Caseyville Cemetery, Union Co., KY
also known as IOOF Cemetery or Odd Fellows Cemetery or Ark Royal Lodge Cemetery
(with photos)

Caseyville, located on the Ohio River, 1 1/4 miles above the mouth of the Tradewater River in the extreme southwest corner of the county, was founded by Peter Casey in December 1797. In pioneer days, this community was the hub of Ohio River traffic and political activity in the county. There is a marvelous view from different areas of this cemetery. You can see the river down below, horses grazing across the road, neat little yards. It is very spread out over the hills up here, larger than I remembered it to be. Here is a map of it's location in Union County.

Sadly a few years ago, this cemetery was vandalized. There are several older stones still laying over from where they were pushed over or broken. From where I pulled into the cemetery, besides noticing stones laying down, when I stepped out of my van, the first thing I found was a crumpled up beer can. Some stones are just simply pushed over, some are broken into two or more pieces. I hope that whoever did this, sometime in their life, will come forward and admit to doing it and help fix what they messed up. A few stones, from how they fell, are laying on the wording. Some you can see part of the wording, a few I tried to see, but couldn't budge as they were just too heavy for one person.

Please email me at Maria Troutman if you see any corrections, or if you can provide a name I couldn't read or a date, or any other info you would like include. If you have photos you would like included, please email them to me and I'll add them to the page. (Some names have no photos currently.) IF you have an ancestor who is not listed here, PLEASE, check under U for unknown or unreadable to see if you can match up an ancestor with any of those dates or partial names.This cemetery was last visited by me on 20 June 2002.

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