Phelps County Burials
Schooler, Durward 2, 57/1/19;b Huntsville, MO,5/12/1895bu 6/1/1952Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schowalter, Ralph Emerson(NSP) s/o Arthur Christian & Lula Edna (Henneberger)5 May 19234 Jul 2001Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schrader, Charles28 May 1879 6 Oct 1958Mt. Zion
Schrader, Frederick K.Pvt. 7th KS Vet Cav Co H11 Sep 1910Missouri Veterans Cem.
Schrader, Louis(NSP)5 Feb 1894Schrader
Schrader, Mary J. 7 Feb 186310 Jan 1930Mt. Zion
Schrader, Miss Louisesis/o L.F.31y 6m 4d12 Dec 1895Schrader
Schrader, Mrs. LouiseNSP)d. 11 May 1882Schrader
Schreiner, Rachel92 yrsbu 4/3/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schremp, Eugene J.h/o Nora E.1/16/18949/3/1969Rolla Cemetery
Schremp, Louis H.MO Pvt Co A 6 Inf. WW I9/11/19037/22/1964Rolla Cemetery
Schremp, Nora E.w/o Eugene J., d. Fla.10/1/18936/14/1989Rolla Cemetery
Schrenk, AlbertaOES7/27/18971/22/1942Rolla Cemetery
Schrenk, Irene S.nee Heimberger2/2/19026/25/1983Rolla Cemetery
Schrenk, Walter T.h/o Alberta5/24/189112/8/1979Rolla Cemetery
Schriner, Fredb KS,10/20/1888bu 12/5/1976Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schroeder, Anna1970Rolla Cemetery
Schroeder, Henry A.(NSP) St. James, MO76 yrs2 May 2000Unknown
Schroyer, Harold E. Sr.(NSP) s/o Fred & Mabel (Decker)31 Oct 19198 Jul 2001Unknown
Schruen, Helen Almaw/o Robert O., m. Aug 17, 19573/10/19138/24/1986Rolla Cemetery
Schruen, Robert Ottoh/o Helen Alma8/6/19259 Sep 1999Rolla Cemetery
Schuab, Eustiniceb. GY, nee Hinkle3/15/18435/18/1921Rolla Cemetery
Schubert, Franz, Jr.s/o Franz & Rosina6 Feb 188825 Yrs.Peace Lutheran Cem.
Schubert, Franz, Sr.h/o Rosina18381922Peace Lutheran Cem.
Schubert, Rosinaw/o FranzMay 18378 Jul 1904Peace Lutheran Cem.
Schuchmann, Dawn(NSP) w/o Lonnie29 yrs23 Jun 2003Broadway Memorial
Schueer, Caroline Graced/o Theodore R. & Grace1/22/19391/22/1939Rolla Cemetery
Schueller, Augusta Credo4 Aug 182510 Apr 1896Mill Creek
Schuetz, Mary K.(NSP) Mother of Carol Birdsong, d. Sedona, AZ85 yrs29 Mar 2000Indianapolis, IN
Schuh, Albert E.12/11/187912/6/1958Macedonia Cemetery
Schulte, Gregg(NSP) St. James, MO17 Mar 195814 May 2005Unknown
Schulte, Joseph HenryMO Pvt 70th Inf 10 Div WW I21 Apr 18887 May 1950St. James Catholic Cem.
Schulte, Vada11/5/1880 7/27/1921Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Schulter, Georgiadied in St. Louis93 years12/2/1988Rolla Cemetery
Schultheis, George R.(NSP) s/o John & Catherine (Reising)17 Oct 191212 Jan 2006Ozark Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Schults, Scott H.(NSP) s/o Phil & Cindy (Adam)10 Jan 200022 Jun 1980Dry Fork Cemetery, near Salem, MO
Schultz, Annie G.18661941Rolla Cemetery
Schultz, Annie L.55 yrsbu 5/13/1988Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schultz, Betty Ruth(NSP) d/o Claude E. & Pearl M. (Wiley) Smith24 Sep 192425 Dec 1995Rhea Cemetery
Schultz, AugustPeace Lutheran Cem.
Schultz, Christopher Inf s/o C. & Henrietta18841884Mayfield
Schultz, Christopher A.h/o Henrietta Bittick18 Jan 185416 Apr 1894Mayfield
Schultz, Daisy B.15 Jun 187725 Jan?1879Goodall
Schultz, Donald L.193127 Jan 1982Brookshire Cemetery
Schultz, George F.h/o Lizzie18791937Smith
Schultz, George F.husband, h/o Anna E.1/13/18601/28/1950Rolla Cemetery
Schultz, H.S.foot stone only, may be HenryMayfield
Schultz, Harriett B.18381919Rolla Cemetery
Schultz, Henrys/o C. & Henrietta20 Jul 188025 Jul 1880Mayfield
Schultz, Infants/o Leonard2 days20 Apr 1938Smith
Schultz, Jack T., 73;b Springfield, MO,2/5/1899bu 2/17/1972Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schultz, Joseph H.MO Mus 3cl 79 Fld Arty WW I11/29/18939/17/1966Rolla Cemetery
Schultz, Leonard L.M0 PFC Bthy C 657 FABN WW I28 Feb 196015 Feb 1973Smith
Schultz, Lizziew/o George F.18841972Smith
Schultz, Margaret(Mann)Peace Lutheran Cem.
Schultz, Margaretnee Hanrahan12/7/19028/25/1951Rolla Cemetery
Schultz, Marguerite85 yrsbu 7/23/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Schultz, Martha Jane(NSP) d/o Frank & Lois Torrence24 Jun 191715 Oct 2001Salem, MO
Schultz, MetaPeace Lutheran Cem.
Schultz, NicholasCo C 2nd Mo L.A.Missouri Veterans Cem.
Schultz, Rosanahr? 1875Goodall
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