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Total Records: 61
1Arp, Carl William  __/__/__12/27/1926Deidre Badker
2Arp, Herman John  __/__/__11/3/1955Deidre Badker
3Arp, Herman John  __/__/__11/3/1955Deidre Badker
4Arp, John Christian  __/__/__07/8/1976Deidre Badker
5Arp, John Christian  __/__/__07/8/1976Deidre Badker
6Arp, Otto Christian  __/__/__01/6/1951Deidre Badker
7Arp, Richard Bernard  __/__/__10/15/1950Deidre Badker
8Arp, Wilhelmina K. (Minnie) __/__/__01/2/1934Deidre Badker
9Baker, Janna Vandergrift  __/__/__10/28/2020Carol Eddleman
10Blair, Dorothea Katherine Klinker  __/__/__12/9/1954Deidre Badker
11Blair, Duncan  __/__/__10/7/1940Deidre Badker
12Bobendrier, Peter  __/__/____/__/2006Judy Clarke
13Brumm, Heinrich (Henry) __/__/__10/12/1931Deidre Badker
14Bussey, Fred Sr.  __/__/____/__/1917Kris Swanson
15Cavabaugh, Mr. Robert Paul  __/__/____/__/1999Unknown
16Dekam, Henry John  __/__/____/__/2006JudyClarke
17Dyer, Ambrose Spencer  __/__/____/__/1881Kenneth V. Olson
18Einck, Merle N.  __/__/____/__/2005Judy Clarke
19Engbarth, Georgianna Catherine  __/__/____/__/2005Judy Clarke
20Fuller, Carlton Cleveland  __/__/____/__/1906Harlan M. Zeinstra
21Fuller, Edwin Augustus  __/__/____/__/1907Harlan M. Zeinstra
22Graphenteen, George Ernest William  __/__/__06/7/1985Deidre Badker
23Gunnink, Jerald James  __/__/____/__/2005Judy Clarke
24Haupert, Barbara Wilma Kuehl  __/__/____/__/2005Judy Clarke
25Hendren, Mrs. James  __/__/____/__/1925George William Hendren Sr.
26Hendren, James L.  __/__/____/__/1935Arlene McBrien and George William Hendren Sr.
27Houselog, Mrs. Henry Lena Josephine Demuth  __/__/____/__/1937John Houselog
28Houselog, Henry William  __/__/____/__/1956John Houselog
29Jones, Marcia Ellen Fuller  __/__/____/__/1895Harlan M. Zeinstra
30Klinker, Brumm  __/__/____/__/__Deidre Badker
31Klinker, Emma M Arp  __/__/__06/14/1946Deidre Badker
32Knuth, Grover Frederick  __/__/__03/25/1968Deidre Badker
33Knuth, John F  __/__/__07/14/1946Deidre Badker
34Knuth, John  __/__/__12/15/1927Deidre Badker
35Knuth, William John (Willie) __/__/__09/29/1923Deidre Badker
36Krayenhagen, Anchen Gelene Gode  __/__/____/__/1930Richard Krayenhagen
37Krayenhagen, Carl  __/__/____/__/1972Richard Krayenhagen
38Krayenhagen, Emil Henry  __/__/____/__/1918Richard Krayenhagen
39Krayenhagen, Ernest  __/__/____/__/1978Richard Krayenhagen
40Krayenhagen, Frank  __/__/____/__/1949Richard Krayenhagen
41Krusemark, Adeline  __/__/__10/31/2020Carol Eddleman
42Lorenzen, Emma Dorothea Arp  __/__/__09/21/1957Deidre Badker
43Mikkelsen, Jens P.  __/__/____/__/1937Carol C. Eddleman
44Mikkelsen, Marie  __/__/____/__/1945Carol C. Eddleman
45Morrill, Thomas  __/__/1822__/__/1895Alice Fluegge
46Olivier, Nellie Dereus  __/__/__04/5/1971Gayle Van Dyke
47Raph, Eldo Arthur  __/__/1934__/__/1992Harlan M. Zeinstra
48Raph, Elsie Emma Augusta (schierholz  __/__/1912__/__/1961Harlan M. Zeinstra
49Raph, Merlye Henry  __/__/1904__/__/1959Harlan M. Zeinstra
50Sorenson, Mrs. Paul  __/__/____/__/1928Carol C. Eddleman
51Stavenger, Clarence Benjamin  __/__/____/__/1997Harlan M. Zeinstra
52Stavenger, Norma Lavonne Jones  __/__/____/__/1999Harlan M. Zeinstra
53Stewart, Charles  __/__/____/__/1909Chuck Wilcox
54Stoltenberg, Dena (Bruns) __/__/__06/6/1985Deidre Badker
55Swansen, Marius  __/__/____/__/1907Carol C. Eddleman
56Swendsen, Chris  __/__/____/__/1907Carol C. Eddleman
57Vanderwoude, Winnie  __/__/____/__/1901Harlan M. Zeinstra
58Vanderwoude,, Gertrude  __/__/____/__/1911Judy Clarke
59Vanessen, Laura Marlene (dekam  __/__/1937__/__/2007Judy Clarke
60Wilkenson, James  __/__/____/__/1907Carol C. Eddleman
61Zeinstra, Pieter Feddriks  __/__/____/__/1893Harlan M. Zeinstra

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