Phelps County Burials
Seidel, Gustavus8/10/1854 8/16/1904Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Seidel, Harvey H.h/o Pearl V.1/23/18879/27/1964Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Seidel, Ivan C.s/o Gustavus7/29/189112/11/1958Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Seidel, Karen Davina2/5/19522/21/1954Rolla Cemetery
Seidel, Lee Roy(NSP) s/o Harvey & Vernie26 Feb 193218 Aug 2004Mt. Olive Cemetery
Seidel, Mary Annnee Turner, w/o Gustavus9/1/186910/21/1945Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Seidel, Mollie Irenebeside Robert H.18831960Missouri Veterans Cem.
Seidel, Pearl V.w/o Harvey H.1/26/189911/15/1975Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Seidel, Robert H.Co A Mo Inf Sp Am War5 Jul 1942Missouri Veterans Cem.
Selbaugh, Hiram (FHR)b. Germany15 Jun 18405 Jul 1921Beaver
Selby, Melissa E.13 Mar 188319 Sep 1972Rhea Cemetery
Selby, Taylor N.15 Oct 188128 Apr 1953Rhea Cemetery
Selleck, Bessie K.w/o Roy V.18731951Rolla Cemetery
Selleck, Roy V.18741956Rolla Cemetery
Seller, Lawrence W.(NSP) St. James/St. Charles, MO80 yrs6 Dec 1998Unknown
Sellers, Amelia(NSP) St. James, MO87 yrs1 Dec 1997Unknown
Sellers, Archie E.21 Oct 18744 May 1957Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, B.F.18501931Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, cannot readon stone with Clara SmithLake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Carrie R.w/o Dean F., d/o Anton & Carrie (Ponzer) Holm9 Aug 19106 Mar 2004Rolla Cemetery
Sellers, Charles H.188515 Nov 1978Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Clare Smith17 Apr 191221 May 1913Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Dean F.h/o Carrie R.1/19/19024/5/1986Rolla Cemetery
Sellers, Edith A.w/o A.9 Sep 187219 Apr 1948Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Ethel2 Apr 191028 Apr 1911Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Freeda V.w/o C.H.19141975Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Glenn R.(NSP) s/o Archie & Edith (Smith)16 Apr 191713 Apr 2005Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sellers, Infd/o A.E. & Edith18 May 190618 May 1906Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, James 2;2 yrsbu 3/18/1976Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sellers, Jerry M.of Salem, MO84 yrs23 Jul 2002N/A
Sellers, Jessie24 yrs2/4/1918Macedonia Cemetery
Sellers, John (FHR)C/to August Frase1y 5m 4d8/17/1911Macedonia Cemetery
Sellers, Kenneth J.h/o Minnie B.12/31/18983/13/1987Rolla Cemetery
Sellers, Lou Emmaw/o G.W.21yr 1m 1da2/14/1893Macedonia Cemetery
Sellers, Maria,w/o W.H. Sellers,56y3ms 21ds20 Sep 1869Sellers
Sellers, Melba(NSP) d/o Corby & Belle (Hughes) Sellers1 Oct 19257 Mar 2006Sellers
Sellers, Mildred M.(NSP) d/o John F. & Lula Ann (Teague) Howard26 May 19082 Feb 1997Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sellers, Minnie B.m. Dec 13, 1919, w/o Kenneth11/30/1898Rolla Cemetery
Sellers, Norman W. (Jim)(NSP) h/o Frieda Maxine Carroll & Ruby Belle Smith23 May 193021 May 2003Unknown
Sellers, R.E.186419--Lake Spring Cemetery
Sellers, Ruby Belle(NSP) d/o Harvey T. & Violet (Beddoe) Smith16 Feb 194111 Feb 2002Ozark Memorial Gardens
Sellers, Wm E. s/o G.W. & L.E.4/12/19337/22/1937Macedonia Cemetery
Sellers, William R. (NSP) h/o Melba76 yrs9 Apr 2003Davisville, MO
Selvidge, WilliamCo B 48th Mo Inf9/26/1923Missouri Veterans Cem.
Senne, Mary Annnee Copeland14 Apr 183720 Jan 1917St. James/Old Masonic
Senne, Mary R.inf/o J.C. & M.A.S. 3y 6m 17d26 Mar 186813 Oct 1871St. James/Old Masonic
Senne, Solomon Sherman18651941St. James/Old Masonic
Sessler, William H.w/Hannah Malloy18841930St. James/Old Masonic
Setraycic, John;bu 12/28/1979Ozark Memorial Gardens
Settle, Kirby Vancebaby of Lyle L.7/4/19447/6/1944Rolla Cemetery
Settle, Oran Douglasinfant3/11/1943Rolla Cemetery
Settles, Calvin datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Seull, Shirley L.19351937Miles
Seurer??, Chas.(MANN)25 Dec 190831 Dec 1908St. James/Old Masonic
Sever, Edward F.owners Ed & Georgia Sever19051979St. James/Old Masonic
Sever, Georgia E.w/o Edward F.1904St. James/Old Masonic
Several slavesbelonging to Judge BlackCraddock
Severns, WilliamCo H 85th Ill Inf2 Jun 1932Missouri Veterans Cem.
Severtson, Laurabelnee Snelson, w/o Vernon26 Nov 1924Thomas
Severtson, Vernon Severth/o Laurabel6 Aug 1924Thomas
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