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Union County was formed in 1811 from Henderson County.
The county seat is Morganfield.

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File Name
m625-001.txt MARCUM & HINTON 03-17-1999
Roy Markham
s241-001.txt SHACKELFORD 1866-1945 11-25-1997
Charles Rice
d520001.txt DEMOSS, James Allan 03-15-1998 Maria Troutman
d400001.txt DOOLEY, John E. 04-02-2001
Lauri Dooley Miller
h632001.txt HARDWICK, Robert Lee, 1886 12-20-1997 Nancy Trice
h240001.txt HAZEL, Peter 04-10-1997 Maria Troutman
o520001.txt OWENS, Mathew Henry 08-04-1997 Maria Troutman
o520002.txt OWENS, Lillian Evelyn (HAZEL) 03-15-1998 Maria Troutman
o520003.txt OWENS, Hubbie Lee 03-15-1998 Maria Troutman
Antioch Cemetery (with photos) (PARTIAL)
Steve M.
Benson - Dillon Cemetery (TEXT version only)
Ruth Ashe
Bethel or Little Bethel Cemetery   (with photos) Maria Troutman
Boxville Cemetery  (TEXT version only)
Judy Fowler Robbins &
Maria Troutman
Boxville Cemetery   (with photos) Maria Troutman
Casey Cemetery or with Tombstone Photos
James T. Carrier & Don Babbs
Caseyville Cemetery (with photos)  (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
Grangertown Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Hazel Bend Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Highland Cemetery (with photos) (PARTIAL) T.A. Gillespie
Holeman Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Masonic Cemetery (with photos)  (PARTIAL) Shannon French Newton
McClure Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Oak Grove Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Oddfellows Cemetery   ( Address to write or call) Melissa
Oddfellows Cemetery (with photos) various
Old Bethel Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Pythian Ridge Cemetery (with photos) (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
Pride Bordley Cemetery (with photos)  (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
Salem Cemetery   (with photos) Maria Troutman
St. Agnes Cemetery   (TEXT only)  (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
St. Agnes Cemetery (TEXT only) (PARTIAL) Matt Buckman
St Agnes Cemetery (TEXT only) (PARTIAL) Janice Hagan
St Agnes Cemetery (PARTIAL) Shannon French Newton
St Agnes Cemetery (PARTIAL) Janice Hagan
St. Ann Cemetery (with photos)  (PARTIAL) Shannon French Newton
St. Ann Cemetery   (TEXT only)  (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
St. Peter Cemetery   (TEXT only)  (PARTIAL) Maria Troutman
Uniontown City Cemetery (with photos)  (PARTIAL) Melissa
Uniontown City Cemetery (partial) Janice Hagan
Unknown Cemetery (with photos)  (Waller-Omer Rd) Maria Troutman
Unknown Cemetery  (near Grove Center) (Orr tombstones) Verdaine Hooper
Unknown Cemetery (near Grove Center) Verdaine Hooper
Walnut Grove Church of Christ Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Woodland Baptist Church Cemetery (with photos) Maria Troutman
Description Submitter
1830 Census listing   (listing of Head of Household only) Mamie Tate
1840 Census listing   (listing of Head of Household only) Mamie Tate
1850 INDEX
A-Bo   |   Br-Co   |   Cr-Fl   |   Fo-He   |   Hi-L   |   M-O   |   P-Se   |   Sh-To   |   Tr-Y
Tom Stafford
1850 Census,
Pages 440b - 451b   |   452a - 460a   |   460b - 471a   |   471b - 482a   |   482b - 493b   |   494a - 505a   |   505b - 516b   |   517a - 521a
Tom Stafford
Deaths and Obits
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Land Grants
h240001.txt HAZEL, 1795-1891 02-07-99 Maria Troutman
c260001.txt COKER  Marriages from 1905 to 1992 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
h250001.txt William Hagan to Lillie F. Hazel, 1902 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240001.txt Iely Hazel to Mina Gibbs, 1917 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240002.txt Peter Hazel to Amanda F. Hazel, 1896 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240003.txt Truman Hazel to Bessie L. Hinton, 1922 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240004.txt William Hazel tp Francis McGraw, 1901 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240005.txt Richard Hazel to Sarah Walker, 1855 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240006.txt H. J. Hazel to Susan Williams, 1883 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
h240007.txt Richard Hazel to Virginia Robinson, 1876 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
