Phelps County Burials
Crollay, Desta Mayowner Wm. A. CrollayJun 18711949St. James/Old Masonic
Crollay, Edgar J.h/o Mabel L.1902St. James/Old Masonic
Crollay, Mabel L.w/o Edgar J.19021942St. James/Old Masonic
Crollay, Norman Edwardowner Lelia M. Crollay1 Mar 192621 Nov 1941St. James/Old Masonic
Crollay, William A.18671964St. James/Old Masonic
Crollay, William H.DAR War MemorialRolla Cemetery
Crollay, Wm. H.s/o W.A. & D. USMC7 Sep 189111 Mar 1919Pine Hill
Crolley, Anna D.w/o Ernest, d/o Karl Dewing18 Feb 190013 Apr 1965Adams
Crolley, Charles W.d. St. Louis, h/o Millie71y18 Jul 1990Adams
Crolley, Ernesth/o Anna D.Adams
Crolley, Ernest Edgars/o Lloyd & Ann (Dewing)6 Sep 192013 Jun 1937Adams
Crolley, Mildred Louise Holland(NSP) w/o Charles23 Jan 192615 May 1996Adams
Cromwell, Margueritew/Donahoe18901961Rolla Cemetery
Croney, Helen(NSP) d/o Hugh & Eugenia (Wood) Byrd9 Oct 19109 Dec 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Cronin, Jeremiah George, Jr.(NSP) s/o Jeremiah & Maria (Clancy)6 Apr 191013 Jan 1997Unknown
Cronk, Joes/o Ruby & Arthur, h/o Roxie Carney20 Sep 2000Unknown
Crook, Charles Norrish/o Patsy Ruth19311982Pilot Knob
Crook, Patsy Ruthw/o Charles Norris19371982Pilot Knob
Crooks, Jo Anne(NSP) d/o Walter E. & Anita (Lanning) Elliott20 Sep 19383 Jan 2004Unknown
Crooks, Rose M.(NSP) d/o Wm. & Annabelle (Campbell) Croxton5 Aug 192928 Jun 1998Rushville, IL
Crooms, Ruth F.(NSP) St. James, MO96 yrs11 Jun 1997Unknown
Cropa, Grandpa (per Usary) on concrete wall with Ed KingRolla Cemetery
Crosby, infantLake Spring Cemetery
Crosby, Janette I.w/o Robert29 Jun 1931St. James/Old Masonic
Crosby, Robert L.owner Janette Crosby27 Oct 193124 Jun 1982St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, Willis G.10/1/18555/30/1944Asher
Cross, Arevia E. w/o Fred E.1/14/190710/26/1970Rolla Cemetery
Cross, B. (child)Lake Spring Cemetery
Cross, Bessie F.19001937Beulah
Cross, Clifford E.MO T/Sgt USAF WWII25 Nov 191523 May 1954St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, Eliza E.(Mann-1942)85y 8m 13ds2 Jun 1935Relfe
Cross, Ella J. Thompson(FHR)18481935Relfe
Cross, Floyd E.(MANN)1 grave beside Floyd E.18 Apr 189619 Dec 1924St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, Fred E.h/o Arlevia E.3/25/19039/28/1982Rolla Cemetery
Cross, Harry Pearle36 yrs1/14/1892Rolla Cemetery
Cross, Hugh10 Aug 187315 Apr 1933Beulah
Cross, John F.h/o Susie A.18631944St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, John H.E. 48th MO Inf(8 Jun 1844)(29 Nov 1932)Beulah
Cross, Martha Ellenowner BernardCross15 Sep 187512 Dec 1969St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, Rosa12 Dec 187725 Mar 1861Beulah
Cross, Rufus Jones (FHR)h/o Sarah, s/o Jacob & Eliz.69y 2m 22d7/25/1937Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Cross, Sarah O. Conley (FHR)d/o Soloman Licklider12/5/187310/12/1933Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Cross, Stellad/o B.H.29 Oct 19053 Mar 1927Beulah
Cross, Susie A.w/o John F. 18651952St. James/Old Masonic
Cross, Tammy Jod/o LaMonte Charles of Rigby, IN 32ys3 Feb 1991Beaver
Cross, Walter19371937Beulah
Cross/Courson MonumentRolla Cemetery
Crosser, Alice Irene(NSP) d/o Charles L. & Violet (LaRoque) McMillan10 Feb 19295 Dec 2005Unknown
Crossland, Mary Ann(FHR) d/o James F. & Thelma29 Jun 194330 Jun 1943Goodall
Crouch, Cleveland C.12/24/19433/26/1982Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Crouch, Merritt Wardh/o Anna75 years7/4/1987Macedonia Cemetery
Crow, Richard Y.s/o Otto & Mary (Coppedge)15 Jan 18656 Jul 1952Black
Crow, S.O.Corp'l Co. K, 3rd Missouri CalvarySamples Cemetery
Crowder, James C.(NSP) s/o John W. & Maxine (James)29 Jul 194712 Oct 1998Unknown
Crowell, AmoroseCo B 8th Ill Inf28 Dec 1915Missouri Veterans Cem.
Crowell, Mrs.reservedMissouri Veterans Cem.
Crowell, Ruby L.nee Elliott11/2/19314/25/1955Rolla Cemetery
Crowley, Jacalyn Ann(NSP) d/o Edna Duncan, w/o Michael40 yrs13 Feb 1996Ozark Memorial Gardens
Crowley, Jane J.(NSP) Rolla/St. James, MO75 yrs4 Jan 1998Unknown
Crown, DavidApr 1911Black
Crowner, Ricky1951 1970Edgar Springs Cem.
Croxton, Kevin L.19801980Asher
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