1969Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, G.A. (Tot)s/o Victor10/22/189712/2/1976Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, Herman H.b. Relfe, MO5/31/19118/11/1987Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, Izora A.w/o Victor, nee Mallery12/28/18702/8/1937Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, John Victor(NSP)s/o G.A. "Tot"& Zella4 Oct 193511 Apr 2002Wynn
Dablemont, Perry Edwardh/o Betty L.8/10/19306/17/1987Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, Perry N.s/o Victor7/29/18905/28/1947Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dablemont, Victor L.h/o Izora A.4/18/18611/12/1943Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Dachau, Infantburial record8/22/1942Rolla Cemetery
Dacus, Eileenburial record2/26/1972Rolla Cemetery
Dahl, Lawrence(NSP) St. James, MO89 yrs5 Jun 2003Unknown
Dailey, Agneson with John J.St. James Catholic Cem.
Dailey, Annie H.on with John J., nee HanefinSt. James Catholic Cem.
Dailey, Betty Helen (Mann)11/22/194211/22/1942Macedonia Cemetery
Dailey, Charles M.18811946Pilot Knob
Dailey, Corneliuson with John J.St. James Catholic Cem.
Dailey, Glennaron with John J.St. James Catholic Cem.
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