Phelps County Burials
Martin, Catherine S.w/o George13 Feb 182325 Oct 1896Lake Spring Cemetery
Martin, Charles E.s/o W.M. & Ann (Pruitt)1/10/18925/27/1928Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Clarence R. CP1 WW II, Army 19121978Upper Morrison Cem.
Martin, Dean (NSP) formerly of Owensville 83 yrs27 Dec 2004Cuba, MO
Martin, Edith Fosterowner W.R. Foster18841957St. James/Old Masonic
Martin, EdwardVet of WW I, (Mason)18921928Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Edward R.Pvt Mo Co D 1st Regt Inf20 Mar 18793 Jul 1964Missouri Veterans Cem.
Martin, Elsie68 yrsbu 4/28/1977Ozark Memorial Gardens
Martin, Emma L.w/o William R.189419__Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Ernest C.h/o Mathilde E.6/25/18752/25/1959Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Esther Marie(NSP)Bunker, MO83 yrs27 Dec 1999Salem, MO
Martin, Eugene L.s/o Mary Martin54 yrs11/26/1988Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Evelynnee Janes, w/o Burt (NSP)70 yrs3 Nov 1991St. James/Old Masonic
Martin, Florence Davisw/Reid11/4/18921/7/1975Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Florence E.31 Oct 190316 Apr 1985St. James/Old Masonic
Martin, Frank22 Jul 189911 Feb 1915Upper Morrison Cem.
Martin, Frank Williamh/o Susie Ellen(Frisco)B.L.E8/19/18887/28/1962Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Martin, Fred J.8/31/187711/15/1956Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Georges/o J.C. & E.T.1 day17 Oct 1875Harrison
Martin, George W.(NSP) St. James, MO74 yrs13 Dec 2003Unknown
Martin, George W.h/o Catherine S.10 Aug 18148 Oct 1883Lake Spring Cemetery
Martin, Gladys M.19061941Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Gray Allan mkr. (Usry)3/13/19373/14/1937Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Harryw/Sophie Ramsey18991954Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Hattie A.27 Sep 18554 May 1868Lake Spring Cemetery
Martin, Inf d/o Robert L.burial record3/11/1947Rolla Cemetery
Martin, James C.(NSP)64 yrs1 Apr 2003Unknown
Martin, James J.(NSP)189715 Sep 1988Beaver
Martin, James W. "Bill"(NSP)s/o Wm. J. & Faye (Chronister)66 yrs22 Jul 1996Unknown
Martin, Jane E.12 Dec 184521 May 1868Lake Spring Cemetery
Martin, Jeanne Francis(NSP) d/o Augusta (Banks) & Frank E. Reynolds, w/o Luther W.24 Oct 192018 Mar 2004Unknown
Martin, Jennie (Muir)18921968Missouri Veterans Cem.
Martin, Jerry(NSP) d. St. Louis51 yrs15 Jul 1996Macedonia Cemetery
Martin, Jessie J.6 Apr 192220 Apr 1922Oak Grove
Martin, John FranklinMo Pvt Co B, 20 Inf WW II7/8/191710/3/1964Rolla Cemetery
Martin, John L. h/o Julia A. 14 Jan 18712 Oct 1959Upper Morrison Cem.
Martin, John L.w/Ann & William18831905Rolla Cemetery
Martin, John44 yrsbu 2/1/1983Ozark Memorial Gardens
Martin, Jonny L.s/o J.C. & E.T.1y 9m 22ds16 May 1872Harrison
Martin, Josephinenee Ponzer, w/o James J.1986Beaver
Martin, Jules Fredrick s/o Fredrick & Jellia (Ruess) 4 Oct 191114 Feb 2006Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Julia A. w/o John L. 8 Jan 18764 Dec 1935Upper Morrison Cem.
Martin, Julia A.(cremated)18771964Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Julia Ann(NSP) Newburg, MO89 yrs25 Oct 1997Unknown
Martin, Julia Ellenw/o Fred J.7/13/188612/15/1977Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Laura A.29 Apr 186416 Sep 1891Lake Spring Cemetery
Martin, Linda Mae(NSP) St. James, MO47 yrs2 Mar 2001Unknown
Martin, Lottie R.(NSP) d/o Jesse Franklin & Mary Susan (Johnson) Wilkenson26 Jan 191125 Dec 1998Ozark Memorial Gardens
Martin, Louis F.(NSP)s/o Ernest & Mathilda (Magnin)12 Jul 19156 Feb 2002Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Ludovic A.h/o Della74 yrs5/30/1978Macedonia Cemetery
Martin, Luther W.(NSP) h/o Jeanne76 yrs24 May 1996Lufkin, TX
Martin, M.O.18691942Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Mabel, 76/7/21;b Argyle, IA,7/6/1886bu 3/2/1963Ozark Memorial Gardens
Martin, Margaretnee Fox18291913Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Martin L.b. France, s/o Lucus18521937Flat
Martin, Mary E.w/o Andrew L.1/16/18636/7/1947Pea Ridge/Roach Cem.
Martin, Mary Janew/o Sylvester M., d/o Benjamin & Mary (Steck) Elliott19 May 191025 Dec 2004Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Mary Tresa18741949Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Mathilde E.w/o Ernest C.7/7/18764/12/1972Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Mayw/o Wm C.13 Jan 190218 Aug 1927Oak Grove
Martin, Minniew/o John L.18971978Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Mrs.burial record3/2/1959Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Nancy(NSP) d/o Wm. D. & Thelma (Snodgrass) Hawkins23 Sep 19394 Jan 2002Carty Cemetery, Dent Co., MO
Martin, Naomi B.(NSP) Rolla84 yrs5 Aug 2004Unknown
Martin, Nellie Fortw/o M.O.9/22/18738/3/1925Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Octa R.(NSP) d/o Arthur & Martha (Tucker) Staab21 Sep 191019 Feb 2004Rolla Cemetery
Martin, Olen (female)69 yrsbu 7/14/1979Ozark Memorial Gardens
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