Union County, Kentucky
June - July 1997 Queries

CLICK, COWAN, EVANS, GANN, MITCHELL, SPOON posted by Lewis60@aol.com on
Wednesday, July 9, 1997

     My surnames are GANN-EVANS -CLICK- SPOON-MITCHELL-COWAN I need help
     finding them they were in Union Co from 1850 -1910 please see if you can help.....
     Thank You.

BOLTON, NEWMAN, ODOM, PHELPS posted by Ron Phelps on Saturday, July 5, 1997

     PHELPS - I am looking for information on Phelpses in Kentucky. First, Willis PHELPS b.
     March 1883; Ada PHELPS b. July 1884; William Amos PHELPS b. May 1888 m. Anna
     Melisa "Lula" NEWMAN 1909; Marion Henry Phelps b. May 1893 m. Bessie BOLTON;
     Robert PHELPS b. January 1895; Della PHELPS b. March 1897; Lelia PHELPS b.
     September 1899, all above PHELPS born in Union Co., KY; Parents were William Amos
     PHELPS b. ca. 1858 KY m. Martha (Mattie) ODOM b. May 1862 TN. Above William's
     father possibly Andrew J PHELPS b. OH. Looking for marriage/death/tax records for any
     and all of the above Phelpses. Thanks in advance.

DAVENPORT, REBUR, REBURN, WATHEN posted by Becky Stringer on Friday, July 4, 1997

     DAVENPORT Looking for maiden name of Alexander DAVENPORT's wife Eleanor.
     Alexander DAVENPORT dob 1796 in VA., Mar bef 1820, DOD bef 4/1862 Property
     records in Union CO., KY indicate his wife's name was Eleanor. Alexander and Eleanor
     were the parents of my GGgrandfather James Reburn DAVENPORT James Reburn
     DAVENPORT dob 1836 in Union CO., KY, Mar 19 Sept 1872 in Union CO, to Louisa
     Matilda WATHEN. James REBURN's dod 21 Oct 1897 in Henderson CO., KY. Because
     James Reburn DAVENPORT's middle name is REBURN is it possible that Eleeanor was a
     REBUR? I have much info on DAVENPORT's back to 1086 in Cheshire England and am
     willing to share.

DANIELS, HANCOCK posted by Terry Ochs Sheeran on Tuesday, July 1, 1997

     I am looking for Judge Joseph Johnson HANCOCK, who was born in Morganfield, KY.,
     July 22, 1886, and died in Orlando, Florida, February, 1980. His parents were William
     Edward HANCOCK and Emma O'DANIELS.

HOPGOOD, LATTA, URTON posted by Susan on Friday, June 27, 1997

     HOPGOOD - Seeking information on parents of James W. HOPGOOD b. circa 1855 in
     Union County, KY and died 7-14-1893. He was married to Harriet (Allie) LATTA. Their
     daughter, Effie Kate HOPGOOD, was born 12-1-1881 in Union County. James Hopgood's
     parents may have been H. T. HOPGOOD and Catherine URTON. (Daniel and Martha
     HOPGOOD may have been the parents of H. T.) I will appreciate any information you can
     pass along to me. Thanks!!!

CUSIC posted by Diane Larkin on Thursday, June 26, 1997

     Andrew Jackson CUSIC was my grt grdf,b.6/2/1848 in Union CO. Probally in Paducah. I
     have no other info on him. His son, Hurchel Ednor CUSIC was my grdf b.1/3/1885

CAMBRON, HOLLINGSWORTH, LAMBERT, RAY posted by Tony Howard on Thursday,
June 19, 1997

     Seeking date & site for marriage of Thomas S. LAMBERT b.1845, Henderson Co, s/o John
     B. LAMBERT & Susan Jane HOLLINGSWORTH to Susan Margaret RAY, b.1839
     Marion Co., d/o (?) Absalom RAY, Jr. & Harriett Elizabeth CAMBRON. Their first child,
     Mary A. b. 12-2-1865, chr Sacred Heart Ch., Union Co. 1-20-1866. Both died in
     Uniontown, Susan about 1885, Thomas about 1888. Need exact dates and grave site. Did
     Thomas re-marry after Susan's death?

