Grangertown Cemetery, Union Co., KY
(with photos)

Grangertown (Graingertown) was named for Andrew M Grainger who moved there in 1880. A Post Office called Granger was in operation from 1900 to 1908 with William L. Sullivan as its only Post Master. {From "Kentucky Place Names" by Robert M. Rennick, 1984. Rennick, 1984}
Pg. 587-588 of the History of Union Co., Ky, published 1886 by Couier Co. Printers, Evansville, In. The biography of Thomas F.Grainger, who was the 2nd son of Andrew M. Grainger & Elizabeth Williamson. Bio states that Andrew M. Grainger who was one of the old landmarks of Union County, owned and ran a gristmill for many years. He came from England when he was 10 years old and settled in Louisville. In 1844, he settled in Union County, and with his brother William, built the mill. He married Elizabeth Williamson of Mihausen, In and brought her to his home on Tradewater. (Info provided by Jerri Eldridge -

Grangertown Cemetery is located on 923 Rd. Here is a map to show it's location. The cemetery is located on a slight hill. Behind the cemetery and down the hill is the creek. It is very well maintainted by Grangertown Baptist Church. I found 3 stones with no marking at all on them. There are also at least 4 unreadable stones that you can barely see something on them, but not good enough to read them.

The oldest burial going by readable tombstones belongs to Mary W. Tompkins Pierson, wife of W. S. Pierson. She was born 1799 and died 1836. The earliest born person per tombstone reading belongs to Sarah Tompkins Pierson, another wife of W. S. Pierson. She was born 1797 and died 1863. Please email Maria DeMoss Troutman with any corrections or additions for this cemetery. These cemetery photos were taken on Nov 25, 2000.

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