j525001.txt Johnson  Marriages from 1859 to 1939 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
o520001.txt Baird W. Owens to Elsie M. Sigler, 1905 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
o520001.txt Matthew Henry Owens to Nancy J. Tripp, 1867 08-09-2001 Maria Troutmann
o520002.txt J. W. Owens to Matilda Banks, 1865 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
o520003.txt Frances M. Owens to Rebecca J. Cowan, 1865 08-09-2001 Maria Troutman
s610002.txt Shreve Marriages from 1864-1993 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
s246001.txt Sigler - Groom Marriages from 1853 to 1984 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
s246002.txt Sigler - Bride Marriages from 1853 to 1979 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
v563001.txt Chrissy Vineyard to John Omer,1995 05-04-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
anderson.txt Anderson, Armstead, 1832, Pension Application Sept 02 Patrick Anderson
o520001.txt Owens, Matthew, 1891, Rev. War Pension Application 06-16-1998 Maria Troutman
o500001.txt Host Barbecue Dinner In Honor of Birth -- 1986 ~ BELT 05-03-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
o500002.txt Injured In Accident ~ OWEN 05-03-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
b623001.txt Sturgis man killed in crash of autos -- 1987 ~ BURCHETT 05-03-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen
r241001.txt RUSSELBURG's Celebrate 70th Anniversary -- 1998 05-03-1998 Maria Troutman
h543001.txt "Uncle Willis" HAMILTON of Caseville, KY -- 1911 05-03-1998 Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS
m625001.txt Mr. Cleveland MORRISON -- 1896 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
d450001.txt GEORGE DELANEY CONVICTED -- 1896 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
f632001.txt Josephine FRITZ -- 1900 05-03-1998 Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS
11261885fow.txt Don't Want To Be Hanged 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
s462-001.txt Union Co girl killed in Crash -- Martha Ann SELLERS 05-03-1998
Jane McBroom
r543-001.txt REYNOLDS Celebrate 60th Anniversary 05-03-1998 Maria Troutman
r240-001.txt Union Co Death -- RUSSELL 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
1895explode.txt Explosion1895 -- Dekoven, KY 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
1895lynching.txt Another Lynching in Union County 05-03-1998
Betty Sellers
b424-001.txt BLACKWELL, 50th Anniversary, 1998 07-30-1998 Maria Troutman
caseyville.txt Caseyville Methodist Church,113th Anniversary 1997 09-30-1997 Maria Troutman
w430001.txt WILLETT, 50th Anniversary, 1998 07-30-1998 Maria Troutmann
y320001.txt YATES, 80th Birthday, 1998 06-05-1998 Maria Troutman
d650001.txt DRANE, Bessie 100th Birthday 05-18-1998 Maria Troutman
o262001.txt OKRUCH, Nicholas & Ellamae 50th Anniversary 08-27-1998 Maria Troutman
d000001.txt DAY, Eugene, 50th Anniversary, 1998 06-20-1998 Maria Troutman
n250001.txt NEWCOM, Cecil & Betty, 50th Anniversary, 1998 09-02-1998 Maria Troutman
h520001.txt HENSHAW, 60th Anniversary, 1998 10-00-1998 Maria Troutman
h220001.txt HUGHES, 50th Anniversary, 1999 03-00-1999 Maria Troutmann
c452001.txt COLLINS, 50th Anniversary, 1999 03-00-1999 Maria Troutmann
b632001.txt BRADDOCK, 50th Anniversary, 1999 03-00-1999 Maria Troutmann
h300001.txt HEADY, 40th Anniversary, 1999 03-00-1999 Maria Troutman
SGBC001.txt The History of Sturgis General Baptist Church 03-00-1999 Maria Troutman
Gathered from the Louisville Courier-Journal
September 1, 1917 - September 29, 1917
t512001.txt THOMPSON, 50th Anniversary, 1999 03-20-1999 Maria Troutman
b620001.txt House fire 1967 ~ BROOKS 08-02-2001 Maria Troutman
Obits and Deaths

sep1996-may1997.html 9-1996 to 5-1997 5-1-1998 Various
06071997.html  6-1997 to 7-1997 5-1-1998 Various
0809.html  8-1997 to 9-1997 5-1-1998 Various
1012.html 10-19977 to 12-1997 5-1-1998 Various
a652001.txt James ARMSTRONG, 1821 7-6-1998
Nels P.Swanson
b210002.txt Benjamin BISHOP, 1819 2-12-2002
Susie Belford
b210001.txt Fielding BISHOP, 1860 2-12-2002
Susie Belford
d450002.txt George W. DELANY, 1845 2-12-2002
Susie Belford
d450001.txt William H. DELANY, 1827 2-12-2002
Susie Belford
g420001.txt Betsey GILKEY, 1815 1-29-1999
Kenneth E. Gilkey
h250001.txt  Mrs. Lillie HAGAN, 1949 5-1-1998
Melissa Shreve-Owen

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