TAYLOR, VANHOOK posted by Rosa M. Barton on Tuesday, June 10, 1997

     My grandmother, Sarah Adeline TAYLOR, daughter of Minerva Jane VANHOOK
      was born in Union County (possibly in Waverly). Her father David Dillon TAYLOR
     was the son of Wilson TAYLOR (mentioned in the censuses 1849-50-60). Yet I have found
     no marriage record for David Dillon Taylor and Minerva Jane VANHOOK

WITHERSPOON posted by Burton Williams on Monday, June 9, 1997

     Researching G.Grandfather, Thomas Jefferson WILLIAMS, b. Feb 14, 1840, Hopkins Co.,
     KY. Enlisted Union Army, Apr 1, 1863, A Co., 65th Indiana Volunters at Caseyville, Union
     CO., KY. Trying to determine who his parents were? Also enlisting same date was Daniel H.
     WILLIAMS, believed to be his brother, and a relative, MATTHEW HARRIS, all 3
     enumerated on the Hopkins CO. 1850 Census. Trying to determine where these 3 men were
     for the 1860 Census? Also trying to determine where or if returning Civil War soldiers
     registered with their county as veterans? Does a record exist? Other soldiers mentioned in
     pension file as serving in the same unit or having knowledge of his service were: Julius
     MCDANIEL, Mt. Vernon, Joseph H. MITCHELL, Clayville,KY, John H.C. MITCHELL,
     Madisonville,KY, JAMES B. Cullen, Dixon, KY., WILLIAM Jeffers, Madisonville, KY and
     Milton B. WITHERSPOON, Vanderburg, KY. I will share all info I have. Also need to
     know if the two WILLIAMS men or HARRIS were enumerated in WEBSTER Co. on 1860

on Sunday, June 8, 1997

     Wilson F. TAYLOR (listed on Henderson County Census/Union County Census for
     1840-50-60-70) born in Ky in 1809, wife named Mary PICKENS. Need info on
     PICKENS from VA. Also had Catherine HAMMETT (HAMET) living with them. Need
     info on HAMMETT (born in VA). Cannot find record of Wilson F TAYLOR, Catherine
     HAMMETT, or Mary PICKENS dying. David Dillon TAYLOR, son of Wilson F.
     TAYLOR married Minerva Jane VANHOOK no record found on marriage.
     Had daughter Sara Adeline TAYLOR, nor record of birth of Sara Adeline TAYLOR. Thank

BUCKMAN, SWEETS posted by Jeannine Markiewicz on Thursday, June 5, 1997

     I am searching for my gg-grandparents: Thomas Peter Jefferson SWEETS b. 1829 in
     Kentucky d. Jun 1, 1904 in Union County, KY.
     He is buried at Uniontown Cemetery, Union County, KY Father: unknown Mother: unknown

     m. Harriet Ellen BUCKMAN b. 26 Feb 1850 in Union County, KY d. 24 Jul 1929 in Union
     County, KY. She is buried at St. Agnes Catholic Cemetery, Union County, KY Father: John
     Baptist Buckman (1804-1884) Mother: Julia Ann Buckman (1820-1885) Supposedly cousin
     married cousin.
     Children of Thomas and Harriet:
     1) Mary Lelia Sweets
     2) Edward C. Sweets (my great-grandfather) b. 2 Dec 1879
     d. 28 Sept 1945 in Jackson, MI 3) Susan Emma Sweets
     4) Lucy B. Sweets
     5) Maynard Paul Sweets
     The above information was taken from a copy of a letter addressed to a Germaine and Sister
     Lucy Coressel (of Defiance, OH), dated August 20, 1983 from R. A. Gray, of Owensboro,
     KY. (My great aunt had this letter and said that Germaine and Lucy were her cousins) The
     letter refers to the obituary of Edward Carl Sweets. It mentions survivors as two sisters of
     Defiance, and a half brother and sister in Louisville, KY.

COATS, COOK, RIDEOUT, WALKER posted by Betty Walker on Monday, June 2, 1997

     Reserching early WALKER and RIDEOUT family. Joseph F. WALKER Married Mary
     COATS. They where the parents of Gilbert S WALKER who married Sudie A .
     RIDEOUT. daughter of Ellis F. RIDEOUT and Amnda COOK. Joseph born about 1836
     Gilbert Born Oct. 25 1866 in Henderson county. i would apreciate any information. The
     Gilbert WALKER family was listed in the Webster county 1910 census. Ellis RIDEOUT was
     listed in the Union county 1900 Census. Any information apreciated. KCILDER@AOL.com

DAVIDSON, EBLEN, MINNIS, NILSON, QUINN, ROYSTER, TURNER posted by Karen Turner on Monday, June 2, 1997

     TURNER, James Albert born in Va, 1816, married Elizabeth MINNIS from NC, came to
     Union County in 1858. His son James Nilson TURNER was born 21 Aug 1859 in Union
     Co; and married a Molly QUINN or DAVIDSON; whose daughter Lillian married a Grover
     Nathan Conley-they were living in Corydon,according to a Henderson Gazette obituary
     when Grover died 7 Oct 1954. JAMES NILSON and Molly's other daughter Julia married
     Ben ROYSTER, according to Ben's Henderson Gazette obituary, when Ben died in the
     Cairo section of Union County 20 Nov 1957. Their daughter, whose name is unknown,
     married a T.C. EBLEN, had four children, and were all living in Corydon at the time of Ben's
     death in 1957. The James Albert TURNER family were recorded in the 1860 Union County
     census, with 4 children, one of whom was James Nilson. Any information on any of these
     people would be very much appreciated.