Salem Cemetery, Union Co., KY
(with photos)

Salem Cemetery is located not too far from the Union County High School. The cemetery is small yet spread out a little bit. Houses are directly next to it, as well as across the road from it. It appears to be maintained when I was there, as you could tell it had been mowed. Check under Misc at the bottom of this page to see some views of the cemetery.

There are about 98 photos on this page from Salem Cemetery. Of the current readable tombstones, the earliest birth is Elias G. Smith, Dec. 20, 1808 - Aug 12, 1889. Of the current readable tombstones, the earliest burial is for an unknown person born 1833 - Nov 18, 1834, the tombstone is near Logan & Griffith stones. The next oldest stone for a name that I can read is for Marvida Walker Sept 19, 1864 - Nov 27, 1864. Burials do not happen very often here now, some of the later dates read, 1946, 1988, 1996, and one for 2000.

This listing, is a complete listing as of April 17, 2001. Remember, this listing is ONLY for the readable tombstones standing today. As always, if I have made a typo or misread a date, please let Maria Troutman know so that I can get it corrected online. IF you have an ancestor who is buried here, but has no stone, let me know and I will add them to this listing. Please check under U for unknown to see if you can help me identify people by their dates, who have no last name seen or readable.

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