Phelps County Burials
Bryant, Willis L. s/o S.B. & M.8 June 18756 May 1885Bryant
Bryant, Willis L.s/o S.B. & M. 8 June 18756 May 1885Cave Sp Cr.
Bryer, Dick A.h/o Lola, d. PA1/7/19297/2/1979Rolla Cemetery
Bryer, Josephineburial record10/25/1961Rolla Cemetery
Bryer, Lolaw/o Dick3/18/1929Rolla Cemetery
Bryer, Louisew/o Robert L.4/10/19046/1/1981Rolla Cemetery
Bryer, Robert L.h/o Louise5/22/1906Rolla Cemetery
Buchanan, Corinna Marcelle(NSP) d/o Matt & Eva (Cook) Goins22 Mar 193112 May 2003Pea Ridge/Roach
Buchanan, Denzil A.owner Pansy Buchanan23 Jul 19016 Apr 1982St. James/Old Masonic
Buchanan, Pansy B.18 Aug 19025 Apr 1985St. James/Old Masonic
Buck, Amy Lynn (twin, premature) 1 da.; b Rolla MO,7/1/1963bu 7/2/1963Ozark Memorial Gardens
Buck, Charles A.(FHM) (Mann)73y 5m l9ds 7 Jun 1944Mt. Zion
Buck, Effied/o Geo & A.A.7/5/18705/27/1886Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Buck, Lori Ann (twin, premature)1 da.; b Rolla, MO, Donald Buck7/1/1963bu 7/2/1963Ozark Memorial Gardens
Buck, Mary S.d/o Bland L. & Mercy Ethel (Coulter) Smith11 Apr 191222 Dec 1999Rolla Cemetery
Buck, Portia R.(NSP) d/o John & Mary (Reno) Prost17 Feb 191814 Oct 2001St. Louis, MO
Buckey Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
Buckey, Anna Maudew/o Martin B.1/18/187910/18/1966Rolla Cemetery
Buckey, Clara M.(NSP) d/o Frank & Mary (Kaiser) Conley1 Dec 192127 Apr 2000Rolla Cemetery
Buckey, Grace L.10/2/18979/20/1949Rolla Cemetery
Buckey, Manuel H.h/o Grace L., b. Ohio10/11/189612/16/1969Rolla Cemetery
Buckey, Martin B.h/o Anna Maude5/20/18755/23/1925Rolla Cemetery
Buckman Nellie7/1/18163/3/1881Rolla Cemetery
Buckman, Cyrus3/22/1796 /24/1872Rolla Cemetery
Buckner, Manuel(NSP) s/o Will & Cora (Bray)14 Sep 19105 Nov 1997Dixon Cemetery, Dixon, MO
Buckthrope, Tom(NSP)s/o Tom & Joan43 yrs3 Oct 1995Ozark Memorial Gardens
Buder, Annie Marienee Cook3/12/190310/25/1965Rolla Cemetery
Buehler, Henry A.Doctor5/27/18763/14/1944Rolla Cemetery
Bueker, Lester W.Lee's Summit/Salem, MO93 yrs14 Sep 2005Salem, MO
Buente, Carl W.h/o M. Lorraine, Pvt2/17/189612/12/1973Rolla Cemetery
Buente, M. Lorrainew/o Carl W.3/23/1910Rolla Cemetery
Buente, Martha C.w/Ella A.B. Comstock6/9/18662/23/1949Rolla Cemetery
Buer, Willy Ann8 Jan 183512 Jan 1874Peck
Buescher, Beulah H.3 Jun 1908St. James/Old Masonic
Buescher, Fred G.13 Sep 1908St. James/Old Masonic
Buescher, Linda Maeowner Fred & Beulah Buescher8 May 1946 2 Aug 1982St. James/Old Masonic
Buffer, Alta Fay(NSP) d/o John & Julia (Weber) Kinder 21 Oct 1913 19 Feb 2003Ozark Memorial Gardens
Buffer, Dorothy (NSP)d/o Teba & Louella Anderson 60 yrs l Oct 1989Edgar Springs Cem.
Buffer, Eli C.h/o Josie A.4 Nov 187619 Dec 1943Mitchell
Buffer, George L.76 yrsbu 9/13/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Buffer, Josie A.w/o Eli C.7 Dec 187829 Jul 1921Mitchell
Buffer, Margaret H. "Etta"w/o William F.28 Sep 18873 Oct 1981Smith
Buffer, William F.h/o Margaret H.22 Mar 188325 Nov 1964Smith
Bugbee, EmoryPvt 1st Iowa Inf5 Feb 1934Missouri Veterans Cem.
Buggs, (Mann-abt. 6 to South of Mary ESt. James/Old Masonic
Buhlinger, Edith Ann(NSP) d/o Lace & Stella (Popeawall) Phillips17 Oct 19149 Apr 2004High Gate Cemetery
Buhlinger, Janice Kay(NSP) d/o Benjamin John & E. Rose (Latia) Kawiecki10 Oct 195019 Jul 2004High Gate Cemetery
Buiss, TheoCounty Record, b. Switzerland10/8/1885Rolla Cemetery
Bulick, Helennee Roberts, w/o Robert P.14 Nov 191714 Dec 1982St. James/Old Masonic
Bulick, Robert PaulDr. married Aug 13, 193919 Sep 19113 May 1964St. James/Old Masonic
Bull, Lorrained/o Opal Bailey4/14/19295/18/1934Rolla Cemetery
Bullard, Amandaw/o John D., nee Petaway25 Feb 18385 Sep 1915Goodall
Bullard, John D. 183511 Apr 1886Goodall
Bullman, Catherine Gale(NSP) d/o Edmond & Catherine (Gorman) Tompkins, w/o Gale D. Bullman23 Dec 190812 Jan 1997Cremated
Bullman, Delmar Galeh/o Gale8/18/19016/24/1977Rolla Cemetery
Bullock,Rolla Cemetery
Bullock,no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Bullock,no datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Bullock, Adaline Aw/o Albert T.18681963St. James/Old Masonic
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