Phelps County Burials
McNerney, Mikelot owner Sec 4-13Newburg Cemetery
McNerney, WilliamMO Pvt. Co E, 330 Inf WW I6 Mar 18946 Sep 1954St. James/Old Masonic
McNew, Brandon Tucker(NSP) s/o Dallas & Tabbilina27 May 199827 May 1998unknown
McPheron, Basil P.(NSP)s/o Chester E. & Ova (Sanders)12 May 192022 Dec 2006Ozark Memorial Gardens
McQuade, James86 yrs2/28/1916Rolla Cemetery
McQuade, Mrs.brought to RollaJan 1923Rolla Cemetery
McQueen, Dorothy Alvinad/o Edward A & Clyde June (Presley)Hill 30 Sep 19212 Jul 2005near Elsberry, Mo
McQueen, Ernie R.(NSP) s/o Robert Lee & Sade (Ridenhour) 29 Jun 191421 Dec 1997Belle, MO
McQuinn, Elizabethby Geo. L. Stimpson2119/18763/12/1957Rolla Cemetery
McRae, Austin LeeDoctor, b. GA18611922Rolla Cemetery
McReynolds, Ella Elizabethsis/o Mary Agnes Kruse (NSP)96 yrs31 Mar 1993St. James/Old Masonic
McReynolds, Howard A.h/o Ella77 years23 Feb 1987St. James/Old Masonic
McRoberts, EllaMother, w/Leslie Conner6/22/18696/10/1930Rolla Cemetery
McSee, Carl (Carl M. See)burial record4/25/1942Rolla Cemetery
McShannon, Malcolm Jr.(NSP) s/o Malcolm & Marjorie (Rawlings)2 Dec 193425 Jun 1996Marion, Ill.
McWhorter, Albert M. s/o L.M. & N.J. 4 Dec 189626 Dec 1917Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Arnold E.19001943Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Arzetta d/o L.M. & N.J. 4 Feb 19006 Nov 1905Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Bonnie(NSP) St. James, MO 56 yrs12 Sep 1999Unknown
McWhorter, Charles A.68 yrsbu 3/8/1982Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, Dorothy T.nee Thompson, b. Cattis,Ohio3/13/19133/3/1984Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, Elisha M. 9 Feb 18894 Jul 1928Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Encel1/20/19142/12/1977Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, FrederickS. 11 Mar 194023 Mar 1940Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Frederick Sidneys/o James A. & Jella (Cooper)3/11/19403/23/1940Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, Hughs/o Jim & Elizabeth (Burlison)1/5/19078/1/1993Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, Ives Oren19131927Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, JamesAlbert, h/o Margaret L. 24 Jan 1918Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, JamesAlfred 13 Apr 193913 Apr 1939Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, James A. h/o Mary E. 18721960Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Jesse Edward(NSP) s/o James Albert & Margaret Luella (Cooper)4 Jan 194217 Apr 1999Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, John M.30 Mar 190116 Mar 1927Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Levi M. h/o Nancy J. 26 Jun 185912 Mar 1933Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Lewis A., 43;b Seaton, MO, Roy McWhorter3/24/1922bu 7/13/1965Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, Lucy3 Nov 188321 Oct 1973Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Mae Rose(NSP)d/o Otto & Ida (Muench) Dewing17 May 190629 Aug 2002Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, MargaretLucille, w/o James A. 2 Apr 19207 Nov 1977Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Marie B.(NSP) d/o Walter & Grace (Overlease) Ballance18 Jan 191925 May 2001Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, MarthaJane w/o William H. 7 Feb 185513 May 1932Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Mary E. w/o James A. 18761952Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Maud19 Aug 1902Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Nancy J. nee Laney, w/o Levi M. 4 Jan 1857 11 Sep 1939Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Otto (NSP) h/o Mae (Dewing) 98 yrs 18 Jan 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, Roby S.11 Apr 18992 Jan 1972Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, Roy A. (NSP) s/o James Henry & Mary Elmira (Williams) 29 Nov 1919 13 Mar 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, Virginia Ruth(NSP) d/o Charles Harry & Jane Lees (Focht) Davis9 Jan 19197 Jun 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
McWhorter, Wilbert s/o L.M. & N.J. 7 Mar 189814 Sep 1902Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, William Edgar(NSP) s/o James & Mary Elizabeth (Burleson)27 Jul 190920 Jan 2001Rolla Cemetery
McWhorter, William H19 Mar 19255 May 1926Upper Morrison Cem.
McWhorter, William H.h/o Martha J. 29 Mar 185220 Nov 1923Upper Morrison Cem.
Meacham, Dorothy Annette2/16/191512/27/1958Rolla Cemetery
Meacham, Emma L.on/w Miller5/20/18689/22/1956Rolla Cemetery
Meade, Ethel T.d/o James M. Thompson,w/o M.F25 Sep 188430 Nov 1920Newburg Cemetery
Meade, Jennifer(NSP) Services in Puxico, MO25 yrs15 Nov 1997Unknown
Meade, lot ownerSec 1-27Newburg Cemetery
Meadows Nova V.w/o Harding A.1916St. James/Old Masonic
Meadows, CharlesFort
Meadows, Harding19081978St. James/Old Masonic
Meadows, Melton G.of Fenton formerly of Licking, MO80 yrs23 Aug 2002Licking Cemetery
Means, Ethel Owens94 yrs8/22/1987Rolla Cemetery
Mears, Ethel M.19 Feb 1900Missouri Veterans Cem.
Mederlein, Josefina K. "Peppi"(NSP) d/o Xauer & Maria (Rieder) Mederlein7 Apr 191621 Nov 1996Ozark Memorial Gardens
Medford, Julia12/17/18919/28/1974Rolla Cemetery
Medford, William LeviArk. Sgt Co. C 527 Engr.WW I12/7/189411/30/1963Rolla Cemetery
Medley, John Paynew/Mitchell@ 1825@ 1883Rolla Cemetery
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