Phelps County Burials
Story, Child of Frankno datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Story, Child of Frankno datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Story, Della Urina owner Jacoby Story18901952St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Edgar R.19 Jul 19031 Jan 1987St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Ethel Mayowner Jacoby Story18841939St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Eva14 Nov 188814 Nov 1969St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Isaac T.Sgt 2nd OHIO Cavno datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Story, John Jacob18611942St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Josephine Emoryw/o John Jacob18631909St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Katherine Lydia188813 Nov 1890St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Laura M. (Mayme)w/o Benjamin F.4/6/187111/14/1943Asher
Story, Lauretta C. (Usery)d/o W.H.?&H.C.? (mkr Missing)1y 0m 10ds10/22/1864Rolla Cemetery
Story, Mary C.w/o C.H.2 May 187610 Mar 1898St. James Catholic Cem.
Story, Mary E.w/o Edgar M.3 Jun 1906St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Sarah L.owner W.E. Story18711946St. James/Old Masonic
Story, Stella F.owner Mrs. Eva Story19081954St. James/Old Masonic
Story, William E.h/o Sarah L.18721952St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Audryw/o WalterSt. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Audry May(NSP) St. James, MO75 yrs26 Aug 2003Unknown
Stotler, Benjamin(NSP) s/o Charles & Bertha (Neely) Stotler12 Feb 19122 Jul 2006St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Bertha P.24 Feb 18904 Jun 1980St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Bertha P.w/o Charles H.24 Feb 18904 Jun 1980St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Charles M.17 Jan 18848 Jan 1954St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Elmer J.MO Pvt Co A, 70th Inf WW I17 Jun 188825 Aug 1972St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Elsie I.(Stottler), owner Willis S. Stotler18931953St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Infantc/o John & IdaSt. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, InfantInf/o John & Idano datesSt. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Johnny5 May 1925Gorman
Stotler, Lola Eledaowners Walter & Audrey Stotler29 Aug 189915 Apr 1971St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Loretta(NSP) St. James, MO79 yrs9 Oct 1995Unknown
Stotler, Rose Maybu 8/27/1975Ozark Memorial Gardens
Stotler, WalterSt. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Walter C.(NSP) St. James, MO80 yrs9 Mar 2004Unknown
Stotler, Walter E.5 Jul 189311 Nov 1980St. James/Old Masonic
Stotler, Wesley(NSP) St. James, MO82 yrs10 Mar 1999Unknown
Stotler, William S.(Stottler)18771937St. James/Old Masonic
Stott, David Root (FHR)h/o Ida Stella, b. MI78y 3m 6d9/21/1938Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stott, Ida Stella (Mann)w/o David Root, nee Chase71y 5ms 7d8/1/1935Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Ethel Stoneby Gene Stone10/31/189511/23/1957Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Eugene S.s/o Ethel4/1/191412/25/1973Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Francis M.s/o Wm. & Mary (Barley)20 Jul 19113 Aug 1999Ozark Memorial Gardens
Stough, Frank(NSP)s/o John & Nora (Barley)9 May 193618 Apr 2006Pea Ridge/Roach Cemetery
Stough, Helen(NSP) d/o Wendell D. & Mary C. Phillips7 Mar 192316 Nov 1996Unknown
Stough, Helen Emily (FHR)d/o Jesse Stough27y 8m 27d 2/2/1942Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Inf (FHR)s/o A.L. & Ethel Stonestillborn9/21/1925Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, John S.h/o Nora V.12/8/189712/11/1973Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Martin Mh/o Phoebe J., b. Ohio1/6/1851 8/20/1912Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Mary E.w/o William M., nee Farley12/22/1894 9/7/1960Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Nora V.w/o John S.5/17/19017/22/1987Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Paul Ray, 3 mo.;b Rolla MO,2/22/1952bu 6/5/1952Ozark Memorial Gardens
Stough, Phoebe J.w/o Martin M., nee Stice11/27/18519/14/1940Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, Ruby E., 65;65 yrsbu 5/9/1978Ozark Memorial Gardens
Stough, Stella M.d/o Dallas & Nora J Robertson7/16/19146/17/1993Rolla Cemetery
Stough, Wayne (NSP)h/o Phyllis 57 years 1/31/1988Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stough, William M.h/o Mary E.12/20/188011/3/1970Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Stoumbaugh, Andrew F.Crocker, Mo86 yrs28 Jul 2005Unknown
Stoumbaugh, Henrietta T.(NSP) Crocker, MO91 yrs21 Jan 2005Unknown
Stoval, Arthur J.O'Malley
Stoval, Ethaw/o Arthur J.9 May 1904O'Malley
Stovall, Charlieburial record8/2/1954Rolla Cemetery
Stovall, Henry, 93;93 yrsbu 8/11/1987Ozark Memorial Gardens
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