Phelps County Burials
Bell, B. Arthurs/o J.E. & S.E.17y 3m 2d9 Feb 1903Adams
Bell, Bannardlot owner Sec 4-04sNewburg Cemetery
Bell, Blanche Mabeld/o Phillip & Lulu (Adams) Fink, w/o Austin6 May 190511 Nov 2002Unknown
Bell, Burnhardt J.9 Sep 18673 Mar 1916Newburg Cemetery
Bell, Burnhardt J.h/o Mary Ann 9 Sep 1867 3 Mar 1916Newburg Cemetery
Bell, Carl C.b Elk, OK,1/28/1915 bu 9/2/1969Ozark Memorial Gardens
Bell, Cecil J.(NSP) Rolla/St. James, MO70 yrs 14 Apr 1996Unknown
Bell, Charles S.2/26/1889bu 7/12/1955Ozark Memorial Gardens
Bell, child of Emory & Elancemetery recordAdams
Bell, child of Taylorcemetery recordAdams
Bell, child of Taylorcemetery recordAdams
Bell, Clarence J.18891954Asher
Bell, Columbus C.h/o Ida M.21 Apr 188413 Aug 1955Newburg Cemetery
Bell, Columbus lot ownerSec 1-30, 4 Feb 1925Newburg Cemetery
Bell, Conwayhad smallpox & was buriedoutside offenceAdams
Bell, E. May1/11/19112/25/1912Asher
Bell, Earl C.1/20/19041/3/1963Asher
Bell, Earl, 71;71 yrsbu 12/23/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Bell, Edith Mariond/o Austin8 Mar 193330 Mar 1938Bell
Bell, Ednaw/o James R.18871967Adams
Bell, Edna, 79;79 yrsbu 12/3/1977Ozark Memorial Gardens
Bell, Eliza A.w/o Henry W., nee Tungate6/4/18493/6/1901Asher
Bell, Elon G.(NSP) St. James, MO71 yrs18 Sep 1999Unknown
Bell, Elsiew/o George O.7 Oct 1899Adams
Bell, Emma J.w/o Lawrence E.23 Mar 191010 Dec 1982Adams
Bell, Enoch E.10 Sep 183926 Mar 1918Bell
Bell, Eva A.nee Deisher (NSP)10/14/190112/4/1988Asher
Bell, Florencew/o Willard18861953Asher
Bell, Florence A.d/o G.W. & L.I.7 Apr 190719 Jul 1908Adams
Bell, Forence Elained/o L.B. & L.M.30 Jul 191230 Jul 1912Beulah
Bell, Frank T.MO S/Sgt 133 Inf 34 Div WWII14 Jan 191026 May 1944Adams
Bell, Frankb. Jerome, MO;ord. Addle Bellbu 6/30/1966Ozark Memorial Gardens
Bell, Fred F.(NSP) s/o Frank & Addie (Laney)10 Jun 19334 Sep 2004Harrison/Pillman
Bell, G. Gracew/o Rev. John J.1/27/18869/5/1959Macedonia Cemetery
Bell, George A.(Albert)h/o Illa M.3 Aug 19232 Jan 1989Adams
Bell, George F.18841965Adams
Bell, George O.h/o Elsie18 May 190111 May 1987Adams
Bell, George W.16 Mar 186929 Aug 1945Adams
Bell, Gerald F.5 Feb 193719 Aug 1966Bell
Bell, Grace L.w/o J. Taylor26 Jan 188827 Aug 1973Adams
Bell, H. Marionh/o Hattie V.14 Mar 187022 Oct 1955Bell
Bell, Hattie V.w/o H. Marion15 Nov 187529 Jun 1953Bell
Bell, Henry W.7/12/184512/7/1931Asher
Bell, Ida M.w/o Columbus C., nee Bohannon 4 Sep 188210 Jan 1960Newburg Cemetery
Bell, Illa M.w/o George A.26 Sep 1924Adams
Bell, Infant16 Mar 1936Jackson
Bell, Infantinf/o J.E. & S.E.(Mann)Adams
Bell, infants/o J. Taylor & Grace L.5 Jun 1916Adams
Bell, J. Henry11/15/18766/22/1959Asher
Bell, J. Leonardh/o Eva A.10/30/190212/31/1983Asher
Bell, J. Taylorh/o Grace L.24 Feb 188218 Apr 1967Adams
Bell, James E.h/o Elon (NSP)87 yrs6 Oct 1993Adams
Bell, James E.h/o Sarah E.,s/o A.C. &Hester12 Jul 184921 Dec 1925Adams
Bell, James Emory, Jr.25 Apr 19505 Feb 1985Adams
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