Phelps County Burials
Pollard, David Michael(NSP)of Chicago, IL25 Sep 19666 Jun 2002Rolla Cemetery
Pomeroy, Mary J.w/Hall18181902Rolla Cemetery
Pompe, Alex18861975St. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, Alex, Jr.h/o Georgia, (NSP)82 yrs14 Mar 1992St. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, Antoine18401919Wishon Cemetery
Pompe, Emma B.owner Alex Pompe, Sr.18841967St. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, HenrySt. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, Henry Antoine(NSP) s/o Henry Antoine & Lucy (Olis)31 Dec 190917 Aug 1997St. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, Juliaw/o Antoine nee Gaillard18511926Wishon Cemetery
Pompe, Lucyw/o HenrySt. James/Old Masonic
Pompe, Michael Stephen(NSP) s/o Charles & Karen (Harris)3 Nov 196625 Feb 2006Unknown
Ponder, David F.(NSP) Rolla, MO43 yrs8 Feb 2004Unknown
Ponder, Lorraine50 yrsbu 6/24/1979Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponder, Paul E.(NSP) 8 Dec 2002Unknown
Ponzer, 1 adult f.s.beside Catherine (Mann)Beaver
Ponzer, 5 youth f.s.(Mann)Beaver
Ponzer, Alice Katherine(baby)stillborn; b Rolla MO;bu 5/7/1960Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponzer, Alma1/28/192011/4/1965Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Annanee Franz10/28/187312/11/1975Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Benjamins/o Ben & Julia (Franz)25 Sep 19072 Jul 1994Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Benjamin Sr.h/o Julia H.8/3/18854/2/1973Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Catherinenee Peter13 Dec 184322 Oct 1907Beaver
Ponzer, Franz (FHR)s/o Ben & Julia (Franz)27 Sep 191510 Sep 1917Beaver
Ponzer, Gustaveh/o Katherine1953Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Gustave Anton(NSP) s/o Gustave & Katherine (Allgass)28 Jan 191324 Mar 2000Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, John Paul, dab;b Rolla, MO;bu 4/10/1964Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponzer, John Paul(NSP) s/o Ben & Julia (Franz)Ponzer, Sr., h/o Bess29 Sep 192226 Feb 2003Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponzer, Julia H.w/o Ben3/23/18916/4/1978Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Katherinew/o Gustave, nee Algass4/3/18871/9/1953Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Paul David, 3 mo.;b Rolla, MO,6/6/1961bu 9/15/1961Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponzer, Rosemaryinf d/o of Ben & Juliaburied1932Catholic-R
Ponzer, Timothy Joseph18 yrsbu 11/10/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Ponzer, Viola M.(NSP)d/o Archie & Annie Ethel (Goetz)Hinch16 May 19133 Oct 2002Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Wenzels/o Ben (FHR)23 Apr 191913 Nov 1919Beaver
Ponzer, Wenzels/o Wenzel & Anna (Gauber) 14 Jan 191019 Jan 1998Rolla Cemetery
Ponzer, Wenzel Sr.h/o Anna4/28/18735/9/1945Rolla Cemetery
Poole,at EntranceRolla Cemetery
Poole, Joseph William (FHR)Charged to Mrs. J.W. Poole49y 8m 7d6/25/1907Rolla Cemetery
Poole, Julianee Bishop (Mann)Rolla Cemetery
Poor, Mildred Marie(NSP) d/o Wm. & Maude (Simcox) Ragan23 Apr 193214 Nov 2005Unknown
Poor, Hattie2nd w/o Otto, mkr by Cook19021975Macedonia Cemetery
Poore, Jesse L.b Henton, OK;ord. Marie Poore67 yrsbu 3/7/1970Ozark Memorial Gardens
Poore, Marie71 yrsbu 12/17/1986Ozark Memorial Gardens
Pope, James M.18841906Matlock
Pope, Richard Leeburial record, Infant19531953Rolla Cemetery
Portell, Mayme C.d/o John & Florence Finch26 Mar 19183 Sep 2005Anutt Cemetery
Porter, Bobby L.(NSP) Royal E. & Bertha F. (Mason) 1 Jan 193127 Oct 1996Ozark Memorial Gardens
Porter, Inf. s/o James R.burial record4/25/1950Rolla Cemetery
Porter, J.S. (James S.)h/o Ellen Elrod2/27/18707/27/1928Rolla Cemetery
Porter, James Stuarts/o James Sylvester & Esther Jane (Frost)19 Dec 190126 Jan 1998Oak Grove Cemetery
Porter, Royal E.9/14/19082/1/1987Rolla Cemetery
Porter, Sarah6/15/18408/29/1930Rolla Cemetery
Porter, Willowner Wm. Pace18891937St. James/Old Masonic
Potere, James Edward(NSP) s/o Harry & Genevieve E. (May)7 Sep 193326 Nov 2001Rolla Cemetery
Potier, August RalphHouston, MO72 yrs15 Oct 2002N/A
Potter, Dorothyw/o Vernon E.8/8/19242/20/1986Rolla Cemetery
Potter, Gerald Vaughn(NSP) s/o Marion & Pearl (Huskey)9 Oct 194119 Jun 2004Ozark Memorial Gardens
Potter, H.E.h/o Mary E.7 Jul 18445 Feb 1888Lake Spring Cemetery
Potter, Henry M.19001914Newburg Cemetery
Potter, J. lot ownerSec 1-37, 24 Mar 1914Newburg Cemetery
Potter, John Alexanderh/o Louisiana, s/o Jeffrey18731949Newburg Cemetery
Potter, Louisianaw/o John A.18801957Newburg Cemetery
Potter, Margaret C.w/o Winfield S.1/24/18812/16/1963Rolla Cemetery
Potter, Marion "Gus"(NSP) s/o Winfield Scott & Margaret (O;Neal) Potter, h/o Pearl (Huskey)8 Oct 19197 Jan 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Potter, Mary E.w/o H.E.20 Feb 185114 Jan 1927Lake Spring Cemetery
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