Boxville Cemetery, Union Co., KY
(with photos)
Duncan Cemetery
(listed below Boxville)

Boxville Cemetery is also known as Odd Fellows Cemetery in Boxville, however, I most often hear it referred to as the Boxville Cemetery. Boxville Cemetery is located on Hwy 56, near Boxville, as well as near the intersection of 141. When you pull into this cemetery, the gravel drive makes a T. There are graves on either side. This cemetery is well maintained. My last visit there in April 2001, a gentleman pulled in with his mower and weedeater, getting ready to work on the cemetery. He asked me if I had seen the bunnies running around, to which I replied "No, but I nearly stepped on your long black snake".

The earliest birth on a tombstone is for Henry Householder 16 Sept 1815 - 20 Aug 1907. The earlier burial on on a tombstone is for Annie F. Holeman 26 July 1871 - 20 Nov 1894. I am assuming that there are more burials here without stones, as there is Annie's in 1894 and then the next burial isn't until 1906, (going by tombstones only). From 1906 until this year (2001), there has been at least one burial every year in this cemetery. 1925 saw the most burials, 15 in this cemetery.

Please remember, this listing below is only of current readable tombstones as of 17 April 2001. Below are approximately 495 photos for approximately 685 names. I welcome any corrections or additions. If you have an ancestor whose death certificate says they are buried here, but they are not listed, let me know and I will add them to this listing. Please email me at Maria Troutman

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