McClure Cemetery, Union Co., KY
(with photos)

McClure Cemetery is located on 141, near Boxville, as well as near the intersection of 56. You will see a sign that says McClure Cemetary Rd. It is a gravel road that takes you up to the cemetery.

The earliest birth on a tombstone is for an unknown person 1773 - 185_. The next earliest birth that is readable is for James Parrack 1786 - 1871. The earliest burial on a tombstone is for Ira Fletcher 1838 - 1839. There are several stones that are either unreadable or simply unknown as the name is broken off. Through the years, stones have broken, fallen over, been moved around. Today there is a pile of stones. I took pictures of the stones laying on top with names or dates on them, but I did not move them around. I had just been to Boxville Cemetery and had nearly stepped on a snake, so I had no desire to find another one in that pile if there was one. PLEASE check under U for unknown or unreadable if you have ancestors buried here who are not listed. Please check the partial names or dates and if you can tell me anymore about that stone/person, please email me.

I am interested to know the history of this cemetery. Does anyone have a deed that tells when it was first started? Going by it's name, I expected to find some McClure's. So far, I have only found one, Jane wife of Alexander. There is a photo online of the McClure Chapel Methodist Church, as well as a photo online of the Phipps School which wasn't far away either.

Some of these stones are badly showing their age, making it very difficult to read. I welcome any corrections or additions. If you have an ancestor whose death certificate says they are buried here, but they are not listed, let me know and I will add them to this listing. IF you can fill in a date where the tombstone has the date sunk into the ground or broken off, please let Maria Troutman know and I'll get it added. And please remember, this listing is only of the readable tombstones. Check under U for several unknown names, but where dates were readable to see if you can find your ancestor there. Please email me at

For info about helping with the upkeep of this cemetery, please see these text notes.

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