Phelps County Burials
Walker, William T. (Rev)h/o Mary I.9/3/18704/14/1958Rolla Cemetery
Walkins, Alicelot owner Sec 6-19Newburg Cemetery
Walkins, Sandra LynnInf d/o Harold & Christine2/22/194610/2/1946Rolla Cemetery
Wallace Lotno stonesRolla Cemetery
Wallace, 1unmarked beside Fannie (Mann)Beaver
Wallace, 2Marked with iris plants (Mann)Beaver
Wallace, 4graves marked with peony (Mann)Beaver
Wallace, Charley18761918Beaver
Wallace, child of Jockcemetery recordAdams
Wallace, Cathy(NSP) nee House, of Texas City, TX44 yrs31 May 1996Unknown
Wallace, Clarence A.b Dixon, MO, ord.Ira R. Wallace1/18/1901bu 6/7/1968Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Eldon L.h/o Hazel G.1/13/19307/17/1976Mt. Olive
Wallace, FrankJames Frank, b. TN8 Nov 1922Beaver
Wallace, George M.MO SFC MED DEPT WWI10/12/189212/25/1960Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Wallace, Gertrude Jessamine(NSP) nee Baker73 yrs30 Sep 1995Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Hazel G. (Goldie)w/o Eldon L.,nee Foster12/21/19355/4/1974Mt. Olive
Wallace, Ira L.b High Gate, MO,9/5/1906bu 11/12/1969Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, J. Amonh/o Nettie F.18621946Rolla Cemetery
Wallace, James E.b East Prairie, MO, Helen Miller1/19/1905bu 5/17/1968Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, John HenryFATHER18911949Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Wallace, John W.s/o James & Frances, h/o Eva5 Sep 186823 Feb 1938Beaver
Wallace, Josephs/o J.F. & M.F. (NSP)20y 7m 15d11 May 1899Beaver
Wallace, Julia8/7/18983/6/1970Rolla Cemetery
Wallace, Larry Ray, 27;27 yrsbu 12/5/1978Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Lemuels/o James & Frank18761958Beaver
Wallace, Margaret A.79 yrsbu 7/4/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Matilda L.w/o William A.,nee Grisham18641934Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Wallace, Mrs. Fannie (Mann)95 yrs 3ds12 Jun 1941Beaver
Wallace, Nellbu 4/11/1980Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Nettie F.w/o J. Amon18711932Rolla Cemetery
Wallace, Pauline A.(NSP) d/o Roscoe & Artie (Anderson) Nappier3 Apr 191617 Jul 2000St. Clair, MO
Wallace, Roybu 3/20/1982Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, Virginia71 yrsbu 4/16/1988Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, William (Rev.) b Vida, MO;48ybu 7/19/1962Ozark Memorial Gardens
Wallace, William A.h/o Matilda L.,s/o John& M.J18591934Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Waller, Adelia M.w/o C.H.27 Jan 184310 Apr 1900Beaver
Waller, Iona M.w/o Otis12 Feb 19042 Oct 1969Pilot Knob
Wallen, James W.(NSP) s/o Herbert & Elma (Cotter)27 Nov 192627 Jan 2004Unknown
Waller, Kay Laverne13 Nov 193412 Dec 1934Rhea Cemetery
Waller, Kent D.(NSP) s/o Ernest Harold & Golda Alene17 Sep 192031 Jan 1998Creston, IA
Waller, Otish/o Iona M19 Sep 18852 Apr 1981Pilot Knob
Wallick, Harold F.(NSP) St. James, MO78 yrs19 Oct 1997Unknown
Wallis, Bill(NSP) s/o Virginia15 Mar 2001Unknown
Wallis, Claude C.s/o W.T. & S.J.14 Jun 18807 Jun 1882St. James/Old Masonic
Wallis, Clyde C.s/o W.T. & S.J.8 Mar 188318 Aug 1883St. James/Old Masonic
Wallis, Fredrick J.65y 9m 1d6 Aug 1871Pine Hill
Wallis, Jemina,w/o F.L.,20 May 182123 Dec 1905Pinson
Wallis, John E.4 Dec 192227 Dec 1988Adams
Wallis, Sabrinaw/o Wm. T.23 Nov 185917 Nov 1939St. James/Old Masonic
Wallis, Sarahd/o Wm. & S.E.1yr 7ms 1da14 Jan 1870Dean
Wallis, Sarahw/o T. Wallis67y 5mths9 Sep 1867Dean
Wallis, Sarah Annw/o Wm.35y 9ms 4ds9 Aug 1873Dean
Wallis, William T.h/o Sabrina25 Nov 185515 Mar 1922St. James/Old Masonic
Wallis, Wm. M.s/o Wm. & S.E.?6mths 2ds8 Mar 1868Dean
Walls, Amanda S.w/o James P. 34y 11m 13d27 May183811 Apr 1873Pine Hill
Walls, Anna B.w/o Wade H.18871978Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Walls, Christopher Jeffersons/o Wade H. & Mary A. (Workman)7 Aug 190719 Dec 1999Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Walls, Clyde, Sr.(NSP) St. James, MO69 yrs21 Jul 1998Unknown
Walls, Dominic Jacob(NSP) Infant, St. James, MO6 Feb 1997Unknown
Walls, Edwardh/o Elsie27 Jun 190926 Nov 1975Adams
Walls, Elsie P.w/o Edward15 May 19144 Sep 1996Adams
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