Phelps County Burials
Skyles, Mariew/o Frank60 yrs30 Mar 1979Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Martha E.w/o ---A.18641888Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Martha Lucinda(FHM)w/o John,nee Cox11 Nov 186426 Sep 1954Cox
Skyles, Mary Annw/o William M.12/26/18793/30/1966Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, Mary Catherinenee Goodnight, w/o Hezekiah M.4/12/18619/22/1940Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, Melinda E.20 May 188822 Sep 1889Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Melinda, motherb. Green Co.,TN80 yrs (NSP)1910Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Mrs. GeorgeNSP) d/o John Clark44 years3 Apr 1899Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Myrtle19191979Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Nancy E.w/o William E.1/5/19103/26/1968Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, Pearl19041952Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, Rosina E.w/o Frank J.26 Jun 187711 Jan 1966Wishon Cemetery
Skyles, Thomas G.(FHM) no datesburial6/7/1961Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, Thomas J.(FHM)s/o Martha L.&J.20 Jan 189124 Oct 1954Cox
Skyles, Vernon Edward(NSP) Kennett/St. James, MO34 yrs8 Aug 1996Unknown
Skyles, William C.(NSP) s/o John W.& MarthaOct 18882 Aug 1909Cox
Skyles, William E.h/o Nancy E.6/3/190710/18/1985Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, William J.s/o William M. & Mary (Grisham)26 Mar 191723 Apr 1998Rolla Cemetery
Skyles, William M.h/o Mary Ann3/25/18673/1/1949Rolla Cemetery
Slates, Bertha M. Walkersis/o Joseph Allen Walker2/24/19079/17/1973Rolla Cemetery
Slattery, Margo Jeannee Jackson, w/o Roy3/24/192110/4/1987Rolla Cemetery
Slaughter, Charles W.76y 8m l9ds29 Dec 1944Goodall
Slaughter, Emma Alberta25 May 18816 Oct 1953Goodall
Slaughter, J.D.s/o N.B. & N.J.12 Jun 18612 May 1873Goodall
Slaughter, N.B.b. VA13 Jul 183127 Mar 1920Goodall
Slaughter, Nancy J.w/o N.B., nee Lett20 Dep 18363 Sep 1911Goodall
Slavesof the Dyer family (Mann)Dyer/Carney Cemetery
Slaves buried underconcrete slabsWishon Cemetery
Slaves of Lewis WrightWright
Slawson, Anna P.3/29/191112/3/1953Mt. Olive
Slawson, Bertha Ellen(NSP) d/o Lula & Tillman Forster18 Oct 192316 May 1996Unknown
Slawson, C.A.Brother18651939Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Carl Thomas(NSP) s/o Lula Slawson 18 Oct 192112 Sep 1996Unknown
Slawson, Carl Thomas Jr.s/o Carl T. Sr. 21 yrs9/29/1979Mt. Olive
Slawson, Charles R.(NSP) Auto accident 74 yrsSep 2000Unknown
Slawson, Dorothy F.(NSP) Wm. Chester & Edith Jane (Henson) Humphrey 14 Mar 19298 Apr 2001Pilot Knob Cemetery
Slawson, E.C.Corpl.,Co. C, 95th NY datesNewburg Cemetery
Slawson, Edna(FHM), w/o George A.18821964Pilot Knob
Slawson, Ellenb. Swansea, Wales, nee Smith23 Jan 184421 Nov 1930Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Erastus Corningb. NYC29 May 184128 Nov 1911Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Freds/o Leonard & Offie (Pointer)16 Jun 19358 Dec 1999Newburg
Slawson, Freddie7 Jul 19566 Oct 1956Pilot Knob
Slawson, George A.h/o Edna (FHM)18891970Pilot Knob
Slawson, Leonard F.h/o Offie P.31 Mar 1901 6 Aug 1977Pilot Knob
Slawson, Lester Thomas(NSP)s/o Leonard F. & Offie (Poynter)10 Jul 1939 19 Nov 2003Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Lonnie 4/4/19038/8/1963Mt. Olive
Slawson, Mary Alice(NSP)d/o Q.F. & Nancy E.(Cowin)Jones2 Aug 192716 Jun 2002Newburg
Slawson, Melvin Leon(NSP) s/o Leonard & Offie (Pointer)11 Jan 194711 Nov 1999Pilot Knob Cemetery
Slawson, Mrs. C.R.lot owner, Sec 5-59Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Nathan Daniel4 Feb 197412 Mar 1974Pilot Knob
Slawson, Offie P.w/o Leonard F., nee Poynter22 Sep 19044 Jan 1983Pilot Knob
Slawson, Sherman E.SP4 US Army, Vietnam 7 Nov 1945 2 Aug 1983Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Susie (FHR)d/o Laney & Pearl (Cooper)23 Jun 194725 Jun 1947Newburg Cemetery
Slawson, Wanda Lea(NSP) d/o Eugene & Lucille (Ragan) Salts1 Feb 194223 Sep 1999Rolla Cemetery
Slawson, William Daniels/o Leonard & Offie (Poynter)6 Jun 19221 Oct 1996Pilot Knob
Slawson, William Davidh/o Dorothy, s/o Leonard6 Jun 19221 Oct 1996Pilot Knob
Slayton, Ray?Rolla Cemetery
Slayton, ShellyFHM only19621964Rolla Cemetery
Slayton, Thomas L.(Harold Taylor)6/29/19201/6/1969Rolla Cemetery
Sliger, Dora O.d/o John A. & Mary Edith Benson18 Jan 190225 Aug 2002Cavaness Cem.
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