Holeman Cemetery, Union Co., KY

Holeman Cemetery, (also known as Cowan Cemetery or Cowan-Holeman or Holeman-Cowan Cemetery) on 141 between Dixon & Lynn Rd., near Boxville, Union Co., KY. I have always referred to this cemetery as the Cowan Cemetery, since Cowan is the most common name in the cemetery. But according to Street Maps, Version 1, Copyright 2000, this cemetery is called Holeman, and I have heard from others who also say it is named Holeman Cemetery. The oldest readable tombstone belongs to Latha Wynn who died in 1874. Here is a map that shows the general location of this cemetery. Additional info has been graciously supplied by Mamie Tate (mamie@sigecom.net). Her notes are in red.

Email from Mr. James Carrier says: James Cowan who married Catharine Carrier owned the farm where the Cowan Cemetery is located. He set aside the hillside for the Cowan Family Cemetery. His mother is buried there (Elizabeth Cowan) and so is his wife, ( Catherine Carrier Cowans); mother-in-law (Rutha Carrier) all in a straight line. At least two of James Cowan's deceased children are also buried there. It was Cowan cemetery before Holeman married one of James Cowan's daughters. Now after Holeman married into the family, he bought the farm from James Cowan. James Cowan left a will that told where he wanted to be buried on the hill. Soon after Holeman was buried there it became the Cowan-Holeman Cemetery; then it became the Holeman-Cowan Cemetry. Now it seems that it is the Holeman Cemetry. Holeman is rumored to be the first millionaire in Union County.

If you know of any other burials that should be here, email me at Maria Troutman.

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