Hazel Bend Cemetery, Sturgis, Union Co., Ky

Hazel Bend Cemetery, located at the dead end of a gravel road. There is a very serene view from this cemetery. Unfortunately, due to it's location, it also makes a good party spot for beer drinkers. A new fence and sign have been put up around the cemetery, but the drinkers have already cracked the sign. There have also been tombstones broken and moved around inside of the fence. What a shame to do this to someone's final resting place.
The oldest tombstone in the cemetery belongs to Peter Hazel, d. 1851, however, his grave was moved here from the other older Hazel Cemetery years ago. There were about 12 graves that were moved, including his wife Elizabeth Rickmeyer, however, she has no tombstone visible. Of the original tombstones, the one with earliest date belongs to Infant Holdman, d. 1878. The most current burial is of Patsy Hazel Abell, d. 2003. There are several stones in the cemetery that most likely mark a grave. Growing up, I was always told by my grandmother (Lillie Evelyn Hazel Owens) that the cedar trees were also grave markers, mainly of babies. If you have any additional graves, please email Maria Troutman. Here is a map that shows the location of this cemetery.