Oak Grove Cemetery, Union Co., Ky

Oak Grove Cemetery consists of 2 sections. When you find the cemetery, you will first notice the newer section that is fenced in and kept mowed. Behind this fenced in area is what appears to be the woods. Look again and you will see tombstones dotted around amongst the trees, bushes, and vines. These older tombstones go part of the way down the hill. If you visit this cemetery, watch your step, as the vines will trip you or else a hole will almost get you. Too bad we can't get someone to help clean out this cemetery. There might be even more graves that I am missing. I found several by stepping on something hard, moving the vines, and finding a tombstone laying on the ground. Of the readable tombstones, the oldest one is from 1866, Naomi Tripp, and the most recent is 1946, Ella Caton. There are 10 stones completely unreadable or worn smooth from time. There are also 2 more that initials were the only thing I could read on them. Here is a map that shows the general location of Oak Grove. According to folks who went to school in that area in the early 1900's, there was a school right next to the cemetery. Today it looks like an empty field, with a pipe sticking up that the older folks say is where the well was located for their drinking water during school. Please see NOTES below the listing of tombstones for additional burials.